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  1. 1. HackerEarth Technical hiring made easy contact@hackerearth.com www.hackerearth.com/recruit
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. Hiring is a lengthy and time-consuming process Lot of resumes/ candidates Limited openings Evaluation& filtering Multiple interview rounds
  4. 4. Have to interview 100 people to hire just 5 •  Inbox full of resumes •  Time consuming •  Difficulty in filtering •  Unwanted telephonic interviews
  5. 5. Latest hiring statistics •  125,000+ engineers were hired in Indian IT industry last year •  Corporates spent close to $50 Million on filtering process alone •  Lead time of up to 2 months
  6. 6. Our Solution
  7. 7. HackerEarth Recruit is a SaaS product that allows you to conduct automated online skill assessment tests to quickly filter the right candidates.
  8. 8. We help you hire this guy, without spending too many dollars
  9. 9. How it works? •  Automatically generate assessment test based on the profile you are hiring for •  Invite candidates via email or simply share a link •  Candidate take online test either remotely or on-site •  Filter out the top candidates effectively based on the test performance
  10. 10. Typical cost of filtering 1 job position, 50 candidates First  level  resume  filtering   by  technical  lead/senior  recruiter   50 x 5 mins ~ 4hrs   First  round  of  interviews   1hr x 15 = 15hrs   Total  spent  in  filtering   No  surety  of  hire   $1900, 19 hrs  
  11. 11. Filtering with HackerEarth Recruit 1 job position, 50 candidates First  level  filtering  using   automated  online  test   50 x $2/test = $100   Total  spent  in  filtering   $100 $1800 saved  
  12. 12. Benefits •  Test multiple candidates in one go Number of candidates does not remain a bottle-neck •  Minimize logistic expenditure No manual proctoring required •  Cut on time and cost thereby reducing the hiring cycle time
  13. 13. Features •  Auto-generation of Assessment test based on job profile •  1000+ candidates can take up test in one go. System auto-scales to handle load. •  Dedicated technical support round the clock •  Auto-proctoring features enhancing security and reliability
  14. 14. Use Cases Lateral Hiring Accurately assess a candidates by measuring their on-job performance using online skill assessment tests. Campus Placements Easily and quickly funnel down on the best candidates for interviews in a campus drive and get a competitive advantage Internal Assessment Accurately assess your employees for their on-job skills and identify the star performers from the rest.
  15. 15. Business Model Subscription based access to recruiting application (assessment + applicant tracking) Free plan starting with limited assessments to $1000+/month plan based on usage volume. Customized content Pay per use model where companies pay one time fees for interview questions for specific skill sets Specific engagement with Channel Partners Specific partnership with recruiting agencies where they use our programming assessments for their internal use and while selling solution to their clients
  16. 16. Clients & Partners 30+ clients, 18000+ assessments
  17. 17. Team Sachin Gupta is a graduate of IIT Roorkee. He has worked at Google before starting his own venture. •  •  •  Vivek Prakash is a graduate of IIT Roorkee He has interned at Amazon and Google Summer of Code Team of 6 people 3 developers, 1 designer, 2 sales and marketing. Backed by eminent angel investors of India
  18. 18. HackerEarth Recruit Call us for a personalized demo +91-7829139369 contact@hackerearth.com www.hackerearth.com/recruit