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NASSCOM HR Summit 2012: Employee Value Proposition - R Murali


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NASSCOM HR Summit 2012: Employee Value Proposition - R Murali

  1. 1. Employee Value Proposition Proprietary & Confidential 0
  2. 2. Why Care About Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Aon Hewitt research over the last two Best Employers’ study shows that Brand Alignment (the ability of the organization to deliver on its promises) is 2009 2009 2011 2011 consistently gaining importance. It is amongst the top 3 drivers affecting overall Best Rest Best Rest employee engagement. Career Career Career Career Based on our last TCFL Study (Top Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities Companies for Leaders Study 2011) , most of the top companies for leaders have Career Career begun on the road to defining a clear Aspirations Aspirations Recognition Recognition employee value proposition. Brand People/ HR Brand People/ HR Therefore it is imperative for organizations Alignment Practices Alignment Practices to focus on what is their differentiated value Source: Aon Hewitt Best Employers Study 2011 proposition in order to attract and engage talent, especially in high-growth markets such as India.Proprietary & Confidential 1
  3. 3. Employee Value Proposition or EVP Is... Your positioning in the employment market which... – Communicates the Employment Experience you are offering to your current and potential employees – Denotes the Relationship you create between your employees and your organization – Differentiates your employment offer from that of others An EVP is NOT…  A short-term initiative, but a long-term commitment that needs to be fully backed by the organization  Static; it must change and evolve to meet the dynamic business needs  About glossy brochures, catchy slogans, and spending more money!Proprietary & Confidential 2
  4. 4. Ecosystem of an EVP External Brand Promise to Customers Core ValuesBusiness Vision/ Mission Business Strategy HR Eco-system Employee Value Proposition From Recruitment to Exit People Strategy Employee Needs Internal Brand Promise to Employees Successful organizations communicate or market their value proposition to two distinct types of customers – internal and external. Alignment ensures consistency between product/ service promises made to customers, and employment promises made to employees , thus helping tighten the connect that employees feel to business and customer outcomes.Proprietary & Confidential 3
  5. 5. Impact on HR Processes Recruiting and Selection Strategy Internal Communication Message Culture New Hire Orientation Employee Value Competency Development Proposition Organizational Structure Employee Engagement Programs Training and Development Reward Programs Performance Management Plans•Gain Insight into your organization – people needs, organizational strengths, competition, external and internalperception.•Create Clarity and distinctiveness .in what is offeredSegmentation for Insights – e.g. Gen Y Expectations from a recent Aon Hewitt Study -•Its all about my career and where its going…..Clear line of sight on career progression. Career moves that are quickand offer varied exposure•I am different ; so is my performance….Differentiating and recognizing my efforts. Systems and policies that valueefforts and reward accordingly Proprietary & Confidential 4
  6. 6. Elements of an EVP Functional benefits – Pay, Work environment, Tools & Resources, Career Development, Learning Opportunities, Benefits Emotional benefits – Inherent Value of Job, Pride, Belief in Organization Values, Status, Organization Image Reason to Believe – Daily work conditions, HR Processes, Public Recognition, Alumni Experiences, Word of mouthProprietary & Confidential 5