NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2013: Application of analytics in key verticals


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Application of analytics in key
Dinesh Pillaipakkamnatt, Global
Head, Central Analytics Function,
Maharaj Kumar Singh, HeadMarketing Strategy & Insights for India
& South Asia, The Coca- Cola
Maheshwaran Calavai, Director –
Enterprise Business Intelligence,
Target India
Pankaj Phatarphod, Managing
Director, RBS

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NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2013: Application of analytics in key verticals

  1. 1. Application of Analytics in Key verticals A panel discussion by . . . Dinesh Pillaipakkamnatt Maharaj Kumar Singh Maheshwaran Calavai Global Head, Head- Marketing Strategy & Insights Director Central Analytics Function, India & South Asia Enterprise Business Intelligence Novartis The Coca- Cola Company Target India Moderator: Pankaj Phatarphod Managing Director Royal Bank of Scotland
  2. 2. IT Services Industry vs Analytics A view from the top . . . . US$5bn US$10bn US$50bn US$100bn US$200bn US$300bn IT Industry Analytics US$500m 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020  Domestic market to be approx 35%  New geographies, mobility & ecommerce driversUS$108bn US$250bn Source: Nasscom 1. What are the exponential drivers & opportunities for the analytics market? 2. How Big is Big Data/Analytics opportunity for us?  Services 20%–25% growth  Still 4-5% of the IT BPM market  Solutions & products will be 50% of the market  New geographies, mobility & ecommerce also apply US$5–7bn US$700m
  3. 3. Perception on Return by Managers Spend vs ROI Source: TCS, ‘Big Data a TCS 2013 Global Trend Survey’ Projected2012ROIonBigData High (100%) Low (0%) High (1.00%) (0.50%) Low (0.0%) Utilities High Tech Retail Telecom Banking Insurance Life Sciences Travel Heavy Manufacturing Energy & Resources (50%) Big Data Survey in 2012 Spending on Big Data (as Percentage of Mean Industry Revenue) Risk1 Revenue2 Efficiencies3 What Returns are most important
  4. 4. Our conversation today . . . Industry Perspective 1 India Advantage 2 Turning “Insights” into “Actions” 3 Dealing with Challenges 4 India Opportunity
  5. 5. A look at the World of Banking . . . The challenge Data is in silo’s – Product, Business, Segments1 Ownership & Sharing issues2 Technology hurdles : Size, Scope, Connectivity3 Invest Today towards Tomorrow4 Skills/ Talent availability5
  6. 6. DataAssimilation Patient Safety Statistical Endpoints Operational Analytics Marketing Analytics Healthcare Data Scene & Opportunity Clinical Trial Hospital Care Databases Pharmacy & Payers Digital Space
  7. 7. Experience in building a Data Science team @ Novartis PRACTICES & PLANS FOR A 1-3 YEAR HORIZON People DIVERSE resource pool, Focus on Learning Agility Domain expertise, Build Partnerships, Develop Change Agents Networking, Influencing, High Performing Team Systems Current Systems, Test with Pilots Communication Components, Industry & Company Standards Scalable and Audit ready systems, Connect disparate databases Process & Delivery Leverage Existing Processes, Data Visualization Look for Incremental Changes, Data Transparency, Context Data Analytics Functional Handshake, Predictive Modeling, Unstructured Data Analysis Evolutionstages
  8. 8. Where is data? Consumer Shopper Retailer Store data activations
  9. 9. From data to actionable insights Execution stanadards Store execution data perfoamance Analytics
  10. 10. Enterprise Business Intelligence at Target Engage Buy CorporateMove Mktg Loyalty Merch Supply Chain HR PD Sell Stores Digital Fin Legal & Assets Broad Functional Areas Analytics Project Management Reporting R&D Data Management BI Technologies To help enhance the shopping experience for our guests