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  1. 1. Picasa Workshop Too Dark! Too Light Picasa makes them just right! Power Point originally created by Patty McQuiston…some items changed by Stott for the Blair Staff
  2. 2. What do YOU want to do with your photos?
  3. 3. Goals for today…
  4. 4. Free Download • Go to www.google.com • Click on MORE • Scroll down the page to the Google Tools and click on PICASA • Click on FREE DOWNLOAD. • In the next popup window, click on RUN and wait for the download to complete. • In the next popup window, click on OPEN. This will install the program.
  5. 5. Begin working with your photos • Start the PICASA software. • When the program begins for the first time you will have two choices. • The second choice is recommended. (Click on the circle next to it, and click Continue.)
  6. 6. Basic Functions Importing • Hold, Clear, Label • Slideshow • Print • Timeline • Collage • Gift CD • Email • Export • Rotate •
  7. 7. Editing a Photo • Double-click on the photo • Basic Fixes • Tuning • Effects • ZOOM IN/OUT
  8. 8. Basic Fixes – Tuning - Effects
  9. 9. Basic Fixes Let’s look at this together! Crop your picture! • Straighten your picture! • Correct red eyes! • I’m Feeling Lucky! • Auto Contrast • Auto Color •
  10. 10. Tuning Your Photo Darken…Lighten….Shadows
  11. 11. Effects
  12. 12. Advanced Features such as… Resizing Photos • Can only reduce sizes at this time • Can only be done using the EMAIL (Tools, Options, Email) or EXPORT function
  13. 13. Printing Your Pictures!
  14. 14. Camera in Hand! • How important is the picture you’re taking? • Know your digital camera’s resolution settings. • Try to remember not to take pictures of subjects with a window in the background.
  15. 15. Pictures for the Website • Try to take pictures at the low resolution for the website – teacher or school’s website. Otherwise pictures will need to be resized. • Pictures can be resized using Picasa export option.
  16. 16. Emailing Pictures • When you email photos, be mindful of the size you are sending. If you send a picture that is taken at a resolution of 2248x1536, it is going to take longer for the picture to download…especially if anyone has dial- up. A picture at this resolution will be so large, the receiver may have to scroll across the screen to view it.
  17. 17. Customer Support • Help – Help Contents and Index (Web support) – Picasa has an in depth HELP online. – We’ll figure it out together if you can’t find the answer in Help.
  18. 18. Practice Makes Perfect! • I hope you better understand Picasa and digital pictures in general! Practice with the pictures that are in your file. • At home when you download Picasa – it will be Picasa2. This will allow you to share a web album with your family and friends.