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Email marketing

  1. 1. E-mail & Lifecycle Marketing Natala Menezes | May 18, 2012
  2. 2. rain snow, get my hustle on Countin cash every morning before I leave home family I love, don’t wanna leave this World alone and before I leave home, leave home birdmanLil wayne I pray to God I won’t, loyalty is all I know
  3. 3. About @natala • Product + Marketing + Talking obsessed with making awesome products by listening to customers and capturing insight. • Sent MILLIONS of emails. A few folks unsubscribed. • Philosophy major. Silicon Valley native. • Good at breaking HTMLAbbeyRoad, themorkie REFER.LY
  4. 4. Why care about lifecycle marketing? User Adoption Loyalty Growth Meaningful engagement converts customers into fans.
  5. 5. When = MOMENTUM• Touch the user when they can build their momentum and WIN.
  6. 6. When? Milestone user events  Registration / Onboarding  Purchases / Referrals User does a behavior that drives adoption  Takes a specific action (adds friends, visits a specific page, etc.).  This is the hard part – you will need to dig into data and understand your customer conversion funnel. Key Events  Holidays, sales / discounts, new features (maybe)
  7. 7. Testing• A/B testing is good. But you need volume. 10,000 emails sent 30% open = 3,000 10% CTR = • 1% = 30 300 clicks • 5% = 150
  8. 8. Key Metrics• # of E-mails Sent• Open Rate – %-age of people who “opened” your e-mail – Actually “saw your tracking pixel” – lots of room for error – Industry averages vary, 20-30% is good.• Click Thru Rate – %-age of people who click a link. – Links higher up, or buttons should get highest CTR – 2 – 15% is good for “VIP link”
  9. 9. Example Emails • Trigger: I’ve got money to “reinvest” • Image = who I’m impacting • Content shows my impact (so I feel awesome) • I don’t have to read to know what to do
  10. 10. Have you met Liezel?• Triggered by inactivity, combined with Women’s History so I’m part of something “bigger than me” (more momentum)
  11. 11. Twitter Follower What happened? Checkmark is trusty Who? Why I might care Call to Action
  12. 12. Check the preview• It seems like it might be a tragic end…
  13. 13. End of the journey. • Actually the note was about something awesome. • But who reads e-mails?
  14. 14. Example Template What to do why to care Link to other interesting content that helps achieve your CTA - Video on how to use product - How to get help - User story of someone doing something awesome
  15. 15. Best Practices• Photos!! – Bigger is better, avoid stock images that look stock, but higher quality images are key – Test your image size in multiple e-mail formats and mobile – Always label images• Have the e-mail come from someone specific – Respond to emails! Just like support – Community manager / marketing manager for basic e-mails, CEO for important or welcome emails• Copy is KING. – Think about the preview line – Engaging, witty. Brief.• HTML vs Plain Text? – Worry more about mobile.• Frequency – Vary by industry. Daily for ecommerce, bi-weekly. Determine how much effort you can do.
  16. 16. Don’t code 1st.• Tranche your users for getting started waves• Create Cohorts by user attributes / activity• Tag them in your e-mail platform• Send manually in waves. Rinse. Repeat. – Test copy – Test email style – Test frequency• Then code.
  17. 17. CAN-SPAM Act• What to know: – Don’t lie. Your product did not make someone sprout wings. – Have an opt-out. When people opt-out, remove them from your list. They might shut you down. – Display your address & contact info. – Differentiate between promotional and transactional content. • Promos: Buy this! Do this! We love you! – Newsletters, lifecycle e-mails, welcome notes. • Transactions: You just bought a baby unicorn. – Receipts, notifications / alerts
  18. 18. Loyalty Email Marketing• Drives user engagement you want them to do something• Drives brand awareness understand your product benefits