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Office of Immigration Settlment and Population - Innovation PEI

  1. 1. Prince Edward Island “Come Work & Live on Our Island” • Today’s Presentation will include: • Prince Edward Island • PEI PNP Program • PEI as a near-shoring opportunity in Canada for IT companies
  2. 2. Location-Location- Location
  3. 3. Canada’s East Coast
  4. 4. Prince Edward Island Facts  Population: 145,000  Land Area: 2,184 Square Miles  Highest Point: 499 Ft.  Coastline: 1,100 Miles  Origins: Mi’kmaq, French, English, & Scottish  Primary Sectors Information Technology, Tourism, Farming, Fishing, and Aerospace  Within a 3 hour radius around PEI: 19 Universities, 27 Community Colleges and a population of over 2,000,000
  5. 5. About PEI • Air quality in PEI is second to none • no polluting heavy industry • Average daily temperatures: • January high 26F (-3C), low 11F (-11C) • July high 74F (23C), low 58F (14C) * Average yearly rainfall: 331 inches (843 cm) * Average annual snowfall: 117 inches (297 cm) * Average windspeed: 11.6 mph (18.7 kph) * Noise pollution: practically non-existent – even in our cities Prince Edward Island enjoys • a temperate maritime climate with • easy access to clean shorelines, pristine sand dunes, safe swimming • an extensive system of walking trails, provincial / national parks, bird watching • and major tourism activity (camping/fishing/swimming/shopping/touring)
  6. 6. Life on the Island…
  7. 7. Life on the Island…
  8. 8. Three Phases of Pro-Motion ! • Phase One – Pre -Events • Phase Two – The Event • Phase Three – Follow-up Life on the Island…
  9. 9. Life on the Island…
  10. 10. Immigration •Under the Canadian Immigration system Provinces such as Prince Edward Island have joint jurisdiction on Immigration. •Under the Canada Prince Edward Island Agreement of Cooperation on Immigration. Prince Edward island has the ability to nominate individuals for Permanent Residency to Canada under the PEI Provincial Nominee Program. •Mr Green provided you with an overview of the various federal streams, pathways and processes required to bring foreign workers into Canada. (TFW program -work permits, Lmo’s, business visa’s, Intra-company transfers)
  11. 11. Office of Immigration Settlement and Population (OISP) • The Office of Immigration Settlement and Population is responsible for assisting Island Companies to attract and retain skilled workers to meet their labour market needs. • Within OISP The Foreign Worker Recruitment Team assists and facilitates the recruitment of foreign workers to fill labour market gaps, as well as assisting the company and the employee with the Provincial Nominee Process.
  12. 12. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program • The Provincial Nominee Program provides the option for Foreign Nationals to become permanent residents of Canada based on being an economic benefit to the Province. • The PEI PNP Program has two categories, The Business Impact Category and the Labour Impact Category
  13. 13. PEI PNP • Labour Impact Category (LIC) facilitates meeting the Provinces labour needs within the province of Prince Edward Island through nominating a foreign national for permanent residency. • There are two streams under the LIC- Skilled worker (NOC O A B)-(High Skill- IT Sector) & Critical Worker stream (NOC C& D)-(Low Skill)
  14. 14. PEI PNP • Applicants to the LIC Skilled worker stream can be nominated outside of Canada, or from inside the country if they are working in Canada on a valid work permit. • Companies that bring in Temporary Foreign Workers under the federal TFW program can have their workers apply to the PEI PNP program for permanent residency to Canada • This two step process allows for companies to address their labour needs up front through the temporary foreign worker program and then assist in helping to retain employees in the Province of Prince Edward Island through the Provincial Nominee Program.
  15. 15. Skilled Worker Criteria Employee • Must have a full time job in NOC O A B • Must have a valid work permit if currently employed by a PEI employer • Must have legal status in country of residence • Must have completed a post secondary degree with a minimum of 14 years of education • Must be between 21-49 years of age • Should have two years of work experience in last five years • Must possess sufficient language ability in English/French IELTS 4.0 • Must demonstrate genuine intention to settle in PEI • Must demonstrate sufficient settlement supports and financial resources.
  16. 16. Skilled Worker Stream Employer Responsibility • Employment being offered must be full time 1950 hrs • Employment in the intended occupation is consistent with the applicants ability to perform the job • Employment terms and conditions meet all federal and Provincial workplace standards • Wages being offered must be comparable industry wage rate • Employment does not contravene existing labour agreements or disputes • Employment is in Prince Edward Island • Copy of LMO if required ( Note an up front nomination of an applicant allows the bypass of the LMO process) • Copy of Employment contract • Documentation to demonstrate the efforts to recruit for the intended position have been unsuccessful through efforts in Canada
  17. 17. Settlement • The Office of Immigration Settlement and Population is also responsible for settlement activities within the Province. • New employees, their spouses and dependents to the Province, have access to a network of Service providers to assist in settling into the Province
  18. 18. • For more information on how our Immigration programs can help to facilitate your employees coming to Prince Edward Island Canada please contact: • Phil Muise- Senior Manager Settlement Recruitment & Retention • • 001-902-368-5899
  19. 19. Prince Edward Island, Canada Your Business Solution Destination April, 2013
  20. 20. How Prince Edward Island Works International Trade Canada Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Innovation PEI University of PEI Cities of PEI Downtown Charlottetown Holland College IT, Business & Accounting Chamber of Commerce Close cooperation of government leads to: -Quick decision making -Less bureaucracy -Easy points of contact
  21. 21. The Ultimate Near-shore location Prince Edward Island offers: • A high quality, continuous & available young labour pool, with some of the nations best universities and innovative colleges. • Robust telecom infrastructure, quality facilities & common regulatory systems, FibreOP data delivery. • Time zone advantage – one hour earlier than Toronto and Boston, 4 time zones from London and 4 from San Francisco. • Lack of labour competition • Cost certainty & a cooperative investment climate.
  22. 22. A Diversified Economy
  23. 23. Sample clients supported
  24. 24. Skilled and Available Labour Work Force Loyalty • Average job tenure in Prince Edward Island is 8.5 years • 43% of Prince Edward Island workers have been with the same employer for more than 6 years • Only 8.8% of the private sector is unionized • Lack of labour competition, through research based recruitment strategy • Days lost per worker in Prince Edward Island is the lowest in Canada
  25. 25. The Business Cost Advantages • KPMG 2012 Competitiveness Index compared business costs in more than 130 cities in ten countries in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. • Prince Edward Island ranked as one of the most cost effective locations surveyed in North America in the sectors of Financial Services – Back Office processing and Software Development. • Favourable commercial real estate costs and new construction offer ‘A’ grade office facilities and amenities at lower rates. $14 to $25 per square foot per year. • Dramatically lower residential real estate prices (1/3rd of major metro areas) translates directly to lower costs for higher skilled employees.
  26. 26. Financial & Administrative Positions Financial Analyst I Financial Analyst II Accountant I Accountant II Business Solutions Specialist Charlottetown, PEI $50,408 $61,345 $46,569 $49,734 $59,487 Toronto, Ontario $62,625 $76,213 $57,856 $61,787 $73,904 Receptionist Data Entry Clerk Accounting Clerk 1 Secretary 1 Customer Service Rep. II Charlottetown, PEI $28,041 $26,199 $28,913 $30,580 $33,899 Toronto, Ontario $34,838 $32,549 $35,920 $37,991 $42,115 **Based on median salaries as of January 2013.
  27. 27. Technical Positions Programmer I Programmer II Programmer III Charlottetown, PEI $41,254 $52,227 $65,902 Toronto, Ontario $51,253 $64,885 $81,874 Help Desk Support Help Desk Support - Senior Technical Support Analyst I Technical Support Analyst II Technical Support Analyst III Charlottetown, PEI $27,437 $46,954 $34,144 $37,113 $46,363 Toronto, Ontario $36,510 $58,334 $42,419 $46,108 $57,600 **Based on median salaries as of January 2013.
  28. 28. Markham / Toronto Ontario vs Charlottetown PEI GTA Markham P.E.I Executive 2 story - 2000 sq ft $729,000 $425,000 $197,000 CPI : Annual Average Food Cost Index $125 $125 $122 GTA PEI Hospital Bed to people ratio: Number of beds per 1000 population 0.6 3.3 Patient to doctor ratio: Number of patients per doctor 965 685 Student to teacher ratio: Number of students per teacher 20 14 Average commute between home and work (minutes) 35+ 10 to 15 Average public transit costs: cost of 1 transit pass $5.30 $3.30
  29. 29. World Class Infrastructure Competitive Advantages for Prince Edward Island The Plan for Space Available space at the Atlantic Technology Centre (ATC) in Charlottetown or Holman Centre in Summerside.
  30. 30. Financial Incentives Innovation PEI Innovation and Development Labour Rebate • A labour rebate on eligible labour costs back to Financial Service / BPO / IT Companies each year for X years. Eligible employees include technical support, accounting functions, actuaries, client relations, and back office services. Or • A labour rebate of 25 - 50% of first year salaries on all eligible net new positions created in Prince Edward Island. Rental Incentive • First year launch pad program - $200/month rent for fit-up space • A rebate on rental expenditures of $6.00 per square foot for the second and third year of operation in Prince Edward Island.
  31. 31. Business in Prince Edward Island Wrap up – The PEI Advantage • Favourable investment climate • Competitive – low cost business operating environment • Available skilled labour force • Partners who want to help you succeed Steve Thain Senior Investment Officer IT Innovation PEI Tel: 902-894-0258 One Stop Shopping:
  32. 32. Any Questions?