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Hands on B2B Sales Planning


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Hands on B2B Sales Planning

  1. 1. Hands on B2B Sales Planning Balaji Chakravathi Madhu Lakshmanan
  2. 2. Getting Started.. Support for a well oiled sales engine – High level Corporate Customer • Corporate goals - Mission/Vision • Buyer Persona • Align strategy with goals • Geography and best way to reach Product Readiness and Value Prop Be aware of the market landscape • Vitamin Pill or a Pain Killer - Value • Competition Landscape • Ease of use ? SAAS/On Premise ? • Optimal pricing strategy
  3. 3. Demand Generation • DG Plan (Marketing + Inside Sales) • Right awareness /Right Medium • Multi Touch Lead Nurturing • Paid/Earned/Owned channel Mix • Right Consistent content across Website/Sales Conversations • Right automation for Data management & Lead Scoring
  4. 4. Setting up a Sales Process Sales Planning Sales Process Account Mapping Scaling Sales Org. Set stages of the sales cycle Define the Structure and responsibility (Segments, Buyers, Efforts…) Track movement of opportunity & Next steps More Reach = More Sales Map all buyers Socialize Scale when dots become a trend….
  5. 5. Common Mistakes.. Hiring, On-boarding Hire to the JD and not some excellent profile Train well, On-Board & Support system Set Expectations Issues faced by the leaders and the reps Right sets of leads The pitch Not documenting earlier experiences Lead Nurturing not efficient and hence losing leads Tracking performance Align the targets with achievable goals Track metrics on multiple stages & not only on closures
  6. 6. Sales Process Definition Prospecting Lead Qualification Lead Generation Website Budget Email/Calling Script Demo Script Databases EasyAuthority Cards & Self driven Cheat Sheets/ Battle Use cases & USP Contracting Marketing Need/Requirements Monitor by Stage Make it Active Readiness check Map to Need Collections Events Timeframe Documentation Product Features/ FAQ’s Strength over competition Webinars Preferences Closure Product Demo Product Trial
  7. 7. Metrics & Review Key Metrics Metrics for the team • Number of calls (per person per day) • Call conversion ratio (Lead to prospect) • Win-Loss ratio (Contact list to closure) • Sales target • Ramp up time • Gross pipe increase MoM Key Metrics to look into as a Manager • • • • Metrics review timeline • Daily status call status & followups • Weekly Review – Number of calls (per person per day), Followups details • Monthly Review – Sales Funnel for each individual • Quarterly Review – Sales Target Presentation to buying the product trial version ratios Lead to product trial version ratios Prospect (product Presentation/ demo) to Closure ratio Win-Loss ratio (Contact list to closure)
  8. 8. Sales Team Components Hiring Predefined skill sets based on the market, previous experience etc. Metrics Training (communication & technical trainings), Performance Related Metrics (Number of Calls, Conversion Ratio, Dash boards, Sales Funnel etc.) Inside Sales Team Focused Geography, Quality Leads, Motivated Executives Sales Process Well defined process flow between internal teams (Lead Gen, Calling team, Pre-Sales team) Targets Rewards Align Metrics to Targets Time bound revenue, Closure number target Early Stage – Higher % Mature Stage – Lower %
  9. 9. Typical Plan for Growth Monitor based on KPI’s defined Expansion, increased force and iterations Modify System, Process Optimization, Benchmarking, Plan Changes based on performance Define Programs, Assessment Areas, Milestones Understand and assess Landscape Corporate Goals, Objectives, Opportunity Assess Define Pilot Monitor Scale
  10. 10. Q&A