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Technical University of Lodz


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Technical University of Lodz

  1. 1.
  2. 2. T echnical Univeristy of Lodz is situated in the centre of Lodz – one of the biggest cities in Poland. TUL has a strong tradition of engineering education and is well known all over the world for its achievements in research, education and international cooperation. Technical University of Lodz Łódź
  3. 3. 64 years ago… 525 students 3 faculties 33 departments … and t oday over 20 000 students over 1 60 0 academic staff 7 5 departments 33 fields of study 9 faculties TUL is the only state university in the region providing high level technical education.
  4. 4. Campus A
  5. 5. Campus B
  6. 6. Rector’s office
  7. 7. Our Univeristy is at the top of technical universities ranking prepared by the „Rzeczpospolita” newspaper and „Perspektywy” magazine. TUL has been awarded the ECTS Label by the European Commission and is the only university in Poland which received this prestigious certificate which acknowledges introduction of the standards that ensure good quality of studies and international exchange.
  8. 8. Fields of study Mechanical Eng ineering Automatic Control and Robotics Management and Production Engineering Materials Engineering Mechani cal Engineering Mechatronics Power Engineering Transport Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Eng ineering Automatic Control and Robotics Computer Science Electrical Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications Occupational Safety Engineering Power Engineering Transport
  9. 9. Fields of study Chemistry Chemical Technology Chemistry Environmental Protection Materials Engineering Nanotechnology Material Technologies and Textile Design Design Studies Education in Technology and Informatics Materials Engineering Occupational Safety Engineering Textile Engineering
  10. 10. Fields of study Biotechnology and Food Sciences Biotechnology Environmental Protection Food Technology and Human Nutrition Civil Eng ineering , Architecture and Environmental Eng ineering Architecture Engineering Architecture and Urban Planning Civil Engineering Environmental Engineering Interior Design
  11. 11. Fields of study Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Computer Science Logistics Mathematics Technical Physics Organization and Management European Studies Management Management and Production Eng ineering Occupational Safety Engineering
  12. 12. Fields of study Process and Environmental Engineering Chemical and Process Engineering Environmental Engineering Occupational Safety Engineering Institute of Papermaking and Printing Paper and Printing Technology
  13. 13. International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) Programmes taught in English: Architecture Engineering Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology Business and Technology C omputer Science Information Technology Mechanical Engineering and A pplied Computer S cience Telecommunication s and Computer Science Science and Technology Programme taught in French: Gestion et Technologie International programmes over 1000 students
  14. 14. International cooperation We are the first among Polish technical universities in the number of outgoing students under the LLP Erasmus Programme and in the number of exchanged students under IAESTE . Our s tudents who realize part of their programme abroad can obtain double diploma: one from TUL and the other from the partner university in France, Holland, Great Britain, Denmark or elsewhere .
  15. 15. International cooperation Cooperation with 116 universities, research centres, institutes and companies from 36 countries. Centre of the Baltic University in Poland (180 universities from 14 countries of the Baltic Sea region).
  16. 16. Special units Library Fully computeri z ed, situated in revitalized old factory building . Computer Centre One of the most modern computer centres in Poland. Foreign Languages Centre Offers foreign languages teaching (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian , Chinese, Polish ) to students of TUL. Classes are run on varied levels and include technical language teaching. They are taught with the use of latest tools and methods in laboratories equipped with multi-media.
  17. 17. Special units Centre of Mathematics and Physics The Centre offers new forms, tools and methods of distance learning. Sport Centre The Centre offers two halls for team games, halls for martial arts. Aerobics and two body buliding gyms. Besides the general physical education there are also possibilities to specialise in swimming, aerobics, tennis, women and men basketball and volleyball, football, judo, stretching and callanetics.
  18. 18. Science and research TUL collaborates with the largest establishments and concerns in the region, like Philips, Dell or Gilette. But it is also willing to cooperate with small and medium firms. Our university takes part in the research activities of six Advanced Technologies Centres and it coordinates two of them: CZT BioTechMed and ProHumanoTex.
  19. 19. Science and research TUL plays a vital role in technological clusters functioning in Lodz. We have also five Centres of Excellence associated with the faculties of Biotechnology and Food Sciences, Material Technologies and Textile Design, Chemistry, Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering.
  20. 20. Students activity Our students take part in many practices and training programmes. We are the first among universities of Lodz in the number of scholarships under „MŁODZI W LODZI” programme.
  21. 21. Student life Students’ radio station „Ż ak ” Student s’ Government International s tudents ’ organizations Halls of residence Cant eens, p ubs and cafes Post office, travel agency, b ank Academic Choir and Orchestra Students’ theatre Galleries
  22. 22. What do we do more? TUL fulfils its educational mission and passes on knowledge to 7-12-year-old children. Children University of Lodz was opened in 2008 as first such university in Poland operating within a technical university . A Secondary School was founded at our University in 2007. Its pupils wear uniforms with TUL logo with pride.
  23. 23. What do we do more? TUL also offers education for seniors . The Third Age University was founded in 2006. It provides continuous education for elderly people and enables their further development.
  24. 24. International Faculty of Engineering Technical University of Lodz 36 Zwirki Street 90-924 Lodz, Poland p hone: +48 42 278 45 31 e -mail: admin @ ife. International Relations Office Technical University of Lodz 10/12 Skorupki Street 90-924 Lodz, Poland p hone: +48 42 631 20 80 e -mail: [email_address] [email_address] Student Affairs Office Technical University of Lodz 10/12 Skorupki Street 90-924 Lodz , Poland p hone : +48 42 631 21 37 e- mail: