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NASSCOM Emerge 50 2012


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Emerge 50 winenrs

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NASSCOM Emerge 50 2012

  1. 1. Process PartnerManagement ConsultingEmergentsThe group ofNASSCOM Emerge-Product ForumRising Starsof Indian IT IndustryEMERGE502012
  2. 2. EMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGEIndex Message 3Emerge League of 10 4Selection Framework & Jury 17Nasscom Emerge 50 Winners for 2012 20
  3. 3. MessageWith a 789 per cent growth in product start-ups and a 2173 percent increase in funded product ventures in the last three years,the Indian technology product economy is on an unprecedentedgrowth trajectory. A majority of the offerings from these new-age venturesarefocusedonspacessuchasmobile,cloud,socialmediaandanalytics.Thisdiversity is a welcome indication of the increasing depth of Indias fledglingproduct ecosystem. These young organistions have also not shied awayfrom ‘tough markets.NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards programme, in its fourth year now,annually identifies, showcases and supports Top 50 high-potentialemerging organistions in the country, that are redefining the benchmarksof excellence for the technology industry. The list is a bellwether for thedirection in which these innovative emerging organistions in the countryare headed.The enthusiasm of entrepreneurs every year has been overwhelming. Thenominations in this year were characterised by a mixture of burgeoningsuccess stories and promising start-ups that are coming up with excitingnew solutions; ones to watch for the future. The assessment was based onnumber of parameters including financials, growth, market differentiators,customers, market visibility, innovation impact, scalability to name a few.Our esteemed Jury members met the shortlisted organistions in person inDelhi, Bangalore and Mumbai to arrive at the list of Emerge 50 and theLeague of 10.In the start-up category, it was noted that funding ecosystems havestrengthened, with more than 35 per cent of the firms having receivedfunding from VC, angel, seed or government sources.In the growth category, we found that, while VC funded organistions grewbyover75percentCAGRoverthelastthreeyears,otherfirmsgrewbyabout61 per cent CAGR.In the Innovation category, we observed, 40 per cent companies are servinglarge conglomerates and MNCs, delivering significant impact on reducingcosts and enhancing productivity, while revenue growth also emerged asan impact of innovation.This growing tribe of entrepreneurs, with its innovative solutions, is slowlybut surely altering the countrys IT landscape. Heartiest congratulations toallthewinnersonthisspectacularachievementandoursincereappreciationfor helping take the industry to the next level of growth.Anil BakhtCo-Founder & Director,Eastern Software SystemsChair – Emerge 50 AwardsSom MittalPresident, NASSCOMKrishnakumar NatarajanCEO & MD – MindTreeChair – NASSCOM Emerge-Product ForumA majority of theofferings from thesenew-age venturesare focused onspaces such asmobile, cloud, socialmedia and analytics.These youngoraganisationshave also not shiedaway from ‘toughmarkets.An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 3
  5. 5. So many channels on air but nothingto watch! Sounds familiar? TVnetworks, telcom, Value AddedServices (VAS) platforms and eCommercewebsites are bursting with new contentand products, but content/productdiscovery is a huge challenge for bothbuyers and sellers. This is the problemMumbai-based, IIT Bombay researchspin-off, iKen Solutions has set outto solve.Data that Delivers Intelligencefor Custom TargetingStandard ‘silo analytics systems look atwhat is being sold, when and where itis being sold. "Joining the dots requiresintelligent data analysis and thats thejob that iKen promises to take chargeof with its ‘Mooga analytics platform.Mooga also looks at who is buying theproduct/service and uses this data tocreate a personalised user experience.Joining the DotsiKen Solutionson intelligent data analysis for a delightful user experienceHowever, a big differentiator is also inthe way the analysis is operationalised.Insights are captured effectively andexecuted upon", points out Goel.The organisation has a sharp focuson telecom, media and internetorganisations (TMI). iKen has followedthe partnership go-to-market model andworks with large solution providers suchas HCL, TCS and Comviva that typicallybundle the iKen platform as a part oftheir solution.Unmatched Customer DelightFor a large Indian telcom, iKen hasdelivered a 180 per cent increase insales conversions. The organisation isalso currently co-innovating with HCLto develop a ‘Smart TV platform thatwill guide set-top box users on availableprograms and help them discovernew shows.Solutions with a PedigreeUnlike a lot of other players in the VASsegment, iKen positions itself as atechnology play. The organisation wasbacked by India Innovation Fund.For serial entrepreneur Goel, iKen isthe third organisation that he hassuccessfully taken to the growth path.With a strong technical team and severaldelighted marquee customers, Goel is allset to hit the ball out of the park withthis one.Organisation iKen SolutionsPlay space Intelligent analytics for telecom, media andtechnology companiesIt all started in2008At the helmSiddharth Goel, Prof. Rajendra Sonar Winning gameplay Artificial intelligence based consumer analytics that helpscustomers deliver highly personalised user experiencesHigh point Helping one of India’s largest telcoms hugely improverevenue traction for a key VAS serviceAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 5
  6. 6. Vizury Interactiveon aiming for number one position in non-traditional marketsNamed after the Swahili word for‘good, Bengaluru-based VizuryInteractive is focused on helpingorganisations replicate and completeoffline customer engagement cycles inthe digital world.The PlayOrganisations that are investing indigital platforms such as websites,communities, blogs and apps generate alot of customer engagement data. Vizuryis helping such organisations realise thefull value of their digital assets.Take for instance what Vizury is doingfor Virgin Australia. The website receivesaround 200,000 unique visitors eachday, each exhibiting different needs andbehaviour. Vizurys platform consolidatesthis data/behaviour and uses it to targetthem with personalised ads when thevisitor moves on to other websites.Vizury calls its platform a VisitorRelationship Management (VRM)system. By spotlighting specificactionable intelligence that it also actsupon through targeted advertising,the VRM platform seeks to convertprospects into customers and customersinto repeat buyers. “The system usesanonymous cookies that dont containanypersonallyassignabledata.Pluseveryad banner has an ‘opt-out link, explainsChetan Kulkarni, Co-founder and CEO ofVizury Interactive.The Road Less TravelledUnusually for a start-up, Vizury hasventured forth into non-traditionalmarkets such as China and Brazil. Aftertwo or three years, we realised thatfor the kind of IP we were building, themarket outside India was much bigger,says Kulkarni. The organisation pickedup a few clients in China through an Indiaanchored sales exercise before settingup base in China. The route to Brazil waschartered with the help of a Europeanpartner. Says Kulkarni, Instead ofheading for the US to become the fourth,fifth or sixth company in this spacethere (Vizury competes with the likesof Google), we would rather go to a newmarket and be number one there.For this first time entrepreneur, bittenby the start-up bug in 2008, success hascome steadily; clearly the bet on digitaldata is paying off!Organisation Vizury InteractivePlay space Digital CRMIt all started in2008At the helmChetan Kulkarni, Gourav Chindlur and Vikram NayakWinning gameplay Helping organisations realise the full value of theirdigital assets through Vizury’s Visitor RelationshipManagement (VRM) systemHigh point Taking the path less travelled by successfully tappingmarkets such as China and BrazilMining for Gold6 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  7. 7. Reverie Language Technologiesattempts at bridging the digital language divide“Two-thirds of the cellphoneusers in India are unable to useEnglish content/applicationsand as a result, only use their phonesfor voice calls, points out ReveriesCEO and co-founder Arvind Pani. This isbound to reflect adversely on the ValueAdded Services (VAS) income earned byIndian telcos.Any marketer worth his salt would see thegaphere,butittakesvisionofanotherkindto dream up a solution that bridges it.For four years now, Arvind Pani and hisco-founders have been on a mission tomake content availability a little moredemocratic for regional languages.Three-Pronged AttackReverie has worked extensively toresolve the key issues constrainingthe spread of regional languageapplications and content including– resolving font and display issues,harnessing transliteration, text tospeech, optical character recognition andtranslation solutions while electronictouch screen keypads with predictivesupport have helped resolve issuesaround interactivity.The Horizontal PlayThe organisation already supports32 major languages of the world andhas embarked on three main horizontalpartnerships. It works with devicemanufacturers such as Micromax andIntex to embed its language software.To proliferate its platform, Reverie alsolicences an SDK to app developers.Reverie has tasted commercial successfor its SDK and OEM offerings withsix customers including tablet makerDatawind and navigation organisation‘Map myIndia’ signing up. Reveriessoftware has been included in a referencedesign by chip maker Qualcomm.The Passionate TrioFor Pani, entrepreneurship was a naturalchoice when climbing the corporateladder no longer appealed after an eightyear stint at Intel. Vivekananda Pani(one of his co-founders also being hisvery own sibling) and S K Mohanty joinedin with 40+ years of expertise in thelanguage domain.Reverie has been entirely bootstrappedby the trio, aided by Qualcommprize money won in 2011 and angelinvestor infusions.One Country,Many VoicesOrganisation Reverie Language TechnologiesPlay space Multilingual platforms for mobile devicesIt all started in2009At the helmArvind Pani, Vivekananda Pani and S K MohantyWinning gameplay Making digital content available for regional languagespeakersHigh point Winning the Qualcomm ‘Q’ Prize for innovation in 2011An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 7
  8. 8. What happens when your twopassions in life are technologyand creativity? Bitten bythe start-up bug, while trying to puttogether a business idea at INSEADduring his MBA, Jayaraman was struckby the concept of ‘active learningwhere story telling, education andtechnology can be merged to developa simulated case study environmentthat provides instantaneous feedback.Knolskape was born.Doctors have cadavers and pilots haveflight simulators. In the same way,managers need to have a simulatedlearning environment. One cannotbecome a good manager by passivelywatching powerpoint slides. Wehelp the user experience a virtualstoryline and make decisions in a safeMarrying Creativitywith TechnologyKnolskapeon building India’s largest simulation training programsenvironment – it is like bringing casestudies to life where the learner is theprotagonist, says Jayaraman.Knolskape was incubated at INSEAD andis boot strapped by Jayaraman. A firstgeneration entrepreneur, Jayaraman saysthat he has received full support andencouragement from his family.The idea of business simulations is notnew, he explains. Knolskape, howevergoes deeper into the business domain.Using sophisticated business modelling,it has been able to create simulationswith adaptive, rich, life-like scenariosto enhance learning. As opposed toa desktop model, Knolskape offers acloud-based service. It also focuses onnew form factors, the mobile phoneand tablets.While business schools focus on casestudies, corporates use Knolskapesproducts for their corporate trainingprograms. Initially some organisationshad apprehensions about trainingusing games but the acceptance hasgrown phenomenally. They see that theengagement level and learning is muchdeeper, notes Jayaraman.Over the past four years Knolskape hasgained clients across South East Asia,India, Middle East and the U.S. Jayaramansees tremendous opportunity for furthergrowth. Today, simulation methodsare regarded as a unique approach tomanagement training and assessmentprograms, and going forward, he opines,these methods will become the norm.Organisation KnolskapePlay space Business simulationIt all started in2008At the helmRajiv Jayaraman Winning gameplay Using sophisticated business modeling to createsimulations with adaptive, rich, life-like scenarios thatenhance hands-on learningHigh point Creating a global base of customers including Fortune 500companies and some of the world’s best business schools8 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  9. 9. InnovationPowered GrowthmCarbon Tech Innovationon value creation for clientsNothingenergisesayoungcompanymore than bagging a customer,which is one of the largest playersin the industry it operates in. MobileValue Added Service (VAS) provider,mCarbonTechInnovationacquireditsfirstcustomer, Airtel, within three months ofits launch when it signed a three-yeardeal with the telecom giant. According toRajesh Razdan, co-founder of mCarbon,the Airtel deal was a real validation oftheir value proposition at a time whenthe launch of the actual product was due4-5 months later.Enhancing Customer LoyaltymCarbon was recently recognised byAirtel as its innovation partner forthis service. The flagship platformGreenroom is a network app store thatenables the big telecom operators launchnetwork marketing services such ascall-management,whichblocksunwantedcalls on mobiles. Another mCarbonsolution is the Airtel ‘Gifting Service forprepaid mobile customers that allowsfriends on the Airtel network to send andreceive talk-time to each other - and evengive away mobile services gift packs withor without a special occasion. Anotherpopular service is the SMS SOS app thatallows customers to send an emergencycall me back SMS alert to a friend, evenwhen prepaid balance is negative.The Greenroom platform also enablesindependent application developers todevelop apps on top of the platform.The strong analytics framework analysescustomer data to enable telecomoperators offer customised services toend customers.The JourneyRazdan and Brij Mohan Mahendru, bothfirst generation entrepreneurs foundedmCarbon in 2007. The organisationwas set up with the life savings of thefounders and an angel investor, butinstitutional funding followed soon after.Canaan Partners invested USD 5 millionin the firm in early 2009.Moving OverseasWith the top five telecom operators inIndia as its customers, the organisationhas now ventured into overseas markets.With innovative solutions and a strongvalue proposition, for mCarbon, the worldis its oyster.Organisation mCarbon Tech InnovationPlay space Mobile VASIt all started in2007At the helmRajesh Razdan and Brij Mohan Mahendru Winning gameplay Building a network app store that helps telcos tapVAS revenuesHigh point Acquiring telecom behemoth Airtel as a marquee customerAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 9
  10. 10. 10 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  11. 11. An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 11
  12. 12. The DNA of a software productorganisation is completelydifferent from a softwareservices organisation, opines ShankarKrishnamoorthy, Co-founder of Chennai-based Asteor Software.Krishnamoorthy along with his friendsand engineering college mates GowriShankar Subramanian and BhooThirumalai co-founded a softwareservices company, Aspire Systems backin 1998. Twelve years down the lane, theyspun off Asteor Software, a softwareproducts organisation. The entirephilosophy while developing products isdifferent. Developing the features maytake time, but these will be potentiallyused by multiple customers. One needsto look at multiple angles including userexperience, engineering, marketabilityand more while developing products,explains Krishnamoorthy.Accelerating theProduct PuzzleTechcelloon building product vs services organisations, now and then!Asteor Softwares flagship productTechCello provides a productisedengineering stack for software productorganisations that helps reduce the time-to-market specially for SaaS products thatneed lot of complex engineering. Typically,30-40 per cent of the time goes in buildingthese engineering layers before the teamcan start building business layers. Oftenthe sophisticated technical expertiserequired to develop the engineering layersis also not available. TechCello helps cutthe software development time and effortand makes it easy to build cloud ready,multi-tenant SaaS software products andapplications, says Krishnamoorthy.Early YearsDescribing their entrepreneurshipjourney, Krishnamoorthy says that thepressure often came from seeing otherfriends quickly move up the traditionalcorporate ladder and acquire materialpossessions. We knew we could alwaysfall back on the corporate world, shouldthe going gets tough. Fortunately we didnot have to, recalls Shankar.Although funding is not a major issuethese days, getting the right engineeringtalent is. While Asteor targets theglobal software market, all of Asteorscustomers thus far have been acquiredpurely through the social media anddirect marketing efforts of the marketingteam which is based out of Thanjavur.Moving up the Product StackThe organisation has already launchedanother product, Synergita. Built ontop of TechCello, Synergita is a cloud-based flexible HR and performancemanagement software.Organisation TechcelloPlay space Engineering stack for software product organisationsIt all started in2010At the helmShankar Krishnamoorthy, Gowri Shankar Subramanianand Bhoo ThirumalaiWinning gameplay Helping software product organisations compressnew product roll outs by providing ready-builtengineering stacksHigh point Building a global business, based out of Indiatechcello12 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  13. 13. Riding theGaming WaveRolocule Gameson chasing dreamsMost of us crave for a job thatcan be fun and high-paying atthe same time, however, only afew get lucky. With the Apple App Storecreating waves in the gaming ecosystem,Rohit Gupta, decided to take a bet ondeveloping games for the iPhone ratherthan for consoles.Chasing a DreamGupta worked with Electronic Arts (EA)in California, one of the worlds leadinggaming organisations, and was a part ofthe team that developed the best-sellingcomputer game, ‘The Sims 3. Thishowever, did not satisfy his creative urgesand after a few years Gupta returned toIndia to start Rolocule.Turning the CornerRolocule focuses on creating high-endconsole-like interactive entertainmentsoftware for next-gen platforms such astablets and smartphones.The first game, Tough Squash, a squashgame app in 2009, created a reasonablebuzzandsomerevenuesaswell.However,the turning point for Rolocule Gamescame in 2010, when it released SuperBadminton, the worlds first badmintonvideo game for iPhone and later foriPad. Apple recommended the game toits customers and highlighted it in their‘newsworthy category. The organisationbroke even within a week.In 2011, Rolocule developed a tennisgame, Flick Tennis, which has had morethan 0.6 million downloads. It won the‘Peoples Choice Award at the Eigth IMGAAwards ceremony held in the MobileWorld Congress 2012 in Spain.In-depth research and analysis is whatdifferentiates Rolocules approach todeveloping games. We have done in-depth research on understanding whatmakes playing tennis on tablets andsmartphones different, says AnujTandon, COO, RoloculeGoing forward, Rolocule will stay focusedon developing games that stand out,without compromising on quality. Theorganisation already has three games inproduction. While the computer gamesmarket is very crowded, Rolocules youngpromoters remain unfazed, confidentthat their unique world-class gameswill help them successfully ride thegaming wave.Organisation Rolocule GamesPlay space Game development for mobile devicesIt all started in2009At the helmRohit GuptaWinning gameplay Creating high-end console-like interactiveentertainment software for next-gen platforms suchas tablets and smartphonesHigh point Winning recognition on the iTunes store and beingchosen for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the 8thIMGA awards at the Mobile World Congress 2012,Barcelona, SpainAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 13
  14. 14. Cloud telephony start-up KnowlarityCommunications offers adistributed and extensibletelephony platform productised as acloud PBX, cloud fax solution, toll freeand IVR services. We have inventedthe category in India, points out CEOAmbarish Gupta.Making the Right CallThe cloud PBX offers small and mediumenterprises a configurable ‘soft PBXsolution that obviates the need for anyPBX hardware investment. A web-basedUI can be used to set up the ‘tree andbranch structure of the IVR and to pre-set rules for forwarding calls to differentmobile/landline numbers based on thecallers requirement.A key USP of the platform is thelevel of detail captured on everyMaking the CustomerConnection HappenKnowlarity Communicationson biting into cloud telephony in Indiatransaction – all calls are logged, recordedand call data can be patched intoenterprise systems for analysis or follow-through. The cloud fax service operateson a similar principle with faxes deliveredas a PDF over email without any hardwareinstallation required.Scaling the SolutionFor travel portal MakeMyTrip, Knowlaritydeployedacustomsolutionthatconnectscallers to customer support hotlines thatare equipped to furnish the travellerwith exhaustive information on hisjourney, including flight status, hotel andtransport bookings. If manual assistanceis needed, the system connects the callerwith a customer support executive, whilesimultaneously displaying trip data tothe support executive so that the callersconcern can be addressed speedily.Making the GradeThe organisation offers its solutions inIndia and overseas and currently servicesover thousands of paying customers.Started in 2009 by ‘technopreneursGupta and his IIT Kanpur batchmatePallavPandey,theorganisationhasgrownquickly to over 200 people. With a ‘payper use revenue model, the organisationholds out an attractive proposition toSMEs not keen on hardware investmentsin PBXs and fax systems. With a top linein excess of ` 30 crore within three yearsof launch, this is one proposition thatcustomers are certainly biting into.Organisation Knowlarity CommunicationsPlay space Cloud TelephonyIt all started in2009At the helmAmbarish Gupta and Pallav PandeyWinning gameplay Creating a seamless communication platform thatconnects businesses to their customers 24*7High point Pioneering the cloud telephony space in India14 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  15. 15. Educatingthe WorldForadian Technologieson building a thriving marketplace for their productForadians journey started in 2008with eight childhood friends fromKasargod, Kerala. The organisationwas launched with seed money from 2partners families. While they startedout as a services organisation, withinthree months they began focusing ondeveloping a school management systemfor a local school.Innovating on OpensourceInitially, while trying to sell Fedena todifferent schools, the team realised thatdeployment for each school requiredheavy customisation, which made themodel difficult to scale. They soon hitupon the idea of developing the schoolmanagement platform as opensourcesoftware. In the crowded schoolmanagement solutions market whatmakes Fedena stand out is the opensource business model, where the basicsolution is available at no cost whileForadian only charges for additionalplug-ins. Other organisations are alsofree to innovate and develop theirplug-insonFedena.Thishashelpedcreatea thriving ecosystem and marketplacefor Fedena.Fedena, the school managementsystem which is currently deployed atover 40,000 schools across the worldis the best-selling product for theorganisation now.Spreading their WingsThe founders describe theirentrepreneurship journey as fun.Their families, they say, have been verysupportive and kept faith in them evenwhen the going was tough. Today, allgovernment schools in Kerala haveinstalled the Fedena solution and theteam is increasingly receiving inquiriesfrom overseas, says Abdul Salaam,the President.Foradian expects to touch USD 1 million inrevenues this year. The team has recentlyrelocated the headquarters to Bengaluru,however they plan to retain the Kasadgodoffice for sentimental reasons. Thefounders speak passionately abouttheir future plans and want to continuedeveloping products for the educationsector. In the pipeline are solutions thatwillmaketextbooksfreeforeverystudentand another software product that willaddress the lack of quality faculty, anissue that assails several schools. We willprovide the A-Z of education products,claims Unni Koroth, CEO of Foradian.Organisation Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Play space School management softwareIt all started in2008At the helmUnni Koroth, Abdul Salam, Arvind GS, Abdulla Hisham,Deepesh Melath, Vishwajith, Praveen Prabhu andArun RaveendranWinning gameplay Leveraging the open source model to create a highlyaccessible productHigh point Scaling their solution to reach more than 40,000 schoolsaround the worldAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 15
  16. 16. A Quiet Revolutionin the Hills B2RRURAL ETHOS. BUSINESS ETHIC.TECHNOLOGIESABPM in the hill state ofUttarakhand, one that givesback to the communityeven as it remains profitable for itspromoters – that was the essence ofDhiraj Dolwani and Venki Iyers dreamwhen they set up this rural BPM – B2RTechnologies in 2009. We were clearright from the outset that the socialmodel had to be self-sustainable, recallsDolwani. So, even as the organisationremains committed to ploughing back33 per cent of post-tax profits back intothe community through funding for socialprojects, the organisation sees itself as a‘for-profit play.B2R also wanted to differentiate itselffromthescoresofotherBPMsbeingsetupin rural areas by not plucking low hangingfruit of low-value data-entry work, butinstead deliberately creating capabilitiesB2R Technologies Pvt. Ltd.on giving back to the community while remaining profitableto work in niche areas where quality wasvital. The organisation has been focusingon legal process outsourcing (LPO) andpublishing sectors that have generatedkey clients.Almost 80 per cent of B2Rs recruitshave typically never touched a computerbefore. Our training strategy is tocomponentise whatever is being learnt.We focus on teaching the components ofa task, as well as the context of a task.Today, people trained through this modelare servicing clients in Manhattan with99.95 per cent SLAs, points out Dolwani.A big upside is the cultural push towardseducating children and a workforcefamiliar with English. In Uttarakhand,English is the third language taught tostudents Class six onwards. So, whilethe average B2R recruit is a high schoolgraduate, awareness of English is inplace for most of them, sufficient tomake them ‘trainable.With a focus on gender parity, for morethan 50 per cent of their staff comprisingof young women, the employed statuschanges the social-dynamics at homefrom being a burden on the family to abread-earner. With expansion to moredistricts planned, the vision is to employ6000 rural youth over five years.Organisation B2R Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Play space Rural BPMIt all started in2009At the helmDhiraj Dolwani, Venki IyerWinning gameplay Building a rural BPM that focuses on high end niche workHigh point Creating a sustainable social model that makes profitseven as it gives back to the community16 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  17. 17. EMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGEOpportunities inEmerging Technologies
  18. 18. Worldwide Cloud MarketThe total cloud market in India is set to grow from USD 700Mn in 2011 toUSD 4.5 Bn in 2015.98-117 ~155~230~335~49927-33~5~100~190~3541-23.45-78-1011-13SaaS LaaS PaasSource: IDC, Primary interactions with key stakeholders in the cloud ecosystem; Zinnov analysisNote: *Linear projections based on historic growth observationsTotalUSD 50Bn25%2011 2015Public CloudUSD 37BnPublic CloudUSD 80BnPrivate CloudUSD 10BnPrivate CloudUSD 21BnPublic Cloud Market in India*, (USD Mn) Private Cloud Market in India, (USD Mn)2011 2012 2013 2014 20153,574CLOUD COMPUTINGA GROWING OPPORTUNITY ACROSS THE WORLDSaaS and IaaS contributelarger share whereas PaaS wouldwitness higher growth rate asthe ecosystem matureThe cloud adoption is higher indeveloped markets however theemerging markets are estimatedto grow rapidlyTotalUSD 120Bn530 2011902 20121,488 20132,306 2014Private CloudPublic Cloud201518 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  19. 19. Cloud Computing Adoption in India – A Vertical WiseAnalysis 1/2Cloud Computing Adoption in India –A Vertical Wise Analysis 2/2VerticalTotal IT Spending(US$ Mn)Total Cloud Spending(US$ Mn)Cloud Spend asPercentage of IT% age Contributionin Total Cloud Marketin IndiaIT/ITeSTelecomBFSIManufacturingGovernmentEnergy, Power, UtilityHealthcareRetailOthers$333 $76 22.8% 19%$1,904 $71 3.8% 18%$3,335 $60 1.8% 15%$8,662 $56 0.6% 14%$4,619 $48 1.0% 12%$4,710 $28 0.6% 7%$308 $24 7.7% 6%$107 $5 4.3% 1%$1,858 $33 1.8% 8%Year2010 2011E 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E28.8 33.5 39.0 44.4 49.8 54.70.1 0.1 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.90.3 0.5 0.9 1.5 2.3 3.60.4 0.7 1.1 1.9 2.9 4.51.4% 2.0% 2.9% 4.2% 5.8% 8.2%Total IT Spend (US$ Bn)Total Public Cloud Spend (US$ Bn)Total Private Cloud Spend (US$ Bn)Total Cloud Spend (US$ Bn)Cloud Spend as %age of Total IT SpendCloud MigrationB2B AppsMobile appsSocial appsCRMERPEmailCollaborationPortal Content MgmtCoreApplicationsProductivity OthersDecision SupportSaaSPaaPFSI Mfg Edu RetailHealthcareIT/ITeS Mfg Edu RetailHealth-care IT/ITeSFSILow Cloud Migration High Cloud MigrationAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 19
  20. 20. GovernmentMedia Enter-tainmentBFSIOil GasRetail WholesaleHealthcareProcessManufacturingDiscrete ManufacturingTravel TransportationIT ITESTelecomCapitalizeCapitalizeIgnoreMonetizeFrom outsourcingperspective, Indian IT SMEshave two opportunities:Pure-play Analytics Services:Small mid-sized IT/ITESfirms can leverage theirsubject matter expertise andoffer big data / analytics’knowledge services to globalcompaniesIntegrated Services: IT SMEscan offer end to end solutionsfor big data, which mayinclude system integrationand service provisioning forturnkey big data solutionsAnalytics – A Big Opportunity!FY2012FY2015E8USDbillion25USDbillion10000 0110010 1 0 110000011 001010 1is the expected data sizein India in next 10 years2.3ZettabytesData is growing at an exponentialpace, companies need assets tomake sense of this dataGlobal India Big Data Market SizeGlobal Demand25.0100010000 0110010 1 0 1FY2015EFY2012Y-o-Y enterprise data growth experiencedby one-third of organisations in India60%8.0200 Global, USD BnCAGR 45%India, USD MnCAGR 83%India, USD Mn200USD millionGlobal Market Size Domestic Market SizePure-playAnalytics firmsIntegrated IT/BPO players1USDbillionGlobal, USD Bn100%=~USD 1.1 billionSource: CRISIL GRA analysis73%-76%24%-27%IndiaCurrent Adoption of Big Data SolutionPotentialAdoptionofBigDataSolutionBig Data Opportunity in India for IT SMEs20 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  21. 21. Enterprise Mobility (EM) – growing potential acrossthe worldUnlike developed markets, developing countries are emerging as“mobile first” markets.Apps Customization36%Prof.Services/SI20%BackendHW/SW16%Usability Testing10%Network Data8%Usability Testing10%242Mn76 Mn10%42 MnUnitedStatesGermanyRussiaChinaBrazilIndia256 Mn50 Mn60 Mn5%242Mn894 Mn986Mn76 Mn100 Mn477 Mn42 Mn25 Mn230 Mn10%1%6%FY2011 FY2015E5.52USDbillion7.7USDbillion244USD million964.4USD millionEnterprise Mobility Market (excludingDevices) in India, USD Million7.7%Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Market(Including Open Operating SystemSegment, End-user Devices Segment)Enterprise Mobility Market Split by Service Lines in India332 Mn245 Mn47%295 MnAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 21
  22. 22. EMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGEEMERGESelection Frameworkand Jury
  23. 23. Selection FrameworkLocation Wise Split of All ApplicationsNCR - 18%Mumbai/Pune - 21%Bangalore - 26%Hyderabad - 7%NCR includes: Delhi, Gurgaon and NOIDAChennai - 13%Others - 16%An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 23
  24. 24. Anil BakhtEastern SoftwareSystemsPramod BhasinGenpactArjun MalhotraHeadstrongMohit GoyalIndian AngelNetworkKrishna KumarNatarajanMindtreeAnal JainIndustry Veteran,Former MD atMicroVenturesNRK RamanFormer MD CEO,Oracle FinancialServices SoftwareLtd.Samir KumarInventus IndiaAdvisorsSameer Brij VermaNexus VenturePartnersGBS BindraLogicaManav GargEka SoftwareSolutionsMukund MohanMicrosoft StartupAcceleratorUresh VahaliaEMC CorpAnil JoshiMumbai AngelsPrakash RaneABMKnowledgeware Ltd.Ashank DesaiMastekNinad KarpeAptech Ltd.Jury Members24 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  26. 26. Organisation Name| Array Shield TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| ChennaiYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.arrayshield.comBrief Description| A security solutionsOrganisation providing a patent pending two factorauthentication solutionOrganisation Name| Codelearn.orgHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2012Organisation Website| www.codelearn.orgBrief Description| A completely browser basedplatform for programmers to learn and perfect theircoding skillsOrganisation Name| B2R Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| New DelhiYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.b2r.inBrief Description| BPM services provider leveragingtalent available in rural India to cater domestic andinternational clientsOrganisation Name| Knolskape Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| MumbaiYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.knolskape.comBrief Description| A Organisation engaged indeveloping simulation and gaming based trainingand assessment programsOrganisation Name| Gramener TechnologySolutions Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| HyderabadYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.gramener.comBrief Description| A data visualisation products andservices Organisation using non-traditional analyticsapproaches in real timeOrganisation Name| Attinad SoftwareHeadquarter| TrivandrumYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.attinadsoftware.comBrief Description| A software solutions Organisationproviding end-to-end enterprise mobility platformOrganisation Name| Metamagics Computing Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.metamagics.comBrief Description| A technology firm that providesautomated data modeling using semantic web andnatural language technologiesOrganisation Name| CipherGraph NetworksHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2011Organisation Website| www.ciphergraph.comBrief Description| CipherGraph provides anenterprise class cloud based hardware freeVPN servicesEmerge 50:Start-UpsEMERGE50wINNERSSTART-UPCATEGORY26 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  27. 27. Organisation Name| Simplibuy TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| Description| Simplibuy is a hyper local pricediscovery engine leveraging social mediaOrganisation Name| Mymo Wireless TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.mymowireless.comBrief Description| A technology solutions firmdeveloping solutions for next generation networkssuch as LTEOrganisation Name| PromptCloudHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.promptcloud.comBrief Description| Promptcloud provides Data-as-a-Service for large-scale web crawl and delivery ofstructured dataOrganisation Name| Mettl.comHeadquarter| GurgaonYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.mettl.comBrief Description| Online assessment engine forcorporate HR and recruiting teamsOrganisation Name| MilkorWaterHeadquarter| HyderabadYear of Inception| 2011Organisation Website| www.milkorwater.comBrief Description| A recommendation engine forinvestments in the financial marketsOrganisation Name| Reverie Language Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| Description| A young start-up providinglocal language text display, input and processingsolutions on digital platformsOrganisation Name| Muhive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2012Organisation Website| www.muhive.comBrief Description| Muhive provides an automatedintegrated environment to manage customerinteractions across websites, e-mail, mobileapplications and social networksOrganisation Name| Rolocule Games Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.rolocule.comBrief Description| A organisation developingimmersive games for the mobile platformEMERGE50wINNERSSTART-UPCATEGORYAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 27
  28. 28. Organisation Name| TapToLearn SoftwareHeadquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.taptolearn.comBrief Description| Developer of educational gamesfor kids on mobile platformsOrganisation Name| Sukrut SystemsHeadquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.sukrutsystems.comBrief Description| A organisation developingsolutions built around machine-to-machinecommunicationsOrganisation Name| Trutech Webs Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| MumbaiYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.trutechwebs.comBrief Description| Trutech provides an online testingand assessment platform for multiple skill setsEMERGE50wINNERSSTART-UPCATEGORY28 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  29. 29. Organisation Name| Foradian Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.foradian.comBrief Description| Foradian develops a highlyscalable, open source ERP for schools, colleges andeducational boardsOrganisation Name| KreeoHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2007Organisation Website| www.kreeo.comBrief Description| Kreeo provides an enterprise classknowledge management and collaboration platformOrganisation Name| iKen Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| Navi MumbaiYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.ikensolutions.comBrief Description| A organisation leveragingartificial intelligence for developing technologies forconsumer-centric analyticsOrganisation Name| Lexplosion Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| KolkataYear of Inception| 2007Organisation Website| www.lexplosion.inBrief Description| A legal solutions firm developingautomated compliance management, litigationmanagement and contract management solutionsOrganisation Name| Heckyl Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| MumbaiYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.heckyl.comBrief Description| Heckyl provides a real-time newsanalytics and sentiment mining dashboardOrganisation Name| Langoor Digital Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.langoor.comBrief Description| A technology firm developingsolution for conversion of desktop websites tomobile websitesOrganisation Name| CustomerXPs SoftwarePvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2006Organisation Website| www.customerxps.comBrief Description| An analytics solutions firmfocused on customer and transaction analytic inbanking sectorOrganisation Name| Knowlarity CommunicationsHeadquarter| GurgaonYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.knowlarity.comBrief Description| Cloud telephony solutionsorganisation leveraging PSTN cloud to deliver voiceand fax solutionsEmerge 50:Innovation29 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – http://emerge.nasscom.inEMERGE50wINNERSInnovationCategoryAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 29
  30. 30. Organisation Name| MercuryMinds TechnologiesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| ChennaiYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.mercuryminds.comBrief Description| Start-up developing mobileshopping cart solutions to enable mobile commerceplatform for retailersOrganisation Name| Reasoning Global eApplicationsPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| HyderabadYear of Inception| 2007Organisation Website| www.martjack,comBrief Description| The organisation provides an end-to-end platform for setting up an eCommerce portalOrganisation Name| NiqotinHeadquarter| ChennaiYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.niqotin.comBrief Description| A cloud-based Indian languageERP systems targeted at rural marketsOrganisation Name| Waybeo Technology SolutionsHeadquarter| TrivandrumYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.waybeo.comBrief Description| Waybeo provides cloud basedinbound voice communication platform which can beintegrated to any existing online channelOrganisation Name| TechcelloHeadquarter| TanjoreYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.techcello.comBrief Description| TechCello provides an applicationdevelopment platform to write multi-tenant .NETapplications for any cloudOrganisation Name| NinetyNine Tests SoftwareHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2011Organisation Website| www.99tests.comBrief Description| A crowd sourced software testingplatform for enterprisesOrganisation Name| ZipDialHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.zipdial.comBrief Description| ZipDial is a cloud-based mobileplatform for marketing, engagement and analyticsOrganisation Name| Ojas Testing SolutionsHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2011Organisation Website| www.ojastestingsolutions.comBrief Description| A organisation developingplatforms to convert manual test cases toautomated test casesEMERGE50wINNERSInnovationCategory30 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  31. 31. Organisation Name| BitRhymes (India) Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BhubaneswarYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.bitrhymes.comBrief Description| BitRhymes is a gamedevelopment firm developing casino games fordigital platformsOrganisation Name| Freshdesk Inc.Headquarter| ChennaiYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| www.freshdesk.comBrief Description| Feshdesk is a provider of cloudbased customer support softwareOrganisation Name| Eko India Financial ServicesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| DelhiYear of Inception| 2007Organisation Website| Description| A organisation usingmobile phones to deliver banking solutions tounbanked populationOrganisation Name| mCarbon Tech InnovationPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| New DelhiYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.mcarbon.comBrief Description| mCarbon provides niche mobileVAS related IT technology for telecommunicationservice providersOrganisation Name| Capillary TechnologiesHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.capilarytech.comBrief Description| A organisation providing cloud-based real-time customer engagement solutions onmobile for retailersOrganisation Name| Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| PuneYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.mavensystems.comBrief Description| An outsourced productdevelopment firm in the area of hardware, BSP,firmware, web and mobileOrganisation Name| ABIBA SystemsHeadquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2006Organisation Website| www.abibasystems.comBrief Description| ABIBA develops businessintelligence solutions for telecommunicationservices providersOrganisation Name| Foundation FuturisticTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| New DelhiYear of Inception| 1999Organisation Website| www.forensicsguru.comBrief Description| A cyber and mobile forensics firmdeveloping digital investigation solutionsEmerge 50:GrowthEMERGE50wINNERSGrowthCategoryAn Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 31
  32. 32. Organisation Name| Ozonetel Systems Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| HyderabadYear of Inception| 2007Organisation Website| www.ozonetel.comBrief Description| A organisation buildingPSTN cloud to enable cloud based IVR, PABX andBPM servicesOrganisation Name| NMSWorks Software Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| ChennaiYear of Inception| 2001Organisation Website| Description| NMSWorks Softwaredelivers network management solutions totelecommunication firmsOrganisation Name| SISA Information SecurityPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2003Organisation Website| www.sisainfosec.comBrief Description| A technology firm developingsolutions in the payment security and riskassessment domainOrganisation Name| Openlabs Technologies Consulting Pvt. Ltd.Headquarter| NOIDAYear of Inception| 2010Organisation Website| Description| An IT services firm focussed onimplementation and integration services for opensource softwareOrganisation Name| Vizury Interactive SolutionsPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| New DelhiYear of Inception| 2008Organisation Website| www.vizury.comBrief Description| Vizury develops solutionsfor targeted online advertising and visitorrelationship managementOrganisation Name| Tyroo MediaHeadquarter| GurgaonYear of Inception| 2006Organisation Website| www.tyroo.comBrief Description| Tyroo Media is a fast growingonline performance and display advertising platformOrganisation Name| OpCord Consultancy ServicesPvt. Ltd.Headquarter| BengaluruYear of Inception| 2009Organisation Website| www.opcord.comBrief Description| An emerging IT servicesOrganisation focused on testing, outsourcing andconsulting servicesEMERGE50wINNERSGrowthCategory32 An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum –
  33. 33. An Initiative by NASSCOM Emerge-Product Forum – 33