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Nilf2012 _Big Data_ Sue Mckinney


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nilf2012 _Big Data_ Sue Mckinney

  1. 1. Big DataNASSCOM India Leadership Forum – Mumbai, India 06.02.2012
  2. 2. IT Business
  3. 3. Customer Communications Management Customer Production Intelligence Channel Intelligence Intelligence Office Document Mobile/ Customer Location Predictive Documents Archive InternetSegmentation Intelligence Analytics Customer e-Present/ Internet Output Enterprise Data Management Database Document Integration Composition Call Center Postal Print Service Mail Sortation Mail Finishing
  4. 4. Volly™: A Lifestyle Option for ConsumersBills Government ShoppingStatements •Tax • CouponsPay •Health • Catalogs •Voting • Promotional Mai Platform Provides World Class User Experience Tag/Store/Retrieve • Reminders • Multi-Device Help me manage my life
  5. 5. Connect with your customers in endless ways. Go far beyond traditional mail.
  6. 6. major business transformation 80+ acquisitions
  7. 7. big data Issues traditional data warehousing processes data convergence time to information
  8. 8. big data complexity privacy intellectual property mission criticality culture liability domain knowledge & talentstructure & discipline 3rd Party