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Cvu training2


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  • I like the point about Tweets are more likely to get someone interested in an event. Thank you for your efforts to grow our association!
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Cvu training2

  1. 1. CVU Training May 9,2014
  2. 2. 11:10am Financial resources (Saul Kemble, Janlee Wong) • State, region, unit allocations • Budget development and available funds – annual budget – event budget
  3. 3. 11:45: Outreach strategies (Rebecca Gonzales, Janlee Wong) • 6 county area (Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Tuolumne) • Identify effective activities to facilitate multi- county engagement • Developing county contacts and liaisons • Ongoing inclusion of county participation • Drafting a compelling message
  4. 4. Central Valley Unit Membership • Calaveras 15 • Mariposa 7 • Merced 36 • San Joaquin 85 • Stanislaus 74 • Tuolumne 13 • Total: 230
  5. 5. CVU Member Type 0 20 40 60 80 100 Mariposa Merced San Joaquin Stanislaus Tuolumne Calaveras MSWs MSW Stu BSWs BSW Stu Other
  6. 6. 12:10pm Communication resources (Working lunch, Lisa Kopochinski, Louis Libert, Janlee Wong) • Review of chapter resources • Unit tools (email, distribution lists (members & nonmembers) – collected lots of contacts – strategy to create and maintain distribution across leadership changes
  7. 7. Region/Unit Social Media • Based on experience, the most effective means of getting the word out about region/unit events is placing the event details (no flyers, just back information) through social media sites, such as etc. • For more information about marketing through social media and networking opportunities, visit • Additionally, experience has demonstrated that region/unit members who use social media sites can increased participation by tweeting, etc. about the event. Key Point: People are more likely to attend an event that has been recommended or mentioned by a friend or colleague than a random marketing tool.
  8. 8. Chapter Statewide Calendar • Region/unit events can be marketed through the NASW-CA Website and the Statewide Calendar. Look at this calendar at • This allows for basic information (no flyers or documents can be attached). Contact Louis at to place events in the online calendar.
  9. 9. Chapter Newsletter • Placing information in the Newsletter in the region/unit section. To submit information, e- mail Lisa the editor • To look at past example the News, visit cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=18.
  10. 10. Emails to Members in Specific Geographic Area • Schedule and send an email to a members in a specific geographic area. • Contact for a list of emails. **Important Notation: Mailing invitations has NOT been proven to be successful (actually, it has proven to be the least successful of all strategies listed) and yet is the most expensive strategy.
  11. 11. 1:00pm Event planning (Cheryl Raynak, Tatyana Bruyeva, Janlee Wong) • Identify effective events to facilitate multi- county engagement • Registration and payment resources – data collection • Advertisement • CEUs
  12. 12. 1:30pm Ongoing unit leadership recruitment & development (Janlee Wong) • Training available • Funding to support