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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. For Wave to incorporate into Peter’s presentation
  2. 2. Pingar is a platform agnostic software company that through its unique classification and metadata generation enables enterprises to identify and extract information from unstructured data and transform it into highly valuable intelligence. Pingar is Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and operating out of 5 regions (ANZ, NA, EMEA, India, HK-SGPChina) Unique Natural Language Processing technology for managing unstructured data
  3. 3. Unstructured Data Sources Unstructured Data – its all scattered information.. Yet valuable
  4. 4. What if you could Unlock the Business Value of this Content?
  5. 5. Introducing REAL Metadata from Pingar.
  6. 6. REAL Metadata Pingar EXTRACTS Topics Defined Entities (Person Names, Places, Organizations, Keywords etc) Special Terms of Interest etc. from each Content Item using Advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Technology And TAGS them as Metadata against the document
  7. 7. Use REAL Metadata to Implement Compliance and Information Governance Policy Address Obligations in Records Management, eDiscovery, and Business Process Oversight Improve Relevance and Utility of Search and Content Management Assets Provide Foundation for Information Architecture Initiatives
  8. 8. Pingar Offerings Pingar Metadata Extractor Solutions for SharePoint 2010/2013 Pingar API Server On-Premise / Cloud Service Pingar Taxonomy Management
  9. 9. What makes us different? Client platform agnostic – can be easily integrated with databases, ECMs, EDMs, ERPs etc. Easy customisation capabilities of PINGAR engine to suit the business requirement of the customer Multilingual capabilities with multiple language profiles crafted by relevant language experts – no translations. Scalable & cost effective - solutions built around the APIs as per client requirements
  10. 10.