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  • In simple words, we will enroll everyone with basic identity attributes, ensure that there are no duplicates. We will not collect profiing attributes and we will not maintain transactional records.
  • Our audacious goal is to provide ubiquitous on-line authentication. Authentication to us is simple: Are you who you claim to be? Answer is only yes or no. there is no invasion of privacy. No information is disclosed during authentication.Mandate is simple. How do we achieve it?
  • Ram goes to withdraw cashExplain MicroATMTransferMoneytxn, with fingerprint to merchant bankNPCI authenticates the resident using UID, gets bank account using the ID mapperExecutes the debit and credit transactionSends SMS to resident and BC about debit and credit respectivelyBC gives resident the cash.Any Bank, Any Mobile, Any BC – no hardwiring of components or vendors – thru UID higher level of abstractionMicroATM can perform all txns - Can perform deposits and C2C transfers as well.
  • Nilf2012_Aadhar_Nandan Nilekani

    1. 1. Aadhaar Enabled Service Delivery UIDAI
    2. 2. Context of UIDs in India• Provision of a robust, reusable ID to those who do not have any ID proof• To clean up existing databases of multiple and fake entries• To Improve Targeting and Delivery of Services• To Reduce the cost of Delivery of Services
    3. 3. UIDAI’s Mandate• To provide Unique ID Number to all Residents – Enrolment is a one time process for the resident – Establishes Uniqueness• Provide online, cost-effective, ubiquitous authentication services across country – Authentication is transactional – Establishes identity – To be done at the time of availing a benefit
    4. 4. UIDAI issues unique IDs … UID  Unique number  Random number Name Parents Gender DoB PoB Basic demographic data and Address biometrics stored centrallyStandardized identity attributes UID = 1568 3647 4958 6218No duplicates(1:N check)Flexibility to partners on Know Central UID databaseYour Resident (KYR)+ 4 Property of UIDAI - Highly confidential
    5. 5. … and authenticate IDs online, real-time Authentication - ‘Are you who you claim to be?’ UID = 1568 3647 4958 6218 Central UID database 1:1 check, no ID fraud Only YES/NO response, no details – no invasion of privacy Person can see self-details, no one else can Property of UIDAI - Highly confidential 5
    6. 6. Aadhaar : A flexible, national infrastructure Universal ID, valid all India 6654 3212 9087 Interoperable Only one number per platform for multiple person applications Anywhere authentication Identity verifiable through demographics, through mobile and biometrics, or OTP online Can be linked to a bank a/c numbers, mobile numbers, and other identifiers
    7. 7. What is in a number?Service Delivery Potential of Aadhaar
    8. 8. Service Delivery Potential of Aadhaar Number• Uniqueness and Existence ensures no fakes or duplicates• As a sufficient KYC for Opening of bank accounts and other financial products, Mobile Connections, LPG, State Govt. Programs• Universal Address for a person• Enables breaking of database silos : Credit Bureau, Medical Records• Provides resident-centric view of welfare programs
    9. 9. Service Delivery potential due to Authentication• Transactions normally require verification of identity• Aadhaar online authentication will provide a common platform which can be used across all transactions and other applications.• Entitlements should reach the intended beneficiary – non-transferability can be ensured• This can be effectively done by authentication at the point of service delivery• Many domains will be able to use as a proof of presence for the beneficiary : Attendance, proxies in the examinations
    10. 10. Aadhaar Authentication
    11. 11. Current Challenges in ID AuthenticationCurrently most of the service agencies create physical identity tokens of type what theuser has like Ration card, PAN card, NREGS Job card, Pension card etc which can beauthenticated manually only. Higher setup cost with limited scalability Difficult to identify fake documents and and it can only work in assisted mode. copies Cannot verify that the person carrying the Difficult to identify misuse. No identity token is indeed the same person authentic audit trail and requires defined in the identity token except where exhaustive manual audit mechanism photo is printed on the identity token In contrast AADHAAR ID Authentication relies on what the user is (biometrics) and a combination of what the user has and knows (OTP); is a digital and online form of authentication; and can function in self-service mode.
    12. 12. Aadhaar Authentication at a Glance and/or* YES NAME, GENDER OR DOB, Address, … and/or NO * *and/or – Single or multi-factor authentication *OTP – One Time Pin
    13. 13. Aadhaar Authentication: Operating Model
    14. 14. UIDAI rolls out Authentication…First Aadhaar Issued: 29th September 2010First Authentication PoC: 23rd February 2011First live authentication transaction done in Jharkhand: 24th December 2011Authentication Rollout: 07th February 2012 Key Actors in AuthenticationAuthentication User Agency (AUA): An AUA is any government / public / private legal agency registered in India that seeks to use Aadhaar authentication for its services. An AUA is the principal agency that sends authentication requests to enable its services / business functions. An AUA connects to the CIDR through an ASA (either by becoming ASA on its own or contacting services of an existing ASA)Authentication Service Agency (ASA): An ASA is an agency that establishes secure leased line connectivity to the CIDR to transmit authentication request on behalf of AUA’s and receive response back from CIDR. An ASA can serve more than one AUA.UIDAI will not charge for Aadhaar authentication services till December 2013
    15. 15. Steps to become an AUA / ASAAuthentication Service Agency (ASA) Authentication User Agency (AUA)Define Service Offering Identify Business / Service Delivery NeedsFill Online Forms, send signed contract Choose Authentication Type, Exceptionand supporting documents to UIDAI MechanismEstablish leased line connectivity with Engage with ASA for connectivity serviceCIDR Send signed contract and supportingEnsure process and technology documents to UIDAI, fill online formscompliance with ASA checklists Ensure process and technologyObtain approvals from UIDAI compliance with AUA checklistsPerform end-to-end testing Complete Aadhaar SeedingGo-live Device procurement and deploymentEngage with AUA’s Full Application development and testing Go-live More details available on:
    16. 16. Aadhaar Authentication Readiness Authentication Devices Preparatory ASA Readiness AUA Readiness •Contractual readiness •Contractual readiness Deployment Activities •Operator/merchant readiness •Process & Technology Readiness •Process & Technology Readiness •Device procurement & integration Authentication AUA Specific AUA/ASA Specific Request Communication Protocol Communication Protocol Https over 1 2 3 secured leased lineAuthentication Transaction 4 Yes / No Aadhaar Holder Authentication AUA ASA Response MSP 7 Devices 6 5 managing CIDR Service Delivered Necessary Updates Yes / No & Confirmation Response Ongoing Activities Exception Handling Monitoring & Audits
    17. 17. Aadhaar and Financial Inclusion
    18. 18. Current Challenges 2:30pm deadline 2 hour wait at the bank and a frustrated bank clerk The return journey 14 km bus journey 6 km walk to Moneylender bus stop dues @ 5% pmRam’s Thursday Ration fromordeal village kirana with remaining money
    19. 19. Convenient cash withdrawal Ram’s bank account Resident 8. Inform: Call / SMS 5. Authorize 6. Debit 1. Withdrawal request 9. Cash 4. Authenticate Interoperable SwitchUIDAI 3. Forward to switch 7. Credit 2. AADHAAR number, money transfer instruction, biometrics BC’s bank account BC with Micro-ATM
    20. 20. Aadhaar platform for Banking • Open Bank Accounts using Aadhaar Access • Connect existing Bank Accounts • Transfer funds to Aadhaar Enabled Accounts Address • Simplifies disbursal of funds – uses only one account for all disbursals • Withdrawal and depositTransactions • Check balance, peer to peer transfers • Inter-operable, portable anytime anywhere
    21. 21. Aadhaar accepted as …PoI/PoA for mobile connections KYC for no frills bank A/Cs Other applications to follow
    22. 22. Applications ecosystem Key funding source Consumers Wave 4: Next generation applications Wave 3: Mainstream applications - PPP & Healthcare, education, financial consumers services and consumer applications including utility services and telecom Wave 2: Initial application – PDS, State govern- NREGA, State services, energy, ment & financial services financial services Wave 1: Enrolment & Central govt & infrastructure creation registrars 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 IT services ConsultingKey eco- Financial servicessystem Telecom servicespartners Enrolment hardware Offline apps H/W Online Applications hardware Logistics Greenfield apps and investor ecosystem
    23. 23. In Conclusion..• Aadhaar Authentication framework is ready• User entities need to re-engineer their applications and systems to leverage this• Empanelment of Consultants and Software Development firms by UIDAI to assist partners in developing Aadhaar based applications• Creating an Aadhaar Authentication Ecosystem of ASA, AUAs, Device manufacturers• The next one year will be a year of applications driven by Aadhaar authentication• Let us join hands to benefit the common man
    24. 24. Thanks!