NASSCOM GIC Conclave 2013 - Session 3 b - analytics as a service - Oliver Ratzesberger


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NASSCOM GIC Conclave 2013 - Session 3 b - analytics as a service - Oliver Ratzesberger

  1. 1. Analytics as a Service BigData in Private Clouds Oliver Ratzesberger VP Information Analytics & Innovation @ratzesberger
  2. 2. Oliver Ratzesberger – VP Analytics & Innovation• 20 years in Large scale Data Warehouse• 7 years at eBay – Analytics Platform Teradata Hadoop 100PB of infrastructure – largest commercial database sized for >50PB of raw data• At Sears Holdings/MetaScale since October 2011 Transforming a legacy icon into an Analytical Competitor
  3. 3. What is BigData?PetaBytes of information Hundreds of Millions of CustomersComplex/Semi/Unstructured Data NoSQL/MapReduce/MPP/HadoopData Science & Data Visualization Advanced Algorithms & Predictive TechnologiesNatural Language & Image Processing Sensor DataSentiment Analysis
  4. 4. BigData at SHC/MetaScale3.5PB EDW(w/pCloud) 2.5PB Hadoop >15 Million requests per day Consolidating all Data Marts into a Single Version of the Truth
  5. 5. Occam‟s Razor: “simpler explanations are … generally better than more complex ones” The simple solution is easy to explain, implement, and maintainSimplicity
  6. 6. “Of design for analytics platforms - Perfect is Wasteful” Friction to change & code weight are the antithesis of agilityDesign for the Unknown
  7. 7. Are your Analytical needs getting stuck in traffic?Time to Market ( is everything …)
  8. 8. Physical Data Marts are like Icebergs: 90% of their cost is „hidden‟ A „free‟ Physical Data Mart is too expensive to justify its existenceThe Iceberg Problem
  9. 9. Supply Chain International FinanceIT Marketing Online StoresCRM Finance Loyalty HR
  10. 10. Scrum – Adopting an Agile Methodology
  11. 11. Amount of Change
  12. 12. Competing Priorities in Technology
  13. 13. What is DevOps?• Blend of Agile Development AND Agile Operations• Software development methods that stress communication and collaboration• Developing the 1st line of code with Operations in mind
  14. 14. The Foundation Insights Platform Advanced analytics products with out of the box segmentation, trending, alerting, experimentation, etc. capabilities supporting extremely large data sets Services, Training, SupportDeveloper Platform Analytics as a Service (A3S) Reusable, powerful, and integrated analytics services that automates the actions in an analytics environment. This enables rapid deployment of a high-quality feature rich collaborative analytics environment that will empower users to be radically more self sufficient, be more productive, and achieve better results. Technology Platform Storage and processing platforms, Teradata & Hadoop, and data interconnect services
  15. 15. Example Prototype developed in pCloud
  16. 16. pCloud enabled Developer Platform
  17. 17. ODE - Advanced Platform Analytics
  18. 18. pCloud Consumption – On Demand Analytics
  19. 19. Leverage pCloud by the hour to support spikes in demand Develop new prototypesActive Management – decide when to use pCloud Elastic Capacity
  21. 21. Consistent SimplicitySEARS HOLDING CORPORATION COPYRIGHT 2012 23
  22. 22. Data Science - When the AVERAGE is uselessSEARS HOLDING CORPORATION COPYRIGHT 2012 24
  23. 23. Questions? Oliver RatzesbergerVP Information Analytics & Innovation @ratzesberger