Washing machine innovation


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Washing machine innovation

  1. 1. Washing Machine Innovation Nurul Nasyatul Husna Bt Ismail A132119
  2. 2. MAGLEV WASHINGMASHING• This concept by Jakub Lekes is sure to bowl you over with its looks and features.• The traditional spinning drum is replaced by a spherical drum held in place by a series of electromagnets in the Maglev.• One set of electromagnets keeps the drum levitating within the body of the machine, while a second set induces movement, allowing the drum to spin in all directions.• A lot of noise is reduced as the drum never actually contacts the body. The design also cuts water and detergent usage.
  3. 3.  Another consideration is the space that you have available for your dryers washing machines. If you have a dedicated laundry room, this isn’t really a factor, but if you only have a closet or a small space available in your kitchen or bathroom, you might want to consider smaller, space saving models. Space in a closet might allow for a washer/dryer hookup to be installed, allowing you to put a stackable unit in. On the other hand, if you don’t even have the hookup for a washer, a portable washing machine might be more suitable.
  4. 4. LOUNDRY POD A concept that combines robust spinning technology and an innovative, water-management system to clean clothes. Designed for the times you need to do a small load quickly and dont want to waste water, energy, or a trip to the Laundromat. Laundry PODs spinning action gently washes, rinses, and then extracts water to improve drying times. This ability to rid consumers of the need to wring clothes dry, potentially damaging them in the process, is one of Laundry PODs key advantages.
  5. 5.  The World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS announced that "Laundry POD" was awarded 4th place in Core77s Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2009. Produced by Core77 in association with the Consumer Electronics Association and Inhabitat, the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2009 challenged designers to create the next generation of greener gadgets. Core77 described the competition as "an amazing chance to use design to contribute positively."
  6. 6. MICROWAVE WASHINGMACHINE Technology is always trying to introduce innovative products with people’s everyday life to make it even better and smoother. Lenee is a useful microwave washing machine concept that can repair organic textile made cloths by themselves, just like the human skin. This washing machine design uses microwave to wash, repair and even change the color and texture of the clothes all operated via a push button. The compact design and unique shape of this washing machine is much unlike to the conventional washing machines and will help the users to maintain a compact living. Lupe: innovative iron 3 in 1: washing, drying and ironing, Water Management System of Future
  7. 7. ORBITAL FORCE WASHINGMACHINE This is a new innovation of washing clothes. This product works differently from any other common washing machines but it does better than others. This product also called orbital force in washing clothes. With this machine you don’t need to sorting clothes in separate baskets before you wash them. You also don’t need to loading the washer with the first batch when you are going to wash them. Those steps can be avoided you will love smart commercial laundry machines
  8. 8. The Xeros AlternativeWashing system The Xeros washing machine uses less than 2 per cent of the water and energy by using thousands of reusable plastic chips to remove and absorb dirt. The solution offers potential reductions in water usage, energy consumption,chemical use, drying time, processing times and cost. Specifications -Invented by Professor Stephen Burkinsham - About 20kg of the chips are added along with a cup of water and detergent. - The chips can be used up to 100 times.
  9. 9. ORBIT WASHINGMACHINE The Orbit is a concept washing machine that uses no water and cleans clothes with dry ice in a matter of minutes. The Orbit is also powered by a battery-filled ring containing a metal laundry basket at the center of the the spherical machine. Now, instead of watching laundry spin inside traditional washing machines, the Orbit would also make our clothes float The Orbit cuts down on water usage by allowing dry ice to evaporate into gas and perform a pressurized blast to lift the dirt off your clothes. After the dry ice has scrubbed your laundry clean in a matter of minutes, the gas is sucked back up and returns to a solid state for future washes. The grime removed from your clothes is filtered through a tube which you will have to manually clean and maintain.
  10. 10. EcoDual Washing Machine The brainchild of industrial designer Max Germano, the EcoDual washing machine is designed to reduce water consumption by as much as 50 percent. This washing machine collects water in a tank located at the bottom of the washer, which is then filtered and reused in subsequent washing cycles. The EcoDual is also equipped with a deodorization system that can be used for foul smelling clothes.
  11. 11. Innovative washingconcept Electrolux• The aim of Wave washing is to optimize water and detergent consumption according to the contamination of the laundry.• It controls the functions of your washing machine with the remote sensors reducing the washing load of your machine.• This wave washer works in synchronization with your washing machine reducing the amount of water and detergent consumption and providing a better quality laundry wash.• The wave washer is equipped with smart ultrasound wave sensors that can detect the severity of the contamination or stains in your laundry, and will consume water and detergent accordingly to impart a better quality laundry wash.