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Cartoons depicting the Armenian Referendum


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Cartoons depicting the Armenian Referendum

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Cartoons depicting the Armenian Referendum

  1. 1. “Republicans are afraid of inked fingers”. The cartoon refers to the ruling party’s adamant rejection to ink the fingers of voters to prevent multiple voting.
  2. 2. The cartoon depicts Tigran Mukuchyan, the Head of the Central Election Commission, telling Sarkisian he will make sure the referendum is passed. “I am Tigran and I’m calling for Margush’s soul.” The cartoon refers to the names of deceased persons on the voting lists.
  3. 3. The politician in the picture says: “There won’t be any more elections, so we won’t bother you again”, while the priest is praying for them to rest in peace. The cartoon refers to the names of deceased persons on the voting lists.
  4. 4. The Deputy Chief of the Yerevan Police is seen on the left saying: “Gaspari, you are driving us crazy. Let us show you what justice is.” The icon in the police officer’s pocket was seen on one of the police officers who was dispersing a crowd during the post- referendum protests. The cartoon refers to civil activist Varges Gaspari who was charged with allegedly disrupting the work of the commission while observing the voting.
  5. 5. Mathematics according to Serzh Sarkisian: “10 yes + 100 no = 200 yes”.
  6. 6. This cartoon depicts Serzh Sarkisian’s brother, Sashik Sarkisian, who allegedly has a share in all major and medium businesses. The journalists asks if he will vote “yes” and he answers: “50/50”.
  7. 7. This cartoon depicts the Speaker and Vice-Speaker of Parliament. The vice-speaker asks: “Grigorich, what can we do to pass the constitutional amendments?” The speaker responds: “Put a curse on it.”
  8. 8. This cartoon depicts the Governor of Syunik region, notorious for scandals involving him and his son. All governors have been appointed by the president to lead the "Yes" campaigns in their regions. In an interview, the Syunik Governor said that there would be as much "Yes" in his region as he wants. In the cartoon: the journalists ask "Mr. Governor how many percentages are there in 100%?". The reply is: "How many do you need?"
  9. 9. “Yikes, the dead have come to vote again.” Referendum day in Vanadzor, Lori region.