Aha!Math Quick Start 080828


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Aha!Math Quick Start 080828

  1. 1. Quick Start: Aha!Math Aha!Math is a Web-delivered, supplemental math curriculum for grades K-5 that supports teachers with research-based instructional models and content to improve students’ foundational math skills, while developing higher level problem-solving and reasoning skills. Follow the steps below to begin using Aha!Math. Logging In 1. Go to www.Learning.com. 2. Enter your teacher Username, Password, and District name in the login box. 3. Click Enter. Management System Click a button at the top of the screen to explore the Aha!Math interface: Home Explore helpful online tutorials and read the latest Learning.com newsletter for information on technology literacy and integration. Classes Create and manage classes to best meet your students’ needs. Curriculum Plan, view, and assign Aha!Math curriculum. Students Enroll students and edit student information. Reports View students’ progress and scores. Resources Find information on troubleshooting basic technical issues as well as best practices and helpful tools for implementing Aha!Math, TechLiteracy Assessment and EasyTech in your classroom, school, or district. 1 1620 SW Taylor Street, Suite 100 • Portland, OR 97205 • 800.580.4640 • www.learning.com Rev. 080828
  2. 2. Quick Start: Aha!Math Step 1: Create a New Class 1. Click the Classes icon in the management system. 2. Click Add a New Class to create a new class. 3. Enter the following: class Name, Description (optional), Grade, Lesson Certificate preference, Assignment Sequence and Minimum Score for the class. 4. Click Add New Class to create a new class Step 2: Preview Curriculum 1. Click the Curriculum icon in the management system. 2. Select a Curriculum Source: Aha!Math. 3. Select a Grade. 4. Browse the Units in sequence. 5. To learn more about the curriculum in a unit, click the unit icon. 6. Preview a particular curriculum item by clicking the Name of the item. In the Detail page, you will find: the Estimated Time the item will take, what Type of curriculum it is, a Description, Objectives and Standards. Teacher Notes and Extension Ideas are available when applicable. Note: To find a curriculum item that addresses a specific subject area, type, technology tool, a specific state or a national standard click the Find button. 2 1620 SW Taylor Street, Suite 100 • Portland, OR 97205 • 800.580.4640 • www.learning.com Rev. 080828
  3. 3. Quick Start: Aha!Math Step 3: Assign Curriculum 1. Click a unit Name or curriculum item name. 2. Select the class in the Class Assignments drop down to which you want to assign curriculum. 3. Click the Assign Unit button to assign the entire unit, or the Assign button the right of an item name to assign just the individual item. Step 4: Create Student Accounts 1. Click the Students icon in the management system. 2. Click the Add a New Student button and fill in the following fields: Student ID, First Name, Last Name, Grade, the Username and Password preference. 3. Click Save and Add Another or Save and Close. 4. Students added will show up on the My Enrolled Students tab. If no students appear in the student roster, please contact your school or district’s Aha!Math coordinator to have your students’ information uploaded to Learning.com. Step 5: Enroll Students 1. Select the class in which you want to enroll students. 2. Click the Enroll button next to the student’s name to enroll them in the class; or select several students and click Enroll Selected. 3. Students will appear on the left under the class selected. 3 1620 SW Taylor Street, Suite 100 • Portland, OR 97205 • 800.580.4640 • www.learning.com Rev. 080828
  4. 4. Quick Start: Aha!Math Step 6: Using Aha!Math with Students 1. Have students go to www.Learning.com and log in with their Username, Password, and District name in the Log In box. 2. Have students click the title of the class or curriculum item to begin. Step 7: View Student Progress and Scores 1. Click on the Reports icon. 2. In the Your Classes drop down select the class for which you want to view reports. 3. Select the Gradebook, Student Detail, Curriculum Item, Standards Alignment, or Standards Progress report to view. Accessing Resources for Aha!Math Implementation 1. Click the Implementation Resources button. 2. Access a variety of helpful tools, from technical requirements and downloads to online teacher guides and classroom tools! 4 1620 SW Taylor Street, Suite 100 • Portland, OR 97205 • 800.580.4640 • www.learning.com Rev. 080828