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  1. 1. Present Simple 1 • Jobs Daily routines • Verbs and nouns • Time The world of work Present Simple 1 What does he/she do? Write the sentences in the correct columns on the left. She wears a uniform. She works in a hospital. He helps people. He sells things. She helps sick people. She works at the United Nations. He works in a newspaper office. He looks after money. She meets people from different countries. She speaks three languages.She’s a nurse. He’s a journalist. He works on a computer.She wears a uniform. He works in a shop. He asks people questions. She translates things. He writes a lot. She works with doctors. 2 Spelling of the third person singular Complete the sentences with a verb from the box. start have go study live fly play speak 1 He speaks four languages. 2 Bernadette in a flat in Paris. 3 She’s a pilot. She all over the world. 4 Peter two children. 5 In winter Alice skiing and in summer she tennis. 6 My daughter Japanese at university. 7 John work at six o’clock every day.He’s a shop assistant. She’s an interpreter. 14 Unit 3 . The world of work NEW HEADWAY ELEMENTARY WORKBOOK © Oxford University Press www.oup.com/elt
  2. 2. 3 Daily routines Questions and negatives1 What do you do first in the day? What do you do 4 Questions about Rupert next? Number the activities in the correct order for you. 1 Make the questions to the answers about Rupert in exercise 3. 1 does / what / up / get / he / time/ ? ■ have lunch ■ have dinner What time does he get up? ■ have a shower ■ watch television 2 for / does / have / breakfast / he / what / ? ■ go to work ■ 1 get up ■ have breakfast ■ read a book ■ start work ■ go to bed 3 to / how / he / work / does / go / ? ■ go home ■ leave home ■ get dressed 4 lunch / where / have / does / he / ?2 A T 3.1 Complete the sentences about Rupert’s day. 5 he / does / what / evenings / do / the / in / ? Use the correct form of the verbs in 1. 1 Rupert gets up at seven o’clock. 6 bed / does / to / when / he / go / ? 2 He . 3 Then he . 4 He tea and toast for breakfast. 2 Write the questions for these answers. 5 He his flat at half past eight. 1 ? At nine o’clock. 6 He to work by bus. 2 ? In a bookshop. 7 He works in a bookshop. He 3 ? At one o’clock. work at nine o’clock. 4 ? At half past five. 8 At one o’clock he lunch in a small café. 5 He likes watching 9 He leaves work at half past five and doing in the evenings? TV and reading. home. 10 First he dinner. 11 Then he television. 12 He to bed at eleven o’clock and a book. Unit 3 . The world of work 15 NEW HEADWAY ELEMENTARY WORKBOOK © Oxford University Press www.oup.com/elt
  3. 3. 5 Question words Match the questions and answers. 1 Where does he live? a Thirty-two. 2 What does she do in her free time? b Because he’s a pilot. 3 Who does he play football with? c In a flat in Manchester. 4 When does she play tennis? d His two sons. 5 How does he go to work? e By car. 6 How many languages does she speak? f Two. Polish and English. 7 How old are you? g She goes swimming. 8 Why does he travel a lot? h In summer. 6 does, is, or has? Complete the conversation with does, is, or has. A My sister very beautiful. B What she do? A She a model. B Where she live? A She a lovely flat in Paris. B she speak French? A Yes, she . B she married? A Yes. Her husband’s name Azam. B she have any children? A Yes. She one son. He three years old. He lovely! 7 Listening – Asking for information A T 3.2 Listen. Complete the information about Rageh Omaar. R AGEH OM A AR Name Rageh Omaar Country Job City Place of work at , and he travels a lot. Languages , , and Arabic. Family married to Nina, Free time16 Unit 3 . The world of work NEW HEADWAY ELEMENTARY WORKBOOK © Oxford University Press www.oup.com/elt
  4. 4. 8 Yes/No questions 9 Making negatives1 A T 3.3 Look at the questionnaire about Kurt and 1 Complete the sentences about Gloria and Kurt. Gloria. Listen and tick the boxes. 1 Gloria doesn’t live in a city. Does he/she … ? KURT GLORIA 2 She a dog. live in a city ■ ■ 3 Kurt three foreign languages. speak a foreign language ■ ■ 4 He listening to music. have a dog ■ ■ 5 He a dog. like listening to music ■ ■ 2 Correct the sentences. like his/her job ■ ■ 1 A journalist sells things. A journalist doesn’t sell things. A journalist writes for a newspaper. 2 The Pope lives in New York. 3 Our teacher arrives late every day. 4 An architect translates things. 5 School starts at six o’clock in the morning. 6 Headway teaches German.2 Write short answers about Kurt. 1 Does Kurt live in a city? Yes, he does. Check it 2 Does he speak a foreign language? 10 Translation Translate these sentences. 3 Does he have a dog? 1 He comes from Budapest in Hungary. 4 Does he like listening to music? 5 Does he like his job? . He’s a pilot. 2 What does she do?3 Here are the answers to some Yes/No questions about Gloria. Write the questions. 3 Pamela’s a doctor. 1 Does she live in a city? No, she doesn’t. She lives in an old town. 4 He’s married to Nina. 2 Yes, she does. She speaks English, French, and 5 A nurse looks after people in hospital. Spanish. 6 Excuse me. Can you tell me the time, please? 3 No, she doesn’t. But she has a cat. 7 Yes, of course. 4 Yes, she does. 8 It’s about three o’clock. 5 Yes, she does. She’s a tourist guide. Unit 3 . The world of work 17 NEW HEADWAY ELEMENTARY WORKBOOK © Oxford University Press www.oup.com/elt
  5. 5. Vocabulary revision 13 What time is it? 11 Verbs and nouns 1 Write the times. Practise saying them. Match a verb in A with a noun in B. A B 1 have a a car 2 watch b the phone 3 read c tennis 4 go d television 1 It’s half past three. 7 5 play e in a flat 6 drive f a shower 7 wear g a magazine 8 live h a uniform 9 answer i by bus 12 Word groups 2 8 Put the words into the correct list. house boat hospital lawyer taxi bus country interpreter busy nurse city cheap exciting new actor car awful office plane pilot Jobs Places 3 9 4 10 Transport Adjectives 5 11 6 12 2 A T 3.4 Listen and write the times. Write the words. 1 4 2 5 3 618 Unit 3 . The world of work NEW HEADWAY ELEMENTARY WORKBOOK © Oxford University Press www.oup.com/elt