NATC 2013 - HealthCare on Cloud by Varun Sood, CIO, Fortis


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NASSCOM Annual Technology Conference 2013

HealthCare on Cloud by Varun Sood, CIO, Fortis

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NATC 2013 - HealthCare on Cloud by Varun Sood, CIO, Fortis

  1. 1. Healthcare on Cloud Varun Sood Fortis Healthcare Limited
  2. 2. Fortis Healthcare: An Overview Our Purpose Saving and Enriching Lives Our Mission Become a globally respected healthcare organization known for clinical excellence and distinctive patient care Our Hospital network in India  A fast growing integrated healthcare delivery service provider, incorporated in 1996, with a leadership position in India Presence across ~ 17 States ~ 34 Cities  “Patients first” culture with world class clinical capabilities across various medical specialties  62 secondary, tertiary and quaternary healthcare facilities in 34 cities in India with a current total potential bed capacity of over 9,500 beds  Leader in the organized diagnostics segment in India with 12 Reference Labs, > 230 network laboratories and a footprint spanning over 4000 Collection points across 450 cities  International presence in Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius across multiple healthcare verticals ;
  3. 3. Enterprise IT Landscape today Users Devices Network Desktop - Application Software Laptop Other Devices In premise / Location/ Building  LAN Another location on extended LAN  WAN Internet App 1 App 2 App 3 Server Software - Database Software Application Server Software Etc. Infrastructure - Servers, Storage, etc. Placed at one or more locations One or more application per server App x
  4. 4. What is the Cloud? – A non-IT person’s view App 2 App 3 App x - Database Software Application Server Software Etc. Infrastructure - Servers, storage, etc. Placed at one or more locations One or more applications per server • Dedicated Virtualized Infra (or small scale shared) Own or partners Private Cloud • • • Shared Virtualized Large Scale Infra Partners Infra As A Service Server Software Public Cloud Software As A Service App 1 Platform As A Service Application Software
  5. 5. We are on the Public Cloud but didn’t set out to do so…… • We set out to address evolving business needs and find solutions for some existing issues • Over 2 months, evaluated 19 potential partners on criteria listed below Business IT Function Partner Scalability Strategy & Direction Commitment Performance Manageability Comprehensiveness of Service Security Stability Service Orientation Service Commitments Economics Why are we important to them? Based on our evaluation, we decided on the Public Cloud as it addressed all of the above 5
  6. 6. A simplistic view to Healthcare Sector’s focus Cure  Achieve required clinical outcomes Make and Keep People Healthy Experience  Treat with Empathy Accessible  Make needed services available Reach  Touch more life’s
  7. 7. Examples of how the Cloud help’s our Industry Cure  Achieve required clinical outcomes • Enable faster extension of systems to monitor and manage clinical care and outcomes • Enabling patients to access their health records across episodes and providers Experience  Treat with Empathy • Enable faster extension of systems to provide consistent experience to patients and attendants • Empowering patients to be involved in managing their care process Accessible  Make needed services available • Enable remote delivery of services in a faster and controlled manner Reach  Touch more life’s • Optimize spend enabling investments in facilities and programs for patients
  8. 8. Cloud in Healthcare Services: Some Possibilities Simple Transformative Disruptive • • • • Backend systems (Fin, HR, SCM, domain controllers, etc.) Office productivity (email, Office, collaboration, etc.) Security (antivirus, DLP, IDS, IPS, etc.) External and Internal facing systems (websites, portals etc.) • Hospital Information Systems • RIS/ PACS with VNA and LIS/ CLIMS • Remote Care monitoring • EPR/ EMR building to EHR • Home health • Remote Care delivery 8
  9. 9. Where are we and what do we plan to do? Already Moved Some Inhouse Hospital Information Systems Custom LOB applications e.g. CAPEX, Intranet, Spend Analytics, Customer Analytics etc.) Currently still on premise In Progress Still On-premise In Planning Additional modules from Enterprise RIS/ PACS with VNA 9 Unified Hospital Information System
  10. 10. Benefits realized …. And some challenges Free up capital by reducing recurring costs and IT investment needs Some Challenges: • • Manageability overhead reducing – transition pain Benefits Complete flexibility to grow the business on demand • • Availability of systems has improved 10 Internal mindset change within IT function: Control vs. services Rethinking systems architecture ISV support Support ecosystem
  11. 11. Essentials to keep in mind for Cloud Regulations and Laws Connectivity Application Readiness and Application partner support Cloud partner support Ability to customize Management and Monitoring Nuances 11
  12. 12. Thank You 12