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Great Ideas Brainpop


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Great Ideas Brainpop

  1. 1. BrainPOP & BrainPOP Jr. Great Ideas ENERGIZE YOUR LESSON research experiments with Bob IT’S A SIGN BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. are the Ex-Lab Rat or explore Related Teach students the American Sign great ways to introduce a new Topics. You can also encourage Language letters for A, B, C and D, topic or concept. Use the movies independent reading with the then have them raise their hands to engage your students with new FYI feature. On BrainPOP Jr., with the sign for the answer they active viewing! Pause when a new bookmark the interactive games choose during quizzes. One stu- vocabulary word pops up, or to or the Write About It, Draw About dent can tally the votes and click have students paraphrase what It or Word Wall features so on the most popular choice. happened, make a prediction or students can investigate at the connect what they just saw to computer center or lab. “COME ON DOWN!” their own experiences. Keep your students engaged and DESTRESS TEST PREP enthusiastic! Ask them BrainPOP ASSESS WITH FINESSE Many teachers use BrainPOP and and BrainPOP Jr. quiz questions Give a BrainPOP Quiz before a BrainPOP Jr. to review and the way you’d hear them on your movie to gauge students’ reinforce concepts, especially favorite game show. familiarity with a topic. Or, take before an exam. Movies and the quiz with the whole class quizzes are correlated to state DOUBLE UP afterward to verify what everyone standards and help reduce the Purchase inexpensive headphone learned. Choose one of three quiz stress that often accompanies splitters to allow two partners to options: graded online, reviewable standardized test preparation. watch a BrainPOP or BrainPOP online or printable. Spice up your exam prep by Jr. movie together. Foster col- incorporating BrainPOP into laboration by encouraging them to HANDS ON, HANDS UP your lessons! discuss or write about what they Students love hands-on learning learned. and exploring on their own. CHECK, ONE, TWO After they’ve watched a BrainPOP Practice public speaking skills by GET IN TOUCH! movie, have individual students inviting students to introduce a We love getting feedback and movie to the rest of the class. Let suggestions from teachers and them navigate and choose when to students. Send us a note! If you pause the movie for discussion or have your own BrainPOP or questions. Your students will love BrainPOP Jr. tips, please share running the show! them. Email teacheroutreach@ We might even TAKE NOTE OF THIS feature your idea in our newsletter If your students are working on or new online educator resource! note-taking skills, BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. can help. Encourage students to put the movie’s main concepts into their own words or summarize the main ideas. Use our closed-captioning feature to support struggling readers and writers. Pause often and give them plenty of time to write.