NILF 2014: Scotland: A Premier BPM Location


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NILF 2014: Scotland: A Premier BPM Location

  1. 1. Scotland: A Premier BPM Location September 2013 A Presentation by Scottish Development International
  2. 2. Contents BPM Sector in Scotland Sector Overview Key Facts Critical Mass Outsourcing in Scotland 4 4 4 5 6 Qualified and Talented Workforce Demographics Scottish Workforce Multilingual Capability Training and Development Salary Costs 11 Incentives 12 Why Scotland? 13 Scotland’s Competitive Advantage 14 Appendix 1 - A Selection of BPM Company Profiles 2 7 7 7 9 10 15
  3. 3. Scotland... ... the preferred location for Business Process Management
  4. 4. Scotland - bpm sector BPM SECTOR IN SCOTLAND Sector Overview Scotland is an internationally recognised Business Process Management (BPM) location with an impressive track record and distinguished pedigree. According to recent independent research, the majority of BPM operators in Scotland anticipate a rise in staff numbers over the next two years – testament to the strengths of Scotland in this sector. Key Facts • Scotland is an internationally recognised BPM location • Some of the largest BPM companies in Europe are based in Scotland.  There are over 90,000 people employed within 400 BPM companies. Some of the largest BPM companies in Europe are based in Scotland. There are over 90,000 people employed in 400 BPM companies - 4% of population. • (Source, Taylor & Anderson Report 2011) • Much of our growth and success can be directly attributed to a flexible, stable and motivated workforce with highly developed skills in a mature sector. • (Source: Taylor & Anderson Report, 2011) In addition, over 212,000 people are employed within finance and business services ensuring a steady supply of highly skilled staff for the BPM sector. (Source: Business Register and Employment Survey 2011) Some of the global and pan European BPM companies based in Scotland include Webhelp TSC, Response, IBM, Stellar, Logica, First Data, Capgemini, Vertex and Sykes Enterprises. Additionally, Scotland is home to many global and pan European centres due to the wealth of multilingual skills.  Current BPM companies and contact centres offer a mix of 26 different languages. French German Italian Spanish Portuguese Hindi Urdu Gujurati Punjabi Dutch Swedish Norwegian Finnish Danish Greek Flemish Hungarian Polish Arabic Russian Tamil Turkish Catalan Hebrew Czech English 4 • • The sector has grown by 30,000 employees, or 54% since 2003 1 in 30 of the employed population work within BPM companies across the central belt of Scotland undertaking business critical functions and transactions Main industry sectors supported are: • Financial Sevices - 31,400 • Media/Communications - 11,500 • Telecoms - 10,000 • Utilities - 6,500 Additional sectors include: retail, motoring, technical support and travel Over 15% of centres provide dedicated foreign language services while many others draw upon their employees’ linguistic skills when required Access to a labour pool of over 2.7 million people within the central belt of Scotland (Source: General Register Office (Scotland), 2011 Mid Year Estimates) • Scotland has almost 282,000 students studying at any one time for a higher education qualification (Source, Higher Education Statistics Authority and Scottish Funding Council, 2013)
  5. 5. Scotland - critical mass CRITICAL MASS Below is a cross section of our business processing operations demonstrating the breadth of companies operating within Scotland. ALNESS Fujitsu BT Manpower DINGWALL Serco GLASGOW GLASGOW O2 BCW Barclays Wealth Bellcom Worldwide BT Manpower Capgemini Dell Capita Lloyds TSB City Park Technologies Direct Line Insurance e4e Esure Essentia Group Tesco First Data AVIVA Indigo Lighthouse Royal & Sun Alliance Northgate Parseq Response Teleperformance FORRES Atos Capita NAIRN Cap Gemini INVERNESS AVC Group Atos Cap Gemini Fujitsu BRORA Serco FALKIRK/LARBERT Thomas Cook Webhelp TSC ABERDEEN STIRLING Capita Prudential Group Journey Call Capita FORT WILLIAM Intelenet Serco FIFE Intelligent Finance Dundee TAYSIDE British Telecom HBOS Jobcentre Plus AVIVA Scottish & Southern Energy Tesco DWP Perth St. Andrews Stirling M90 Dunfermline Larbert M80 Dunoon ERSKINE RENFREW Webhelp TSC Teleperformance Ceridian Greenock M8 Erskine PAISLEY Stellar KILMARNOCK Wescot Webhelp TSC Teleperformance Glenrothes Kirkcaldy Renfrew Cumbernauld East Kilbride Kilmarnock M8 Hamilton M74 Irvine Prestwick Ayr LANARKSHIRE BSkyB HSBC/First Direct Inland Revenue Kwikfit Insurance Scottish & Southern Energy NCR Powergen Teleperformance Livingston M73 Glasgow HAMILTON Capita KIRKCALDY Mgt M9 Falkirk Linlithgow Paisley ROTHESAY Webhelp TSC IRVINE Stellar 5 DORNOCH Nexus Management STORNOWAY Citizens Advice Direct Talktalk DUNOON Database Direct Webhelp TSC GREENOCK CIGNA T-Mobile Webhelp TSC IBM THURSO BT Manpower Babcock Pensions Office The Dental Plan CSC Edinburgh DUNFERMLINE BSkyB EDINBURGH Amazon HSBC Intelligent Finance Scottish Gas Standard Life Scottish Water Capgemini Capita Logica Sykes LIVINGSTON BSkyB Intelligent Finance Quintiles Outsourcing Companies are featured in Red
  6. 6. Scotland - outsourcing in scotland OUTSOURCING IN SCOTLAND Scotland the Optimal Location Scotland is one of the world’s leading international BPM locations. It is a very mature sector established in the early 1990s. The quality of its people, its advanced and cost-effective IT and telecoms infrastructure and its competitive property market, have all contributed to this success, ensuring Scotland is increasingly chosen by corporations as the hub for their pan European activities. With the continued global economic pressures, the outsourcing sector continues to be a key enabler to help organisations to survive and thrive through turbulent times. The pressures placed on outsourcers continue to grow and it is increasingly important that providers focus on quality of service delivery, identify value adding opportunities and have robust governance and controls. In some instances we are seeing trends of moving away from large all encompassing deals, to multi sourcing specialist/niche arrangements. This is a concept that the Scottish Outsourcing sector, with a growth and critical mass of a diverse range of providers embraced. Outsourcers are very clear about and focus on their specific strengths and expertise rather than trying to do things outside core competence. More than 1 in 5 organisations outsource some services to a domestic third party provider. Prominent amongst these are companies in financial services, utilities and telecoms, but the use of outsourcing extends to firms in all sectors. Further research by Taylor & Anderson in 2011 reports that since 1997, it is evident that the outsourced sub-sector has become an important element in the Scottish contact centre market. This demonstrates the sustained growth in employment in outsourced centers over a decade and a half. Most significant is the fact that outsourced operations until 2008 grew at a faster rate than any other component of the contact centre market and the share of outsourcing has grown from 1 in 5 in of all those employed to 1 in 4 in 2003 to almost 3 in 10 by 2008. The 2011 audit findings reveal an increase in the numbers employed by outsourced companies since 2008 (from 23,935 to 24,388). Scotland’s high quality comes at a competitive cost, coupled with the availability of potential financial incentives, representing excellent value for money. These cost savings cannot be underestimated. Telephone call rates continue to fall and Scotland enjoys competitive national call rates, while international call rates are amongst the cheapest in the whole of Europe. Business space in Scotland also offers better value than comparable property in England and other areas of Europe. The Growth Of Outsourced Contact Centers, 1997-2011 Year All of this means that Scotland offers an unbeatable combination for international businesses seeking to reduce their operational costs. Number of Outsourced C.C.S. 18 42 92 108 A selection of some of Scotland’s BPM companies are highlighted in Appendix 1 of this document. 93 Numbers Employed in Outsourced C.C.S. 2,905 9,010 13,728 23,935 24,388 % of Scottish Workforce in Outsourced C.C.S. 18.2 20.4 25.1 28.5 27.1 1997 2000 (Source: Taylor & Anderson, March, 2011) 6 Competitive Environment Scotland’s BPM companies constantly stay ahead through innovation, ensuring companies and their clients obtain the best service. 2003 2008 2011
  7. 7. Scotland - qualified and talented workforce QUALIFIED AND TALENTED WORKFORCE Demographics Scottish Workforce Within Scotland’s central belt, the working population is approximately 2.7 million people as illustrated. The quality of Scotland’s workforce is internationally recognised. The people of Scotland make up one of the best trained, most reliable and cost competitive labour forces in the world. With a world-renowned educational system and its ratio of graduates per capita, Scotland surpasses most countries of comparable size in Europe. Scotland’s population now stands at 5,295,400 (2010) est. Scotland is reputed internationally for its education system and high quality university graduates. Across the central belt alone, there are almost 282,000 students in higher education institutions and further education colleges, one of the UK’s highest student concentrations. Many of Scotland’s academic institutions are internationally renowned for their research and teaching excellence, with many institutions providing bespoke contact centre training. It is no surprise then, that one of Scotland’s greatest assets is its talented workforce. Indeed, the contact centre talent pool is broad, skilled and exceptionally well-qualified. 7 BPM companies operating in Scotland benefit from this excellence: • There are 37 colleges of Further Education and 19 Higher Education Institutions in Scotland, of which, 17 are universities including The Open University. • In 2011-2012 there was a total of almost 282,000 students studying higher education courses in Scotland. • In 2011-2012 over 90,110 students successfully completed a higher education course in Scotland. The highest annual increase in the last decade. • Scotland’s skills profile has been improving faster than the rest of the UK; 21% of the working age population now has a degree equivalent qualification or above. In addition, Labour market regulations in the UK, including working hours, are the most flexible in Europe, and staffing costs are highly competitive. Scottish salary costs, including indirect social wage costs such as employer national insurance are among the lowest in Europe.
  8. 8. Within 30 minute drive time of Glasgow c. 1.5 million Highlands & Islands Working Age Population 240,300 Grampian Working Age Population 263,100 Within 60 minute drive time of Glasgow c. 2 million Perth & Kinross Working Age Population 78,300 Forth Valley Working Age Population 147,200 Angus & Tayside Working Age Population 124,400 Dundee Perth St. Andrews Dumfries & Galloway Working Age Population 70,900 Stirling M90 Dunfermline Glenrothes Fife Working Age Population 187,000 55 MINUTES Dunbartonshire Working Age Population 96,800 Inverclyde Working Age Population 39,300 M80 M9 Greenock M8 Cumbernauld Glasgow Paisley Renfrewshire Working Age Population 132,000 Glasgow City Working Age Population 295,400 Livingston M73 M8 Kilmarnock M74 Irvine Ayrshire Working Age Population 176,000 8 The Lothians Working Age Population 181,800 East Kilbride Scottish Borders Working Age Population 55,300 Prestwick Ayr Source: ONS Annual Population survey (Oct 2011 - Sept 2012) Edinburgh Edinburgh City Working Age Population 264,500 Lanarkshire Working Age Population 329,600 Within 30 minute drive time of Edinburgh c. 1.4 million Within 60 minute drive time of Edinburgh c. 2.3 million
  9. 9. Scotland - language research MULTILINGUAL CAPABILITY Foreign Nationals There are some 190,000 Foreign Nationals in Scotland, many of them students, and many attracted by the high quality of life, particularly in the culturally exciting and thriving cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Language Graduates Scotland produces over 3,200 language graduates each year. This is comprised of a combination of language only qualifications and courses where a language is combined with other subjects. Combining full and part-time study, approximately 13,500 individuals in Scotland are studying for degree level or above qualifications in languages in any given year. Foreign Graduates In 2011-12 qualifications obtained by international students accounted for over 21% (20,325) of all qualifiers. 9 Foreign Students Top Ten Overseas Countries In 2011-12 there were 46,790 overseas domiciled students studying higher education courses in Scotland.  1. China 8,075 These students were domiciled outwith the UK before 2. United States 3,650 participating in Scottish higher education. This number 3. India 2,970 has increased by 1,170 from 2010-11 when there were 4. Republic of Ireland 2,655 45,620 enrolments from overseas students. The majority  5. Germany 2,325 came from outwith Europe, with China (8,075 students), 6. Nigeria 2,105 USA (3,650) and India (2,970) being the most common 7. France (includes Corsica) 1,515 8. Greece 1,295 9. Poland 1,205 10. Malaysia 1,165 domicile of overseas students. Of those students domiciled within Europe (and outwith the UK) before coming to study higher education in Scotland, the most common countries of domicile were the Republic of Ireland (2,655 students), Germany (2,325 students) and France (1,515 students). (Sources: Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and Scottish Funding Council (SFC), 2013.
  10. 10. Scotland - training and development TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BPM INDUSTRY As previously highlighted, the BPM sector is a very mature sector in Scotland with highly skilled and qualified staff. Established in the early 1990s it provides a very high level of experienced staff used to meeting the expectations of today’s modern businesses. Given the mature nature of the sector in Scotland, typical agents will have competent literacy, numerical, verbal and written skills. Companies normally provide their own bespoke training on product knowledge, customer service sales and technical skills. In addition, there are 43 colleges of further and higher education in Scotland as well as numerous private training providers geared to meet the needs of BPM companies. There are numerous courses available and many success stories in this area. A broad range of bespoke courses have been developed in conjuction with companies, colleges and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. All these courses can be undertaken at a location suitable to the customer. Some examples of courses offered include: Pre-recruitment training Run over a four week period for example (or to meet the employer’s needs) a focussed pre-recruitment course for preparation of potential employees for employment in the customer contact sector Vocational Qualifications in Call Handling Working to nationally recognised standards, candidates are assessed in the workplace to confirm competence at Level 2 or 3, Supervising (Level3) and Managing (Level 4) in addition to mandatory units (Positive Caller Relations, Quality of Provision and Health and Safety), areas of competence assessed can include: • Generating Sales Leads • Offer Products/Services over the Telephone • Undertake Research by Telephone 10 Candidates are expected to complete the qualification within 12 months. The course which is delivered over three one day sessions explores how to manage responsibility for self performance while balancing the needs of team members and those of the organisation. This is especially challenging in the current difficult financial climate. Key areas of clear communication, avoiding and handling conflict as well motivating staff are covered. Cohorts of team leaders are brought together from different organisations and sites across the Highlands and Islands. Between workshops there is plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice and share experiences. This training course has been highly successful and popular with both team leaders and site managers. Skills Development Scotland • Skills Development Scotland (SDS) supports individuals as they make decisions about learning and their career. Whether making choices at school, furthering education, managing their career or facing employment challenges, it has the expertise to help people make well-informed decisions. As well as offering free face-to-face advice SDS can support people through its websites and telephone helpline. SDS can also source training courses, search for jobs, provide information on Modern Apprenticeships and other training programmes that may suit individuals needs. • SDS works closley with individuals of all ages, as well as employers and learning providers, and offer funding to ensure that everyone has the chance to benefit from building new skills. • Through Modern Apprenticeships training employees can achieve industry recognised qualifications. • Team Leader Development Programme (delivered in association with Customer Contact Association) Recognising the key role played by Team Leaders within a contact centre environment, HIE devised a training programme in association with the Customer Contact Association (CCA). • With SDS support, recruiting staff doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. • Highly skilled, motivated employees can make a big difference to companies businesses. Identify courses, funding and training providers to suit their business needs. • SDS support packages are designed to relieve the pressure businesses are under by providing funding for staff training and recruitment. • Watch business performance improve as you boost basic literacy and numeracy skills amongst your workforce with the help of The Big Plus. • Find latest information on the Scottish Government initiatie ScotAction and details about Alliance of Sectot Skills Councils. Source:
  11. 11. Scotland - salary rates SALARY COSTS Scotland is a high productivity, cost competitive location for a broad range of BPM and shared service centre activities. A wide variety of roles such as Finance, IT, HR and Customer Service are all undertaken in Scotland by both Shared Service centres and 3rd party BPM operators. The tables below provide an illustration of some of the roles currently undertaken in Scotland together with indicative salary levels. We would be happy to provide information for additional roles on request. Typical Shared Service / BPM Centre Salary Rates Job Title Salary Boundary Finance Roles Role Customer Contact IT Roles Salary Role Salary Role Salary Service Desk Analyst £18 - £23k Call Centre Manager £45,000 - £55,000 Ledger Professional/Specialist £16 - £19k Service Desk Application Support £22 - £28k Team Manager £25,000 - £30,000 Credit Control £18 - £22k Service Desk Application Development £23 - £30k Team Leader £19,000 - £25,000 General Ledger £18 - £23k Service Desk Infrastructure Management £28 - £35k Trainer £20,000 - £25,000 Fixed Assets £23 - £28k Core Java Developer Resource Planner £20,000 - £25,000 Payroll Specialists (Process only) £16 - £18k Test Lead £37 - £45k Telesales & Telemarketing (Inbound) £14,000 - £16,000 Payroll Specialists £18 - £23k J2EE Developer Technical Lead £35 - £45k Telesales & Telemarketing (Outbound) £14,000 - £16,000 Data Input Assistant £12 - £14k Net Developer £28 - £35k Call Handler £12,000 - £15,000 Payroll Assistant £14 - £16k Back Office £12,500 - £16,000 Payroll Team Leader £20 - £25k Team Manager (multilingual) £20,000 - £28,000 Payroll Process/Department Manager £25 - £45k Team Leader (multilingual) £19,000 - £23,000 Ledger Team Leader (depending on remit and team size) £25 - £35k Telesales & Telemarketing Inbound (multilingual) £15,500 - £20,000 Reporting Analyst £25 - £40k Clerical Level (entry/junior level) £15 - £16.5k Business Support Analyst £30 - £45k Management Accountant £30 - £45k Reporting Team Leader £35 - £50k Reporting Accountant £35 - £50k Financial Reporting Manager £30-£35k HR Roles Role Salary Assistant £17,500 -£20,000 Officer / Advisor £24,000 - £28,000 £35,000 - £50,000 Telesales & Telemarketing Outbound (multilingual) £16,000 - £22,000 Business Partner Manager £45,000 - £70,000 Call Handler(multilingual) £15,000 - £18,000 Head of Dept £60,000 + Up-Selling & Sales(multilingual) £16,000 - £20,000 Director £80,000 + Call Handler(multilingual) £15,000 - £18,000 £45 - £60k Director Level £80 - £100k Accounts Payable & Receiveable £18 - £20k Credit Control £18 - £22k Management Accounts £30 - £40k 11 (Search Consultancy Ltd, March, 2013)
  12. 12. Scotland - incentives INCENTIVES We are committed to working with your company to help you find the optimal location for your project. We make location analysis easy for you and help minimise the risk of establishing or expanding an operation in Scotland - in many cases with direct financial support to help offset the company’s investment. Scottish Development International (SDI) works with both Scottish-based and overseas companies and organisations. Its objective is to benefit the Scottish economy both by encouraging inward investment into Scotland and by helping Scottish-based companies to develop international business opportunities. SDI provides a wide range of support services, including advice, access to specialist expertise, selective business mentoring and development, market information, financial assistance, business location information, investor aftercare and specific services covering each phase of international trade activity. More information can be found at: and This page highlights potential support available to new and existing inward investors in Scotland. Our Executives either in country or at our HQ in Scotland will be delighted to work with you in determining your location needs. Financial Support 1. Regional Selective Assistance - Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) is a national grant scheme, aimed at encouraging investment and job creation in the areas of Scotland designated for regional aid under European Community (EC) law (the Assisted Areas). Grants are awarded on a contribution of capital expenditure for the project and/or, the number of new jobs created by the project. SDI can advise you on eligibility for RSA assistance and provide an indicative offer on the amount of grant assistance potentially available. 2. Training Grants - Scotland also offers incentives to inward investors to help fund training and retraining of employees. Assistance is negotiated on a case by case basis and is dependent on the type and nature of the training required. Recruitment Support 1. Links to Recruitment Agencies - SDI can provide introduction to relevant recruitment agencies in the Scottish market who have the required expertise and knowledge to support your recruitment process and advise on availability of staff and salary levels. 2. TalentScotland- TalentScotland is a Scottish Enterprise administered website designed to showcase Scotland as an attractive destination for globally mobile professionals. Companies can use this website to showcase operations in Scotland and advertise roles that may be required. 12 3. Financial Services Task Force- Through the work of the Scottish Government’s Financial Services Task Force, SDI can advise on staff with financial services expertise who are likely to be seeking new employment opportunities as a result of companies undertaking restructuring activity. Property Support SDI can identify and advise on property options and costs that would be suitable for your requirements. Profile Support SDI can work with you to raise the profile of your operations in Scotland, providing advice on PR and potential media opportunities. In addition, we can introduce you to appropriate Scottish Industry bodies such as Scottish Financial Enterprise, Scottish Investment Operations etc that will enable you to integrate fully with the Scottish Financial community. Visits to Scotland SDI would be delighted to organise a visit to Scotland for you to assess the potential in more detail. We can work with you to create an itinerary which could include property visits, advice on financial assistance and meetings with key partners such as recruitment agencies and Universities. In addition, visits to companies that have already established operations in Scotland could be arranged. Continued Support Once your company is established in Scotland, Scottish Development International continues to offer close support. A senior executive will be available to assist you in the settling in process and we will ensure that your company continues to prosper and grow in Scotland, receiving ongoing assistance and advice.
  13. 13. Scotland - why scotland? WHY SCOTLAND? • Companies are drawn to Scotland due to our unbeatable combination of high-quality skills and low cost with lower overheads than comparable locations in the rest of the UK and Europe. • Our highly skilled workforce is internationally renowned for its talent and ability. Scottish based businesses can also take advantage of the UK’s flexible labour market regulations. • In the past 4 years, Scotland has seen the largest growth of any UK region in new contact centre jobs-circa 20,000 jobs • In recent years, Scotland has fared well in the Financial Times fDi (Foreign Direct Investment) magazine’s annual awards. • Scotland is expected to grow over the next 4 years by circa 13,000 jobs • In 2008, Scotland was named as the European Region of the Future, beating off competition from 38 other regions to take the title. Scotland came top by scoring highest in the economic performance, human resources, IT and telecommunications, transport links, quality of life and overall FDI promotion strategy categories. • Other fDi awards won by Scotland in recent years include, UK Region of the Future, European Region with Best FDI Strategy, European Region with Best Human Resources and European Region of the Future. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland as a whole have also been identified as being among the top ten ‘Most Business Friendly’ cities or regions in Europe. • (Source: contact Babel Report, UK Contact Centres in 2010) Overall 463,000 people are employed within finance and business services of which 359,000 are located within Scotland’s central belt ensuring a steady supply of highly skilled staff for the BPM sector. (Source: NOMIS 2013). • Scotland can also boast 37 colleges of Further Education and 19 Higher Education Institutions of which 17 are universities including The Open University. They educate almost 300,000 students, over 21,015 of whom graduate each year specialising in business administration and languages – each vital for the BPM industry. • In addition, Scottish salary rates are amongst the most competitive in Europe and we enjoy one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union. 13
  14. 14. Scotland - scotland’s competitive advantage SCOTLAND’S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Return on Investment without a reduction in Quality • Internationally recognised as a BPM location • Critical mass and expertise • Low risk option • World Class reference sites • Proven model of language recruitment • Ideal platform to serve European & US markets • High quality staff at lower cost with lower staff turnover equals lower operating costs • High quality property at lower cost • One of the lowest tax rates in the European Union • Excellent telecoms infrastructure • Excellent Quality of life 14
  15. 15. For further information, please contact: Bryan Mouat, Managing Director, BCW Group, BCW House, 24 George Square, Glasgow, G2 1EG Tel: +44 (0) 141 221 4567 Email: bmouat@ Web: BCW Group Brief Corporate History BCW Group is the UK and Ireland’s number one credit management organisation with over 30 years of achievement, providing credit management process outsourcing and debt recovery solutions across all market sectors. The BCW Group has been known as an innovator since its inception in 1983, and its unbridled success has seen the business grow from being a small Glasgow based corporate debt recovery and business intelligence organisation to a modern, creative and enterprising credit management organisation with 9 locations across the UK and Ireland, together with a pan-European presence as a part of Gothia Financial Group AS. BCW Group’s innovative IT systems and modern technology (largely designed by their in-house technology experts) enables its call centres to operate at maximum efficiency and provide expert support across the international credit management spectrum. During 2012, BCW Group issued in excess of 16 million letters, conducted more than 12 million customer conversations, receiving over 4 million new client instructions and recovering well over £200 million on behalf of its blue-chip client base. BCW Group’s approach is based on the firm foundations of technology, continuous innovation and employing the best people available, and has been recognised with the attainment of ISO 9001:2010, together with recognition as a ‘Gold’ member of the Investors in People accreditation scheme. 15 Many household names including water and energy utilities, retail and commercial banks, lenders and telecoms providers, together with retail and consumer financial institutions are numbered amongst BCW Group’s client base – each trusting BCW Group with hundreds of millions of pounds every year, and enjoying the benefits of an innovative, compliant, transparent and effective credit management outsource partner. With more than 30 years’ experience and a constant drive to raise standards, BCW Group has established its position as the UK’s premier provider of credit management and debt recovery services. Skillsets and Capabilities • Banking and finance (secured and unsecured, retail and commercial) • Deceased recovery - assisted probate services • Credit management outsourcing • Contingency Debt Recovery • ‘Live’ debt collections (often white labelled) • Field services (home visits) • Utility management services (UMS, a subsidiary of BCW Group) • Panel Management • Debt purchase BCW Group Case Studies Case Study - Live debt collections – Customer story Vertical Targets for Future Growth • Utilities • Telephony • Retail • Leisure & Hospitality • Tailored strategies • Technology With the project set to go-live in January 2010 BCW Group faced a number of initial challenges, not least of which was gaining secure access to the utility’s CRM system in order to implement BCW Group’s combined collection and customer rehabilitation strategy. In late 2009 BCW Group entered into discussions with a prominent energy company about utilising its skills and capabilities in live debt collection. The project concerned a fundamental change to the utility’s early arrears collection process. BCW Group used its specialist expertise and leading technology to help make contacting and negotiating with delinquent customers as efficient and streamlined as possible. By working closely with the client BCW Group was able to guarantee a sustained level of increased performance and ensure that call handling expectations were met in terms of the customer experience. In spite of the significant challenges involved in the start-up process, the project went live on January 15 2010, a full 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The client’s cash collection performance target of 16.5 per cent has been surpassed every month by between 25 per cent and 50 per cent, generating in excess of £40,000,000 for our client. As a direct result of the success of this campaign BCW has developed a strong and ongoing partnership with the client built on transparency, mutual respect and integrity.
  16. 16. BCW Group Case Stuidy- Contingency debt recovery – Customer story In early 2012 BCW Group was approached by a major UK utility company with a very specific plan and vision in the respect of the development of collection strategy. Keen to make tangible progress, the client had three key objectives which it tasked BCW Group with achieving: • Increase customer contact (using the client’s branding) • Rehabilitate those in arrears • Achieve an additional £0.6m in February and March 2012 Having made these initial requirements clear a project team was established within one day of the initial client meeting. This team consisted of 10 fulltime BCW Group employees dialling out under the client’s name to begin increasing the visibility of the client with its key customer base. During this initial set-up period two client team members were embedded within the BCW Group operation to oversee the start up of the project with the intention that they would stay on site for a full five days. However, a seamless implementation of the process meant this was quickly reduced to three days, as a result of BCW Group’s expertise and proven track record of new project mobilisation using PRINCE2 methodology. 16 Due to a swift and efficient set-up, from a standing start BCW Group was able to work closely with its client to produce a significant number of significant results over the first three months of the project • • • Total cash collected of more than £2.1m, representing approximately 15% of total sales ledger overdue Almost 110,000 calls generated, across a range of customer types. Right Party Contacts (RPCs) up by 30%. As a result of the successful initial client relationship BCW Group continues to work closely with the company and now offers a full ‘end-to-end’ source solution, whilst continuing to build its clientcustomer relationship through ongoing outward dialling across the full spectrum of customer intervention points
  17. 17. For further information, please contact: Rupert Morris, Business Development Manager, Bellcom Worldwide, 64 Waterloo Street, Glasgow, G2 7DA Tel: +44 (0) 141 274 4000  Fax: +44 (0) 141 274 4001  Email:  Web: Bellcom Worldwide Brief Corporate History Bellcom Worldwide is a leading provider of international outsourcing solutions for some of the world’s leading brands.  With specialised knowledge and experience within the international call centre sector, its fully integrated call centre services and highly skilled multilingual workforce will create the perfect tailored solution to match your needs and requirements.   Providing services from a single Scottish based location with over 300 multilingual advisor positions, its services support live and automated customer interactions and transactions across the full customer lifecycle.   With a proven track record in the delivery of services for both high volume and volatile business environments, its capability and experience has helped clients to achieve and surpass their immediate objectives and Bellcom Worldwide has been recognised as enablers to its continued success.   Providing services in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer environments, a focus on quality is fundamental to the success it shares with its clients.   Applying its   core services on either outsource, insource or managed service basis, Bellcom Worldwide has provided call centre services to a range of clients, deploying EMEA-wide campaigns for many blue-chip clients, as well as working with SME clients in local UK markets. 17 Skillsets and Capabilities Bellcom Worldwide offers a range of award-winning multilingual contact centre services, including: • Outbound Sales • Account Management • Lead Generation • Inbound Sales • Appointment Setting • Email Marketing • Call Centre Consultancy • Social Media Management • International Call Centre Services (Currently calling into 90 countries worldwide)   One of Bellcom Worldwide’s key attributes is the ability to deliver scalable solutions. Quickly. Its size works in its favour, making it more adaptable and thus able to respond more rapidly to change than its competitors.   Its solutions are developed to fully recognise and maintain the value of its client’s brand in the perception of the public within the UK. Each component of the proposed service has been selected to provide an integrated service capability which complies with the highest standards of outbound Telemarketing. The Bellcom Worldwide Solution Bellcom’s Dell B2B teams have built up relationships with the key decision makers within Dell’s customer organisations. They make contact as the customer’s initial support period is due to expire with a view to selling Dell’s range of extended support contracts. The sales team work with a complex product, pricing and discount matrix, ensuring that they have the right range of tools available to close the sales and maximise client revenue. Customer purchase orders are booked directly onto Dell’s system, ensuring that the client has full visibility of Bellcom Worldwide’s  performance, and that information on the customer’s support contract is immediately available to Dell technical support. Case Study Client - Dell Computers - Business to Business sector. The Challenge Dell had a huge base of existing large public and corporate clients that had purchased servers from them. Although clients could purchase extended support contracts on this equipment, this was an almost entirely reactive market. Given the margin rich services market that its competitors were exploiting, in particular IBM, Dell now wanted to aggressively approach its customer base and raise revenue streams in this sector. USPs Bellcom Worldwide has received a series of awards in several Greatest Places to Work categories, along with short listings in Employer of the Year and Glasgow Business Awards categories. It is a member of FEDMA and Scottish Council for Development & Industry.  It has a CCA Global Standard accreditation and Investors in People.   Results • Bellcom Worldwide has generated over $46 million in revenue for Dell in what was a reactive market just over two years ago • Program extended to cover small business customers in the UK and Ireland, growing this revenue stream from $250,000 to over $1,700,000 quarterly • Helped Dell to develop, test and deploy a new CRM system now in company use across EMEA • Dell’s Best of Breed outsource partner in 2007 Bellcom Worldwide’s location is: • Five minutes walk from Glasgow Central Station • Nearby all primary bus routes • Directly opposite a major city centre car park • 10 minutes drive from Glasgow International airport • Convenient for city centre shops, restaurants and a gymnasium   Bellcom Worldwide is highly successful in retaining its people, reducing attrition and absence levels – all conducive to providing stability for its clients.   It is also able to tap into areas beyond the Glasgow boundary, such as Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire, which collectively provide a workforce of just under 1,500,000.   All of which means it has the perfect platform to deliver the instant expansion of campaigns into the European and global markets with the all the benefi­ s of a fully t integrated multilingual consultancy. Vertical Targets for Future Growth • Advertising • Charitable Institutions • Financial Services • IT Services • Media • Retail • Telecoms • Utilities
  18. 18. For further information, please contact: Christopher McKibbin, The Capita Group Plc, 4th floor, 71 Victoria Street, Westminster, London, SW1H OXA Mobile: +44 (0) 7717 003 762 Fax: +44 (0) 207 976 0839 Email: Web: Capita Group Brief Corporate History Capita came into being in 1984 within the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA). The company was the subject of a management buy-out in 1987, backed by 3i, and was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1991. It entered the FTSE 250 in 1999 and the FTSE 100 just a year later. It has grown from just two people in 1984 to over 50,000 in 2013. It is the largest business process outsourcer in the UK* *IDC 2012 Capita opened its first major operation in Scotland in 1998 when it won the contract to run the BBC’s Information Lines service from Glasgow. Since then, several new business centres in Edinburgh, Stirling, Aberdeen and Hamilton have also been established. Capita now employs c 3,500 people in 12 locations across Scotland. The Capita team in Scotland spans many professions, including customer contact agents, claims administrators, medical professionals, recruitment consultants, architects, accountants, life and pensions specialists, human resources managers, IT professionals, management consultants, financial and treasury specialists and many others. Capita’s long-term strategy of complementing organic growth with acquisition has seen some exciting developments in Scotland in the past year, including the acquisition of Beat Systems (a provider of secure, innovative mobile data technology for police forces and other public sector clients) and Vertex Private Sector (bringing further scale and customer insight to its operations). 18 The company was attracted to Scotland by the ready availability of a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary workforce and excellent communications links to enable ease of access with its major clients and operations elsewhere in the UK. Skillsets and Capabilities • Customer Services • Business support services • Life & Pensions • Insurance Services • HR & Payroll • Legal Services • Property & Highways • Asset Management • Environmental Services • Occupational Health • Travel and Conferencing • Shareholder Services • IT Services • Training Services • Software services • Treasury Management • Payments collection and distribution Case Study – Craigforth Capita has built its business from within Scotland and has also attracted new clients and partners to Scotland. Craigforth near Stirling, houses the bulk of Capita’s operations for Prudential UK. It administers nearly 9,000 policies and answers more than one million calls per year from this centre. In 2009, Capita created another 300 jobs on the site, as part of a new customer contact centre to support Capita’s partnership with another leading insurance company, AXA, creating a multi-client centre of excellence in Stirling. USPs Capita’s aspiration for its diverse Scottish operations is to utilise the skills and capabilities of Capita operations elsewhere in the UK and invest in growing the skills and capabilities of its people in Scotland, enabling them to deliver outstanding services for clients and their customers. This is a crucial platform from which it is actively seeking opportunities for growth. Vertical Targets for Future Growth Financial Services Life & Pensions Healthcare Retail Utilities Telcos Oil & Gas Police & Emergency Services
  19. 19. For further information, please contact: Christine McFadyen, UK Service Operations Delivery Director, Capgemini UK plc, 10 Henderson Road, Inverness, IV1 1AU Tel: +44(0)01463 238434 Email: Capgemini Brief Corporate History Capgemini was founded in 1967 and is now one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Headquartered in Paris, the total headcount is currently around 120,000 across more than 40 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Global BPO headcount exceeded 11,000 during 2011. In the same year, the company achieved Group-wide global revenues of EUR 9.693 bn Capgemini UK Plc has 14 offices. Within Scotland, there are four main operations which are located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nairn and Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. The Inverness operation started with 10 employees offering basic BPO services. Due to the quality and service provided, this has grown and expanded to a discrete ITO service provision and now employs over 700 people. Capgemini’s Scottish operations in Inverness and Nairn now provide a wide range of IT services including first and second line IT support, remote server support, Service Management and Operations services to blue chip companies across the UK. Private and public sector clients include four of the UK’s largest city councils and a major Services Organisation. Corporate clients appreciate a nonreferencing policy for commercial and/or security reasons, whilst Capgemini employees, many of whom are trained to Microsoft accreditation level, provide information and knowledge to clients either through online self-help software, or by direct telephone access and between 60 to 70 percent of problems are fixed on first call. These cutting edge service levels are made possible by: • • • 19 A high standard of local education An availability, quality and cost of labour Easy access to regional support networks Skillsets and Capabilities Capgemini manages a ‘joined-up’ business model melding innovation and deep business and process expertise to provide accelerated solutions and sustainable client change. Core skillsets include: • • • • • • • • • • Consulting Services Outsourcing Services Technology Services Local Professional Services Application Lifecycle Services Business Information Management Infrastructure Transformation Smart Energy Services and, Testing Services Business Process Outsourcing USPs Capgemini provides clients with insights and capabilities for superior results and long term transformation. The company never adopts a ‘hard sell’ and what sets it apart is the way staff work together – with each other, with their partners and with their clients. This approach, the Collaborative Business Experience®, is at the heart of every Capgemini interaction and explains its position at the summit of IT outsourcing. Vertical Targets for Future Growth • Aerospace & Defence • Automotive • Consumer Products • Distribution and Transportation • Energy • Utilities & Chemicals • Financial Services • High Tech, Industrial Products, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, Telecom • Media and Entertainment • Business Process Outsourcing- UK Public Sector-Onshore UK especially Scotland Client Objectives Capgemini enables clients to transform and perform through technologies, its mission being to empower clients to respond faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics. Capgemini enables customers to become more agile and competitive through a seamless ‘joined up’ collaboration of consultants, IT specialists and outsourcing experts. This unique backbone results in a truly integrated service. Web:
  20. 20. For further information, please contact: Jeremy Levene, Head of Marketing, 100 Longwater Ave, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6GP Mobile: +44(0) 7818 457984 Email: Web: Ceridian Corporation Brief Corporate History Ceridian Corporation began in the USA in 1932 as the first payroll service bureau in the world. 1995 saw the expansion into the UK when the Ceridian Corporation bought Centrefile, the largest payroll outsourcer in the UK which was founded in 1965. In the UK, Ceridian is a leading supplier of HR and Payroll outsourcing, HR and Payroll Software (SaaS), International Payroll, Workforce Management, Auto-Enrolment and EAP solutions. Its 830 employees generate £61m of revenue per annum. Strong in the retail sector, they pay 21% of all the retail employees in the UK. Sonas In 2011 Ceridian moved to a purpose built Service Centre in Braehead, Glasgow where some 260 people are employed. It follows a £2.3m funding package from the Scottish Government through Scottish Enterprise. Glasgow was chosen due to its high talent pool and Ceridian’s new office has resulted in increased customer service and employee engagement levels. The Braehead facility provides outsourced human resource business process services including payroll processing, benefits administration, advisory services and other HR related activities. Glasgow was chosen due to its high talent pool and Ceridian’s new office has resulted in increased customer service and employee engagement. 20 Ceridian’s Decades of global experience help companies boost revenue, decrease cost, increase HR service delivery and reduce risk. According to Gartner, Ceridian is one of the leaders in the Global Payroll BPO market and in the UK its payroll accuracy is 99.8%. Ceridian’s software solution, HRevolution, comprises of a suite of integrated modules that are innovative, modern and fun. Here is what a few of its customers have said about Ceridian : At the recent HR Software Show, a leading retailer described Ceridian’s software solution, HRevolution as the “best they had seen”. “My CEO now comes to ask me my advice on things, he never used to” – HR Director, publishing company. “This new technology will save 50% of each FTE time, which is a huge saving across the organisation” – VP of HR. “You have taken the worry out of payroll legislation and deadlines, leaving us to worry about our everyday business” – HR Director, Finance Company. Skillsets and Capabilities As a market leading provider of HR and payroll services, flexible benefits and employee assistance programmes (EAP), Ceridian helps its clients become more efficient, streamline their processes and improve productivity and engagement within their workforce. From Multi-National to Small Start Up, Ceridian enables their client’s HR development journey. Ceridian’s decades of global experience help organisations to increase quality, reduce risk, boost revenue, lower cost... and free time to focus on priorities. Its people form the heart of its operation. This is why Ceridian only employ the most dedicated and best-qualified service delivery people in the industry. Its unrivalled knowledge and commitment to customer service means you see improved service and cost savings, leaving you free to focus on more critical business activities. With record accuracy rates well above 99%, its payroll services deliver significant return on investment through reduced error, fewer overpayments, and increased employee satisfaction. Case Studies Trader Media Group (TMG) is a British-based publishing company, specialising in classified display advertising; the owner of Auto Trader and related brands. It has an integrated HR and managed payroll solution to support its 1500 employees, and is serviced from the Ceridian Glasgow operation. TMG operates in an increasingly challenging economic environment. It had committed to reduce overheads and minimise the impact on capital expenditure. As part of TMG’s wider corporate change efforts, it was seeking to transform HR operations, to become more cost effective and efficient. As well as the financial goals, it wanted to improve service and enhance delivery by standardising and automating transactional processes. This would allow TMG’s retained HR team to focus on core HR issues that supported the strategic objectives of the business. TMG chose to work with Ceridian as a long term partner to: • Implement an integrated, hosted HR system • Support, manage and operate HR transactions accurately and efficiently to drive cost savings • Support the transformation to accessing significant financial savings through process re-engineering, process automation, implementing salary sacrifice (especially pensions), etc. • Provide support and expertise to drive the required transformation/change programme.
  21. 21. Ceridian Corporation Evidence of the benefits achieved from implementing this solution, are described by the HR Director: “Ceridian has delivered a scalable and cost-effective HR portal across our business with a fully integrated payroll service, flexible benefits module, online recruitment, performance management and learning management solutions direct to the employee and manager desktop. This has brought permanent operational savings for the HR budget, but more importantly has completely enhanced the way we do business as a HR team. Our managers are delighted. Ceridian products and services have helped us to fully embed the HR Business Partner model by ensuring that the core HR processes are delivered effectively and efficiently. We have very particular needs to cover different locations and working practices. Ceridian adapted their system to fit with this and delivered something that was on time, on budget and has worked reliably ever since.” “Ceridian implemented our project in time, on budget. In general, this rarely happens.” 21 USPs - More than 45 years HR and payroll experience in the UK and 80 years globally. - UK’s leading provider of Human Resource Management and Payroll Services. - Ceridian uses the best, cutting-edge technology to drive HR service-delivery. It continually evaluates new innovations so customers benefit from the time and cost savings that this technology can deliver. - Ceridian’s outsourcing capability is best of breed, delivering 99.8% accuracy. - Ceridian’s multinational capability makes it the natural first choice for organisations that have existing overseas operations or aspirations to expand. Vertical Targets for Future Growth - Paying People - Modernising HR - Workforce Management - Expenses Management - Employee Support - International payroll
  22. 22. For further information, please contact: Gerald Murphy, Sales Director, City Park technology Centre Ltd, City Park, Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 3AU Tel: +44 (0)141 551 1102 Fax: +44 (0)141 551 1001 Email: Web: City Park Technologies Brief Corporate History City Park Technologies (CPT) is a Glasgow based Customer Contact Management Company, specialising in the provision of Customer Acquisition and Customer Service Contact Centres, hosted Service and Managed Technology Solutions. City Park Technologies specialise in outsourced and insourced contact centres. Its operational expertise and flexible approach has enabled a number of successful organisations to improve its competitive advantage. Major clients include a leading UK Insurance company, a large UK bank, a large UK utility company. 22 Managed Technology Solutions City Park Technologies has developed customer contact technology which supports cross-location campaigns and agent load balancing, enabling its clients to create a single corporate entity irrespective of geographies. Hosted Services The City Park Technologies Hosted Service is a solution where it provides all infrastructure support services including technology, telephony, desks and office space and the company provides the operational staff. With over 800 seats across three sites in Glasgow City Centre, its facilities provide a flexible environment which can easily cater for a wide variety of projects. Its centrally located sites offer superb working environments which helps attract the highest quality personnel. Skillsets and Capabilities CPT’s specialised industry expertise extends across the following market sectors: • Business Banking: Specialist Diary, Management Services, New business Growth Programs, Prospect Tracking and Capture. • Consumer Banking: Customer Service and Welcome Call Programs, Strategic Campaign Management. • Internet Banking: Online account activation, Internet Banking support, Prospect Tracking and capture. • Fixed And Mobile Telecoms And Broadband Internet: B2B Customer Acquisition, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Lead Generation, Customer Service and Technical Support. • Utilities: Customer Acquisition, Customer Surveys, Field Sales – Sales Validation and Compliance Checks. • Insurance: Home and Motor Acquisition, Retention and Renewal, Health and Accident Plans Acquisition and Upsell, Aggregator’s wesite hot lead generation. • Technology: B2B Appointment Setting, Diary Management, B2B and B2C Customer Acquisition, Customer Surveys. Business Challenges • To acquire, grow and retain the best and most profitable customers • To be market focused thus enhancing the customer experience whilst reducing the total cost to acquire and serve Multilingual Capability City Park Technologies’ current operational capabilities include native European language support across 12 languages. Additional multilingual resource is readily available from the 5 universities which are located within a 1 mile radius of City Park Technologies’ site in Glasgow city centre. Case Study - Large Insurance Company A large insurance company, along with its subsidiaries, transacts life assurance and long-term savings business, fund management, and most classes of general insurance and health business. CPT has worked with with a large insurance company since 2007 to support motor and home new business and customer retention with a combination of ‘insourcing’ and outbound outsourcing. Requirements • Investment should be made in a city where their efforts can be supported by the wealth, diversity and maturity of the city’s outbound telesales marketplace • A partner with outbound telesales operational expertise who can call upon track record of success in a variety of challenging sectors • To leverage experience in order that they could serve customers with targeted, tailored, informed, professional and timely outbound interactions that provide security and peace of mind for their customers City Park Technologies Solution • To design and provide an outbound solution which delivers a premier sales solution to support client’s customers, brand and ethos • To demonstrate that their capability would support the growth and performance that client required • To rapidly deploy client solutions • To display a partnership ethos and flexibility that surpassed the traditional client/supplier relationship • Assistance in ensuring that the marketing strategy was in line with channel capability by measuring performance on a daily basis • To measure operational effectiveness around 9 key metrics: sales per hour; cost per sale; average revenue per sale; venture income penetration rates; cancellation rates; compliance; quality; operational efficiency; contact efficiencies per hour (e.g. DMC ratios)
  23. 23. City Park Technologies Results • Secured £4m in revenue in the first 6 months of the partnership • An increase of 20% on new business volumes which represents an increase of over £12m in gross premiums written (GWP) annually • Delivered new business cost per action/ acquisition (CPA) of c£39 • Delivered retention CPA of c£9 • Achieved operational productivity of >70% • Managed contact ratios of. 50% • Delivered DMC rates of > 40% • Driven 100% growth in FTE as a result of performance impact • Reduced induction training from 8 to 12 weeks • Launched 7 campaigns over 6 months and delivered performance more than 50% higher than inbound teams on all campaigns USPs • Ability to carry out Insight and Analysis work including creative ideas and new scripts as ‘value –add services to take to clients on a pro-active basis • Ability to export the Outsourcing/Contact centre services ‘in a box’ down to clients sites, wherever they may be. • Specialists in certain sectors – Financial Services, Telecoms and Utility – where City Park Technologies has experienced front-line and management staff with a knowledge of that particular industry and its requirements, with all the attendant qualifications in place, such as FSA accreditations, and TCF principles embedded into company operating model Vertical Targets for Future Growth • • • • 23 Financial Services Telecoms Utilities Technology
  24. 24. For further information, please contact: Lindsay Woodburn, Commercial Executive, The Essentiagroup, Lower Ground Skypark, 72 Finnieston Square, Glasgow, G3 8ET Tel: +44(0)141 568 4114 Mobile: 07540 411676 Email: Web: The Essentia Group Brief Corporate History The essentiagroup has been in business for 25 years and has grown significantly throughout this time. The company was founded in 1984, as a charitable organisation and was originally known as Network Scotland. In 2001 the company moved to larger premises in Skypark in Glasgow. It also changed its name to The essentiagroup and the trading status became commercial. Since then, the organisation has grown to 3 sites – Glasgow, Newcastle and Brora. There are 350 people employed at the Glasgow facility and 50 at Brora in the Highlands. Current clients include Department of Health, Central Office of Information, Department of Children, Schools and Families and the Scottish Government. Skillsets and Capabilities The essentiagroup operates a multi-channel environment facilitating telephone, SMS, e-mail, web chat, web cam and white mail fulfilment. It has more than 220 dedicated advisor workstations and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It utilises state of the art technology, efficiently to support bespoke contact programmes for its clients. Case Study The essentiagroup has operated the NHS Smoking Helpline (NHSSH) on behalf of the Department of Health since its inception in June 2000. The service aims to provide information, advice and support to those wishing to give up smoking, or to their friends and family. In 2003, a CRM pilot programme was launched called ‘Together’ – the first of its kind in the UK. Smokers who wished to join this programme received a series of tailored communications via mail, phone, SMS or email (depending on preference) at key times triggered by their planned stop date. The content of the contact they received was dictated by where they were in the Prochaska Model of Behavioural Change, with contact centred around the Preparation and early Maintenance stages. The launch of the CRM movement on NHSSH signalled the change of focus of the service from a transactional base to one which allows for ongoing supportive contact with all respondents. It encourages long term engagement, and helps to build a relationship between smokers and the service as they move through their journey, no matter which route they choose to take. The journey is cyclical and indefinite, allowing responders to jump in and out of engagement as they wish, but ensuring that all stages of the journey are recorded and available when needed. 24 USPs • • • Providers of empathetic information, advice and guidance in a non-scripted environment 90% of employees are graduates Bespoke solutions created for each client Vertical Targets for Future Growth Healthcare Social Welfare Education
  25. 25. For further information, please contact: Euan Craig, Customer Services Manager, Indigo Lighthouse, Indigo House, 225 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 2GZ Tel: +44 (0)141 285 5343 Email: Fax: +44 (0)141 285 5416 Web: Indigo Lighthouse Brief Corporate History Indigo Lighthouse is a strategic business process outsourcing partner established in 1998. The company provides contact centre support and distribution across business sectors. It offers inbound and outbound calls, information analysis, payment handling and the warehousing and distribution of products throughout Europe. The head office is based in modern offices in Glasgow city centre were the award winning contact care team, supply chain, payment handling and IT support are located. A nearby business centre provides distribution and warehousing activities as does the Jersey business centre. Over 300 people are employed across the three centres, two in Glasgow and one in Jersey (Channel Islands). 19 nationalities are employed throughout the group and 11 languages are covered in the contact centre. Sectors covered include; Retail • Apollo - Germany • Pearle – Holland, Belgium, Austria • Brilleland – Norway • Interoptik – Norway • Linsboxen - Sweden • Boots Opticians - UK E-commerce • • Amazon • The Cartridge People • The Tight Spot • Macallen (Jersey) Ltd 25 Volumes • International Financial Management - Over €200 million transactions processed - Direct Debit, Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Giro • Supply Chain & Distribution - Over 10 million shipments - Pan-European Operations • International Contact Centre - Over 1 million client communications per year - 11 languages Skillsets and Capabilities Offer a menu of services including: • • • • • International Contact Centre International Payment Management Supply Chain Management & Distribution E-Commerce Support Complimented by: Full Back Office Administrative Support, IT Support The Benefits of Indigo Lighthouse Delivers Relationship management Improved customer retention More loyal customers Information based insights Through Multi-lingual contact centre and web service Payment handling Distribution capabilities Information systems and infrastructure Resulting in Better customer experience Improved competitive advantages Increased profitability USPs Make business easier for its clients • With native speaking contact centre staff • Distribution facilities handling 20 million dispatches per year • Ensuring payments are received, reconciled and routed to the client Through investment in its people • Winner of World Class Excellence award by Customer Contact Association • Bronze status recognition by Investors In People • Nominated for two Customer Contact Association (CCA) Global Excellence Awards in 2011, ‘Great Places to Work’ and ‘Most Effective Training Programme’ • Indigo are also finalists in the 2011 European Call Centre & Customer Service Awards • 2011 Glasgow Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service Supported by a robust infrastructure • Powered by SAP ERP system • Approved BACS bureau • Integrated payment handling with Barclays Vertical Targets for Future Growth By offering a menu of services, potential clients can be selective in their outsourcing requirements – various combinations of contact centre, payment handling, supply chain, warehousing and distribution are currently provided. Ecommerce Retail Financial Services
  26. 26. For further information, please contact: Lesley Stewart, Business Development Director, The Business Park, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, AB30 1AJ Tel: 01561 376070 Mob: 07952 862597 Email: web: Journeycall Brief Corporate History Since opening in 2003, initially as an impartial journey planning and transport ticket telesales business, Journeycall has grown fast to offer the complete range of outsourced multi-media contact centre services, including phone, white mail, email, web-chat, facebook and twitter. In addition, its Support Services team handles transport ticketing and smartcards, customer services and back-office support services. Journeycall’s first contact centre at Laurencekirk, close to Europe’s oil capital of Aberdeen, was followed by a second centre at Brechin in 2007, and it now employs over 120 staff in total. Journeycall clients include major public and private sector organisations such as the Association of Train Operating Companies (National and Disabled Persons Railcards) and Transport for London (Oyster smartcards and support). Journeycall also offers its own travel information and ticket sales service, ‘Train and Bus Enquiries’, public transport communications consultancy, copywriting, design and production, with material produced including guides and timetables for North East Scotland public transport travel options. Journeycall has successfully driven sales increases and high customer satisfaction levels for clients. It has set up customer response helplines and support services for clients at very short notice to meet unexpected business demand; for example, helpdesks set up within days to handle around a thousand calls a day for London councils. It also handled travel information calls for Transport for London during the Olympics and Paralympics in the summer of 2012, helping customers to travel to the sporting venues. 26 It believes that the service quality Journeycall offers is carefully tailored to the precise needs of its clients, both in terms of expertise and cost, in a way that offshore global call centre giants simply cannot match. Best in Europe award In 2010, Journeycall was named Best Small Contact Centre in Europe at the European Call Centre Awards, triumphing over strong international competition. This is a clear endorsement of Journeycall’s important contribution to the customer communication industry, as a small contact centre that delivers bespoke client solutions with a more personal touch. Comments from European Call Centre Awards judges included: “The judges were very impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit throughout this business. Journeycall ticked all of the boxes and has a true team spirit, which contributes to their “endto-end” approach to every contact and transaction. More than anything, Journeycall demonstrates how to truly punch above their weight! In addition to the Best Small Contact Centre in Europe award, its Brechin contact centre was a finalist in the Best Large Team in Europe category. It has also won Scottish regional company culture and business growth awards and was highly commended in the National Rail Business Awards Supplier Excellence category. In 2012, Journeycall received ‘One to Watch’ accreditation in the Sunday Times ‘Best Companies’ employee attitudes survey of which it is truly proud, particularly as this survey goes to all staff. The results reflect how much its high calibre intelligent staff value being part of the Journeycall team success story. Skillsets and Capabilities Journeycall prides itself on a highly intelligent advisory agent team, based on very thorough recruitment and training procedures. This ensures that the right people are in the right jobs, with full knowledge of and pride in the services and products they represent. Journeycall staff enjoy providing consistently good customer service and have an eye for getting the detail right first time, every time. They live the company’s strongly motivated family ethos of ensuring that customers find contact with Journeycall a pleasure.This results in clients benefiting from Journeycall staff who become highly trained ambassadors for the company they represent. Journeycall’s expertise includes: • Helpline support for online systems, sales and customer services • Inbound/outbound telesales and retailing services that maximise client income • Live and automated response (IVR) services • Highly skilled information and sales advisors • Reconciliation, refund and compensation services, data processing and marketing • Pioneering IT systems and smartcard solutions with partner company, ESP Systex Case study Client – Transport for London (TfL) – Oyster smartcard scheme Service requirements Journeycall supports the adult Oyster smartcard scheme for TfL. The large number of calls answered daily include Oyster sales and fulfillment, plus customer queries covering refunds, lost, stolen and failed cards. TfL’s objective is to give fast and seamless high quality service to customers and staff at all times. All Journeycall staff are thoroughly acquainted with the TfL network, its products and services, making them experts in the field, able to handle queries quickly and efficiently. Journeycall has also proactively suggested initiatives to further enhance the TfL customer experience. Results success The Oyster Card is held by millions of Londoners and is a highly prestigious contract for Journeycall. Work for TfL started in 2006. TfL comments on Journeycall’s service: “TfL are very happy with the services provided by Journeycall and it has built up a very mutually beneficial partnership with them.” Call handling quality standards ensure that Journeycall meet and exceed all SLAs. TfL are pleased with services provided, and Journeycall has also given short notice dynamic assistance to TfL, taking overflow calls for other TfL services, when volumes were high.
  27. 27. Journeycall Journeycall’s excellent relationship with TfL was further emphasised when it was chosen to provide support in answering additional “overflow” passenger enquiry calls generated by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. A 24/7 dedicated team of advisors were thoroughly trained by Journeycall to expertly handle this prestigious contract. National Railcards contract win In April, 2012, Journeycall were awarded the contract to operate the UK National Railcards online issuing service encompassing the Senior, 18-25 and Family & Friends Railcards. Journeycall will be responsible for issuing over 1 million cards per year with an initial annual value of around £35 million. ATOC commented: “Journeycall presented a robust and detailed proposal for the online retailing of Railcards based upon an improved service provision and underpinned by the excellent customer service we have experienced for the Disabled Persons Railcard. We’re really excited about the opportunities created by this collaboration.” 27 USPs • Intelligent advisors, offering a friendly personal touch in all customer contacts • Recruitment, training and service delivery of the highest calibre • Consistently good quality customer service through multi-modal channels • Communications expertise ensuring customers enjoy buying client services from Journeycall • Exceptional customer contact solutions that get the detail right first time, every time Vertical Targets for Future Growth Contact centre services • Customer support • Travel and transport • Smartcard • Tourism • Compensation • Retail • Travel information compilation and production • Telesales and communications services using and pioneering new technology
  28. 28. For further information contact: Chris Munro, KBVO, Cumbernauld Business Centre, Carron House, Carron Way, Cumbernauld G67 1ER Office: 0800 083 2223/0333 200 2505 Mobile: +44 (0) 7817 626955 Email: Web: KBVO Brief Corporate History KBVO (Knowledge Base for Virtual Offices) is a rapidly expanding specialist BPO company. Established as a family business a decade ago, KBVO has maintained the values needed to make it a unique and leading business within the BPO services sector. Being named The Most Loved Telephone Answering Service in the UK for the fourth consecutive year in 2013 drives the business forward to continually enhance the services provided at such a high level. Amongst KBVO’s key services are: telephone answering; e-commerce support/order processing; diary management; corporate reception services, help desk service and virtual UK and international telephone numbers. Services are white labelled where required on behalf of clients. Its clients span a comprehensive range of business sectors, including: healthcare, property and professional services. It develops bespoke solutions to meet the specific requirements of all businesses, whether start-up entrepreneurs or large organisations with an extensive office network. KBVO has established a robust strategic partnership with a UK based e-commerce and fulfilment businesses whereby they jointly supply a dynamic and flexible UK and European-wide fulfilment service through the provision of a comprehensive call centre function to its partners’ fulfilment operations. It services clients both UK wide and internationally, including: Croatia, Spain; Japan; India; New Zealand and the US. 28 Skillsets and Capabilities • Telephone answering • Email response service • Order processing / taking • Switchboard support • BPO solutions to match requirements • UK business addresses • Virtual UK and international phone numbers • Virtual offices • Fulfilment services • Additional business lines • Disaster Recovery Benefits of KBVO Ensures: Trust, quality, cost effectiveness and continuity By providing: Dedicated staff Unique information systems Dynamic processes suitable for all businesses Achieving: Industry leading customer service Better end customer experience Increased customer retention and profitability Case study The Serious Skincare Company was one of the first companies to sign-up to an innovative integrated fulfilment and call centre service to process and distribute its premium range of Dermatique natural skin care products throughout the UK. KBVOs solution enhanced customer support and response times while satisfying the customers with on time shipments and reducing the overall costs for the client. Available exclusively online, the Dermatique product range is now supported by KBVO, which provides a total call centre service supporting customer enquiries and order processing services for the Dermatique range whilst KBVOs e-commerce partner PPF Shipping provides a fast, cost effective and efficient distribution service. All services are fully integrated giving complete visibility to the client at all times from enquiry to customer order receipt. James McPeake, founder of The Serious Skincare Company, said that the unique integrated fulfilment and call centre service provides him with an efficient and effective one stop solution for all his UK fulfilment requirements, enabling him to retain control over his sales process whilst KBVO and PPF get on with ensuring that his customers receive their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. USPs Maintaining and retraining staff with the knowledge to support multiple clients and processes is almost unique within the industry. Having and retaining exceptional staff is one of the keys to success. KBVO and internet fulfilment company PPF Shipping recently launched a pioneering fully integrated fulfilment and call centre service at Internet World 2013, the UK’s largest event for online and digital business at London’s Earl’s Court. Under the terms of the partnership, KBVO provides a total call centre service supporting customer enquiries and order processing services whilst PPF Shipping offers e-commerce companies a fast, cost effective and efficient distribution service. The formal launch of the unique partnership follows the success of a pilot programme conducted by the two companies over the course of the last year which has proved the benefits available to existing clients, generated new clients and boosted revenues at both firms to the extent that both KBVO and PPF Shipping are in the process of recruiting more staff and relocating to larger premises to keep pace with demand. The partnership allows more businesses at all levels of their business plan to reach their target markets quickly and cost effectively through the combination of professional services to provide a one stop solution for UK and European fulfilment requirements. Vertical Targets for Future Growth • e-commerce • property agencies • healthcare • start-ups • SMEs
  29. 29. For further information contact: Martin Ewart, Managing Director, Scotland, Wallace House, 1 Lochside Avenue, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh, EH12 9DJ Tel: +44(0)131 527 8500 Email: Logica Brief Corporate History Logica was established in 1969, and has a great growth history, with a range of mergers and acquisitions in its 40 year history. Today it is a business and technology service company, employing 39,000 people. Providing business consulting, systems integration and outsourcing to clients around the world, including many of Europe’s largest businesses, Logica creates value for clients by successfully integrating people, business and technology. It is committed to long term collaboration, applying insight to create innovative answers to clients’ business needs. Revenue in 2009 was £3.7 billion and some of the blue chip organisations in its client base include Ministry of Defence, BT, EADS, Michelin, Rabobank, Shell, Tesco Bank, E.ON, KPN, Scottish Water, Scottish Government, BNP Paribas, Deutsche Telekom, Teliasonera, Statoil, Reitan and Vodafone. Logica has operated in Scotland for over 25 years and employs 300+ staff across a variety of industry sectors. Logica is a global organisation that’s embedded in Scottish culture and committed to Scotland’s success. Its offices in Aberdeen and Edinburgh act as hubs for ground-breaking projects such as smart metering, which is set to change the way we all use energy, and the world’s largest integrated transport smartcard scheme. Logica has been working with Scotland’s oil and gas industry since 1982, provide the market infrastructure for the country’s water sector, work in the heart of the top financial services institutions and are helping bodies across the public sector to achieve improved efficiencies and changed work processes. 29 Focus areas Logica’s practices in Sustainability, Security and Future IT & Cloud services build on decades of experience of delivering innovative service to its clients. It helps them to understand and plan against their needs, increase their flexibility and competitiveness and to grow and transform their businesses. With its clients’ business customers, consumers and citizens at the centre of its thinking it looks to create sustainable, secure ways to build business, leveraging future IT and the cloud. Services include: • BPO • Business consulting • Blended Delivery (Onshore, landed & offshore) • Managed SAP Services • Application Management • Infrastructure Management Skillsets and Capabilities Logica’s service is routed in its understanding of its clients industry and business. Financial services, communications, transport, energy, utilities, the public sector, manufacturing, space or defence – Logica has decades of experience of all of them, and more. This broad base leads to an invaluable crossfertilisation of ideas and technologies. At a time when boundaries between sectors are blurring and the need for co-operation across industries is growing, Logica understands how developments in one area can have a knock-on effect in many others – and that these can bring advantages, as well as challenges. That means Logica brings unique insights and (though they say it themselves) some terrific new concepts and genuine innovations. Case study Scottish Government The Scottish Government is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland. They look after health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport. The challenge In order to help Scotland to achieve sustainable economic growth, the Scottish Government works through a number of public sector bodies and agencies. The challenge for Scottish Government was to provide a shared IT service that met all their different customers’ needs. Logica’s answer Logica works with Scottish Government in a number of ways. The main component has been working with senior management to launch ‘Scots Connect’, an expanding portfolio of ICT-related shared services available to the broader public sector across Scotland. These services have proved popular. Logica has helped Scottish Government undertake a major refresh of its technical infrastructure to offer a modern and efficient service. This has given them more control over the 11,000 user estate by allowing automatic shutdown of PCs at a given time. This has saved £130,000 per annum on the Scottish Government’s electricity costs. A success story Logica and Scottish Government find out very quickly whether new initiatives are working. The Agencies tell them through their actions. And new Agencies are continually signing up to the Scots. Case study Michelin Michelin needed to transform its IT applications performance. It was costly to have and maintain a mixed bag of applications in different locations. New, standardised applications across the company would: • drive down costs • make processes work better • help Michelin grow and compete. Michelin is well-known for exploring new and better ways to do things. This task was no exception. The idea of a fresh sourcing model was born. Named co-management, it rejected the classic buyersupplier pattern, instead, partners would work shoulder to shoulder with Michelin. Partners would commit to the same goals Michelin had set for itself and they would have to bring the right skills and delivery model. Logica was a natural fit. Like Michelin, commitment, openness and innovation were at the heart of Logica’s businesses and processes. The results The co-management approach is working well. On a day-to-day basis the team works together to accomplish common goals. Problems are resolved through open communication. With an eye on bigger savings, more services are being moved offshore to our centres in Bangalore and Chennai through 2009-10.
  30. 30. Logica Michelin’s systems now perform better. What’s more, the new systems are helping the company respond to changing business needs. Savings from standardized operating costs are being invested in core business and on promoting environmentally friendly solutions. Michelin’s, Head of Business solutions is sure this is the way ahead. “At Michelin, we seek to collaborate with our suppliers, and relationships are built on trust and behaviour. Trust is built up over time and is about experience.” For Michelin, this partnership with Logica has: • improved overall productivity: applications management costs less, performs better and reduces time to respond to changing business needs • increased innovation capabilities: teams access and share know-how on the latest technologies • boost confidence: the company is now ready to explore ways to improve other processes. 30 USPs • Deep industry knowledge aligned to business & technology value-added propositions • Strategic alliances with Microsoft, Oracle & SAP in a number of areas including coinnovation, BPO, hosting etc. • Established Service provider with end to end capability • Best-in-class support centre with dedicated service desk • Global network of shared service centres means true blended shared services • Dedicated offshore expertise and true blended delivery model • Highly flexible charging policy and defined service levels • State-of-the-art data centres, infrastructure and security facilities
  31. 31. For further information, please contact: Graham Stein, Client Operations Director, Parseq, The Octagon, 35 Baird Street, Glasgow, G4 OEE Tel: +44 (0) 8444 777666, Mobile: +44 (0) 7500 868951, Email:, Web: Parseq Brief Corporate History Parseq has been operating in the UK since 1973, formed as a result of MBO and acquisitions from Atos Origin, Active Group and Avance in recent years. Recently acquired and supported by considerable private equity investment, it is fully funded and debt-free. Parseq is driven by the needs of its clients to reduce costs, extend functionality and improve service quality in the areas of customer management, finance and document processing. At group level, Parseq has a total workforce of over 700 employees, operating from four easily accessible sites in the UK. Within Scotland, it has a purpose built, 500 seat capacity contact centre in Glasgow, from which it provides its inbound /outbound multi channel contact solutions and supports insourced client arrangements and managed activities. Elsewhere, a high security site in Rotherham provides BACS electronic fund transfer, payment processing and document processing & imaging. Credit Control & Management services are provided from its offices in York and Leeds. 31 Skillsets & Capabilities Customer Management outsourcing Services: Inbound/Outbound voice services Customer Acquisition Customer Service, Support and Technical Assistance Direct Sales and Retention Account Management Early Intervention Debt Management Back office services Finance and Accounting outsourcing services: Credit Control & Management Accounts Receivable and Payable (b2b & b2c) Contract Management Consolidated statement detailing Remittance Processing Subscription Services Automated BACS Credits Automated BACS Direct Debits BACS Remittance Matching eProcurement eInvoicing Invoice Automation International Lockbox Additional Capabilities Document Management Invoice Scan & Capture Secure Image Hosting Printing & Fulfilment Multi lingual business support Customer Analytics Database Cleansing Case Studies Parseq does not sell off-the-shelf services, but works in partnership with its clients to develop tailored solutions suited to their individual requirements. This is demonstrated in the following case studies; UK Leading Energy Company A need was identified by the client to streamline its contract validation process, one of the most critical aspects of the overall customer experience. Parseq worked closely with the client to provide a tailored CRM solution, one that would both enhance the customer experience and protect consumer rights. Parseqs’ solution not only reduced the length of time it took to validate a contract, from weeks to just a few minutes; it also eliminated customer complaints associated with the timeliness of information. Parseq now successfully manages the process of data collection and storage, whilst acting as an independent advisor to ensure full regulatory compliance. Major Global Brewing Co Overdue debt had become an issue for its client; its core expertise was brand development and customer service, so in order to work to its strengths and build upon its growing UK operation, it made a decision to outsource its credit control function. Parseq was chosen for its excellent track record and immediately introduced a range of initiatives to reinforce the clients’ credit management policy, reduce bad debt risk and increase cash collections, month on month. Parseq provided a dedicated team of people that managed its Accounts Receivable process, from the release of the initial order, through to dispute resolution where necessary and on to the final allocation of cash received from the Customer. The client is delighted that, while achieving its own growth targets, it has also seen the percentage of overdue debt reduced from a peak of 34.5% to just 1.1% at the end of the last financial year. International Utility Company Parseqs’ client required support to grow an outbound acquisition channel, to gain a better understanding of the relative performance of each vendor the company employed against other vendors. Parseq developed and operate a central-dialler solution on its behalf, enabling comparison of the performance of different agents and vendors, in real-time. The resulting transparency in data enabled the client to identify poor performance and propagate best practice across all vendors, to achieve a better collaborative working environment and to get the best performance out of everyone. Parseq’s own performance has been consistent throughout, exceeding all Sales per Hour targets and KPIs set by the client.
  32. 32. Parseq USPs People Parseq invests the maximum time, effort and training into its people and they reward them with their dedication, professionalism and world class customer service. In Scotland particularly, its contact centre can draw from a region with the highest skills and lowest staff turnover in the call centre industry. Vertical Targets for Future Growth Consistency in Delivery of SLAs and KPIs Its customers depend on consistency of service and rely on them to deliver to their own high standards, on time, every time. Fully funded & debt-free Parseq is backed by significant private equity investment that shares its vision of growth through excellence. Key Client Relationships Parseq treats all its clients as partners and shares its best ideas with the aim of providing best value for money for them and their customers; has a vested interest in their continued growth and success. Success Parseq operates dedicated and bureau based business units on behalf of nearly 70 clients. Quality & Continuous Improvement With its blue chip client base, it is always under scrutiny to provide the highest levels of service & regulatory compliance, but it always strives to be better and never rests on its laurels. • ISO9001:2008 ISO27001:2005 PCI/DSS Level 1 compliant BACS certified Bureau, Affiliate & Consultant FSA regulated (pending) Technology Parseq is a technology led outsourcer; a business process and technology specialist delivering bestin-class back-office, financial and customer service performance. 32 Last year, Parseq handled: • • • • More than 2 million inbound and outbound customer interactions across each of the major industry sectors. Received, validated and processed more than 50 million documents Processed 100,000 payment transactions daily The total value of transactions processed exceeded £24 billion On behalf of 75,000 SMEs, it executed BACS payments to 7% of the UK workforce Parseqs’ clients trust it to stand in their place and it delivers exceptional service in return. Sector focus is aligned to Parseqs’ presence and knowledge in six key verticals: • • • • • • Financial Services Energy Telecoms Professional Organisations Government SMEs
  33. 33. For further information, please contact: Gordon McRury, Business Development Manager, Citypoint, 21 Tyndrum Street, Glasgow, G4 OJY Tel: +44 (0)141 272 1105 Fax: +44 (0)141 272 1666 Email: Web: RESPONSE Brief Corporate History RESPONSE has been providing contact centre services since 1991. With an initial focus on the provision of call handling services to top flight football clubs in England and Scotland, the business has developed to provide services for a wide range of clients in areas such as financial services, media and entertainment, utilities, telecommunications, travel and the public sector. It focuses on providing rewarding customer experiences that deliver value to its clients. Today, RESPONSE is one of Scotland’s largest customer contact centre and business process outsourcers for a number of the UK’s most successful brands. With over 1,800 employees across four locations, it manages over 1.8 million customer interactions each month on behalf of its clients. Skillsets and Capabilities RESPONSE has the scale to handle the most demanding requirements as well as the people, technology and systems to deliver a personalised and rewarding experience to each and every one of its clients’ customers. RESPONSE’s Software Solutions team create products that not only differentiates RESPONSE own contact centre capabilities but also provide support for other organisations in meeting their own customer contact objectives. For example, its synTelate agent desktop solution is used across 18 countries in 7 languages. 33 Customer Contact Services – Responsive and Future-Proof RESPONSE provides the highest standard of outsourced customer contact services available in the market today. From new business acquisition to customer retention, it ensures a consistent high quality service to each of its clients’ customers. Whether inbound or outbound, sales or customer service, RESPONSE can design and deliver a solution that is ideally tailored to meet requirements. However, its solutions are not set in stone for the duration of its relationships; it understand that needs change and, in some cases, it is in a privileged position to be able to detect the need for change. The powerful triangle of its Operations, Insights and Innovative Solutions teams ensure that it is quickly able to recognise and adjust its delivery capabilities to meet these developing requirements. All of its services can be delivered from one of its contact centre premises or on an in-source basis at client’s own offices. Case Study The US Embassy - RESPONSE has provided a high quality and high profile customer service for the US Embassy (USE) in London for over 14 years. The Consular Information Unit at the US Embassy in London is one of the US Department of State’s largest operations in Europe. RESPONSE provides a comprehensive enquiry and appointment management service, operated by experienced and multi-skilled advisors to support immigrant and non-immigrant visas. The contact centre services also provide information and guidance to groups including the general public, travel industry and airlines, non-governmental organisations and US departments and agencies. On average, RESPONSE currently handles in excess of 5,000 calls per week although this can change radically due to seasonality. In addition, RESPONSE has to operate within strict guidelines and processes at all times. The nature of the service delivered is constantly evolving due to the changing rules, regulations and requirements of the US Government. An ability to react quickly and efficiently is vital for the US Embassy and ensures that any changes are incorporated quickly whilst maintaining high levels of customer service. Student Loans Company - RESPONSE has provided dynamic inbound customer service call handling support to Student Loans Company (SLC) for almost 9 years. Student Loans Company (SLC) administers government-funded loans and grants to students throughout the UK, working in partnership with local authorities and agencies. Their Customer Support Office (CSO) manages inbound/outbound calls (over 3 million inbound per year), SMS, emails and web chat with customers regarding their accounts. Due to the exceptional peak experienced by the CSO each academic year from July through October, it is necessary for staffing levels to increase by almost 100%. With a number of major challenges arising from such a substantial headcount increase, SLC enlisted RESPONSE to manage the main contact channel – inbound and outbound calls. The Customer Support Office, comprising an in-house team and up to 400 RESPONSE staff, plays an extensive and integral role within SLC, handling a daily call volume during the August peak of more than 12,000 calls. RESPONSE manages a complex variety of call types regarding loan applications from students or their sponsors and staffing requirements vary dramatically, anywhere from 15 advisors to a ramp of 400 advisors over a short number of months. All of this is managed whilst maintaining a high level of quality and customer experience. USPs • Focus is on Building rewarding Relationships. RESPONSE aims to deliver high value for its clients and their customers. This is done through the application of market leading technology, operations and commercial creativity • RESPONSE has a fully integrated software business that not only supplies its contact centre clients but also provides customer service technologies to external parties. This provides RESPONSE with unrivalled expertise in the creation and delivery of software technology to the contact centre arena. • The RESPONSE Innovative Solutions Team is a unique powerhouse of architects that bring together the full range of operational, technical and commercial flexibilities to bear in creating optimised and dynamic solutions for its clients. Vertical Targets for Future Growth • Financial Services • Media • Utilities • Telecoms • Travel • Public Sector