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Emerge 50 2009


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An archive of 1st Emerge 50 awards in 2009.

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Emerge 50 2009

  1. 1. Dear Participant, It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all for the third edition of EMERGEOUT to be held in New Delhi on August 28, 2009. One of the unique features of this conference is going to be the felicitation of the EMERGE 50 Leaders for 2009 - 2010 through its EMERGE 50 initiative, has identified 50 Emerging companies which are redefining the benchmark of excellence for the next generation of SMEs. The 10 Companies, have been selected from these shortlisted companies. The purpose of this initiative is to identify and recognize the great potential companies in the making, who can be treated as role models and inspiration to others. It is noteworthy, that NASSCOM for the first time, would also be honouring 10 emerging companies. The jury mulled over the selection criteria at length and decided to focus on a some of the keydifferentiators,includingthepresenceofthecompanyinemerging/domesticmarkets, whether it has achieved the fastest rates of growth over the past 2- 3 years, its unique value proposition, the organizational work model i.e. the efficacy of its management team, as well as unique delivery model. Also, whether they have identified a niche for themselves with a strong foothold in the market, in their respective services domain. Nominations were then invited from Emerging companies across four distinct categories: 1. EMERGE Growth, 2. EMERGE Markets (Non-traditional/Domestic Market), 3. EMERGE Products and 4. EMERGE Services 205 entries were received from 22 cities with breakup across the four categories being approximately 37 in the Growth category, 67 in services, 58 in Products and 43 in Markets. The jury members did meet up with 50 companies from all over India and gave an opportunity to the companies to present their services/products or models which have been adapted for growing the non-traditional/domestic market base. Companies also shared their strategies on growth strategies and how they plan to scale it. Further, NASSCOM will also work with the EMERGE 50 companies to mentor them and help them scale up to the next level of growth. The 10 finalists have been featured in the brochure to give you a fair idea of what we were looking at and also the uniqueness that each one of them bring to the table. Here’s wishing the companies a bright future, as we also look forward to seeing you at the conference. Warm regards
  2. 2. Overview: The NASSCOM EMERGE 50 is an initiative which will identify and honour the Emerging companies that are redefining the benchmark of excellence for the next generation of SMEs, companies succeeding in emerging/domestic markets and companies that have • Achieved the fastest rates of growth over the past 2- 3 years • Offer unique value proposition – game changers in the market in a unique way of delivery to buyers (not having fast growth) • Offer unique organizational work models (example operating from tier 2, 3 cities, using handicapped work force etc) • Companies which have identified a niche for themselves with a strong foothold in the market w.r.t their services domain • Companies which have built their own proprietary intellectual property or technology that would be a game changer • Unique delivery systems ( like SaaS, cloud computing or free for entry level users) SMEs less than Rs 50 cr topline may or may not have fastest rate of growth (in the last 3 years). If they achieve that, of course they deserve the recognition. The purpose of this initiative is to identify and recognize the great potential companies in the making, who can be treated as ROLE MODEL for INSPIRATION/COPYING by others. That helps benchmarking and peer pressure to grow. Nominations were invited from Emerging companies across distinct categories(EMERGE Growth, EMERGE Markets (Non-traditional/Domestic Market), EMERGE Products, EMERGE Services) that provide an opportunity and showcase your organisation’s unique offering. Please read the criterion and more details at NASSCOM EMERGE forum website.
  3. 3. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 3 A1 Future Technologies Website: Category: EMERGE Services Company Profile: A1 Future Technologies has been serving global companies since the last decade. The compay is addressing the needs of over 8000 clients across 40 countries. A1 has built a design team of more than 70 full time design professionals. It has set up a virtual customer support office in the UK and boasts an in-house production facility. The company has been profitable since inception, sustaining long-term relationships with clients. A1 bags a lot of business based on client referrals and repeat orders. Key Achievements: A1 specialise in Logo Design and Graphic Design Services. Very few other companies export such services, giving A1 a major edge in this space. The services are being offered under the Brand name of “Logo Design Team” (http:// and“Graphic Design Team”
  4. 4. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 4 ABM Knowledgeware Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Domestic Markets Company Profile: ABM Knowledgeware Limited provides e-solutions for e-governance and systems integration. The company has built domain expertise in computerisation of secretariats, municipal corporations, citizen services, land records, utility billing and revenue administration. The company has successfully institutionalised information technology in several government and semi-government organisations. Key Achievements: • ABM Knowledgeware has developed the exclusive skills and subject matter expertise required for SAP implementations in large government organisations. This practice also includes services for enabling “Change Management” during and after “Go Live” of the SAP deployment. This skill is critical for e-government projects, for sustaining investment in them. This specialization, coupled with ABM’s overall e-governance expertise, is unique in the industry. • The company has been able to generate nearly 100 percent of its revenue from the domestic market in India, that too from government customers implementing e-governance projects. • ABM’s innovation lies in its focus on niche areas such as e-governance solutions for Municipal Bodies (G2B and G2C); CRM solutions for Electricity Distribution Companies (G2C) and Automation of Billing, Accounting and Collection for Water Distribution Authorities (G2B and G2C solutions).
  5. 5. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 5 AISECT Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Markets (Domestic) Company Profile: AISECT Limited, established in 2006, is today a leading IT trainingandeducationalservicesnetworkwithover5,000 centresspreadacross30statesandUnionTerritoriesinthe country. AISECT, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organisation hasconstantlystriventopromoteinformationtechnology in the context of India and Indian society. Key Achievements: • AISECT Ltd. has diversified from providing only educational services to collaborating with reputed companies in the banking, insurance and telecom services sectors to become a holistic service aggregator in rural India. AISECT has linked up with leading companies such as SBI Life, MAX New York Life, HCL Technologies, IL&FS, Microsoft, Forbes India, IDEA Cellular, Reliance Communications and many others for distribution of their products and services. • Over 1,00,000 students are educated and trained by AISECT Ltd. in over 5,000 centres through a host of software, hardware and vocational courses. Developing courseware and software in regional languages is also a core area of expertise of AISECT Ltd. The company has now set up an in house studio for preparing digital content. Select centres also provide University level courses offered through the Dr. C.V. Raman University (set up by the parent NGO). • AISECT Ltd. has implemented various central and state government projects in different regions of India over the last three years. One of its recent successes has been the bagging of the central government sponsored Common Services Centre (CSC) Project, in the face of stiff competition. The company has emerged as one of the biggest service providers, responsible for setting up nearly 3,000 centres.
  6. 6. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 6 Attra Infotech Private Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Services Company Profile: Attra Infotech Private Limited was incorporated in December 2004 with 100 percent Indian ownership. Subsequently 80 percent of the company was divested to a small Australian IT company with specific domain focus within the consumer finance space. The key driver for the divestment was to acquire domain expertise and build a global organisation out of India, leveraging, scale, speed and geographical advantage. Attra is a Global Information Technology, Consulting and Solutions company providing high value, technology- enabled business solutions for financial services industry. Key Achievements: Attra exclusively focuses on the consumer finance space within the BFSI vertical, offering clients the following differentiators: • Domain expertise in areas such as Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Switches, Fraud and Risk. • Relevant Technology Skills in the Mainframe, Midrange, Open systems and Database environments, as an enabler to its domain focus. • Matured Delivery Methodologies related to Delivery PMO, processes and methodologies, knowledge management, tools and accelerators and dedicated client relationship management. • Flexible engagement and pricing models.
  7. 7. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 7 Eka Software Solutions Private Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Products Company Profile: Eka Software Solutions is a market leader in software for global commodity markets. The company’s products and services help companies that buy, sell or trade commodities manage the challenges of volatile markets and 24x7 global operations more efficiently. Eka is partnering in the growth of its customers, working with these companies to improve their operational control, increase profitability, accelerate growth and manage risks and exposures. Key Achievements: • Eka is an enterprise-class product designed for buyers, sellers and traders of commodities. It manages all key business processes for these organisations, covering physical trading, logistics, inventory, finance, risk management, P&L, and offers built in BI capabilities. • By integrating front, middle and back-office operations, Eka: F Streamlines processes and information flows F Brings real-time visibility over the business F Helps organisations understand their position, P&L, exposures and risks F Provides business intelligence to analyse performance and profitability
  8. 8. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 8 InfoSoft Global (P) Ltd Website: Category: Emerge Products Company Profile: InfoSoft Global Private Limited is a leading provider of visual web applications and solutions. The company has created FusionCharts—a globally popular Flash Charting Suite. InfoSoft Global has identified Rich Internet Applications based on the Adobe Flash™ Platform as its focus area as it believes Adobe Flash is a breakthrough technology, delivering effective experiences to end users. The company has developed a range of solutions in Adobe Flash incuding animated flash charts and graphs, data driven and interactive flash maps, real time charts and controls for stock market and network monitoring, data driven visual systems like financial dashboards, instrumentation dashboards, etc. and interactive simulation systems for financial demand planners. Key Achievements: InfoSoft Global has established leadership within the Flash-based charting components area, where it is already Number one globally in terms of customers. The company has also developed platform specific charting components for the .Net and Java platforms. InfoSoft’s flagship product, the FusionCharts Suite v3 helps developers create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications.
  9. 9. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 9 Mann-India Technologies Private Limited Website: EMERGE Markets (Non – Traditional) Category: Company Profile: Mann-India is a technology solutions company providing innovative products and services in the verticals of Banking, Retail and Telecom. Mann-India has a suite of innovative and cost effective products that cater to the unique requirements of the Latin American Market such as: • Enterprise Modernization Tool ( migration tools) • Transaxion ( mobile solutions) • Retail Maestro ( ERP) Focus on Key Achievement: • Mann-India has chosen to work in the Latin American market, in countries such as Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic (DR) and Puerto Rico. It has taken on projects in Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador. The company leads in revenue share among Indian companies working in Venezuela and the DR over the last two years. It entered these markets in the year 2000, and since then, has spread its wings to five countries. • Mann-India derives nearly 90 percent of its revenues from the LATAM market, with the remainder 10 percent being realised from clients in India. • Mann has a deep relationships with marquee clients in Latin America including Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., a public sector oil and gas giant, the Banco Central de Venezuela (The Central Bank of Venezuela), and Banesco, another leading bank in Venezuela.
  10. 10. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 10 Myndsolutions Private Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Growth Company Profile: Mynd Solutions is a leading professional services firm that is dedicated to finance and accounting and Human Resource process outsourcing. It collaborates with each client to deliver customised business process outsourcing solutions that range in complexity from individual transaction-based functions, such as accounts payable and accounts receivable, to full-service finance and accounting, including general ledger accounting, financial reporting and risk management. Key Achievements: • Since its incorporation, Mynd Solutions has witnessed remarkable growth in revenues and new client acquisition. • In a number of its engagements, especially with telecom customers, Mynd Solutions has scaled up the value chain, moving higher, from transaction processing to analytical activities over a period of time and leveraging its manpower trained on processes.
  11. 11. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 11 PharmARC Analytic Solutions Website: Category: EMERGE Services Company Profile: PharmARC is a leading provider of Sales and Marketing Analytics to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. PharmARC has pioneered the Global Sourcing Model in the commercial analytics industry, providing cost, productivity, and standardisation benefits to clients across the world. PharmARC works with clients including the 15 of theTop 20 pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to make informed decisions based on quality analytics. Key Achievements: • PharmARC is solely focused on providing Sales and Marketing Analytics for the pharmaceutical industry. This focus allows the company to build and develop expertise in the commercial analytics domain that cannot be matched by generic KPOs and IT Consulting providers who operate in multiple industry verticals and across service areas. • The company’s pioneering Global Sourcing Model blendstheinherentstrengthsofIndianpharmaceutical and analytic experts with onsite project and account management expertise to provide an unparalleled value proposition of cost-effective, innovative and quality analytics and insights to customers within the pharmaceutical industry.
  12. 12. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Leaders – 12 S7 Software Solutions Private Limited Website: Category: EMERGE Growth Company Profile: S7 Software was launched in 1997 by a group of software migration experts. What began as an ODC (Offshore Development Centre) of Bristol Technologies, Danbury, USA, a cross-platform product and services company, was later spun-off into S7 Software in December, 2004. Today, S7 Software is a specialised provider of Migration and Reengineering services, enabling clients to transform legacy IT, in order to increase business value and improving their competitive edge. The company’s proven methodologies and automated tools ensure cost effective, predictable and quicker migrations. Key Achievements: • S7Software has made significant investments in acquiring technology and business in emerging migration hotspots, including Mobile Migration. With companies emphasising on accessibility to applications anywhere, anytime, the move towards migrating applications to the mobile platform is very high. • The company has been doubling its revenues YoY for the past 3 years. • S7 Software has been profitable every quarter since its inception. It has remained debt free without VC funding. The company is employee owned and offers long term stakes for everyone, ensuring continuity.
  13. 13. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 1 Azure Knowledge Corporation Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Azure has grown into a 1500-seat contact centre set up from a 150-seat facility in the last four years. A leader in Customer Care, Financial Services, Market Research and IT Services, the company has expertise in over 15 international languages including French, Spanish, German, Russian among others, and eight Indian regional languages. Azure acquired a 49 percent stake in Citizens Financial Mortgage, USA— becoming the first BPO to buy a front-end company in the US. Over the last two years alone, the company has acquired 22 customers. Key achievements: • Since Azure operates across four distinct yet synergistic service areas, there is a clear business plan to achieve between 70-110 percent CAGR on each of the service areas using specific strate- gies. • The company is expanding its delivery capabilities across eight cities in India to ensure that current and new domestic clients can be served pan-India using multiple locations in each zone. • It is additionally expanding its delivery foot print across two international locations (Eastern Europe, and Asia-Pacific). • The company was ranked among the 50 Best Workplaces of India for 2008 by Great Places to Work Institute, and stood among large reputed companies like Agilent, Wipro, Infosys, Google among others. It bagged the Best BPO company of Gujarat award for 2007 and 2008 (twice in a row) by GESIA; won the Best Customer Responsiveness Award instituted by Avaya Global Connect and was ranked among the Top 50 ITE companies of India by Dun & Bradstreet.
  14. 14. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 2 CresTech Software Systems Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: CresTech Software Systems is a leading Software Testing Services Organisation that provides corporates with solutions for their software testing needs, including testing tools that help them improve their Testing Process and Quality. The company’s services span various verticals such as Banking and Finance, Insur- ance, Media and Entertainment, Telecom, ERP and Travel and Tourism. CresTech’s range of software testing services include QA consulting, Testing services, Functional, Performance, Security, Testing of SOA-based Applications, Corporate training and software reselling. Key achievements: • CresTech has expanded its footprint to the US and Australia, bagging repeat business from cus- tomers in these countries. • The company, which has a vision of emerging as a knowledge centre in software testingm has stepped up its R&D & T&D Investments. CresTech’s in house team is in the process of completing the following tools: CresTech ISVTM (Integrated Service Validator); CresTech OPKEYTM (Open source KEY word driven framework); CresTech OPMONTM (Open source Monitoring solutions). • The company has seamlessly scaled from a 25 member to a 100 member team. • It was awarded the IBM Business partner of the year for 2007-2008. • The company has built effective processes and infrastructure for a delivery engine. CresTech is emphasising on consistency and reliability in Service Delivery, having achieved process standardisation through key quality assessments.
  15. 15. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 3 EmPower Research Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: EmPower Research is focused on providing Customised Business Intelligence, Media Services and Data Analytics. The company was founded in 2004 by MIT Sloan MBAs, former Booz Allen Hamilton consult- ants, and senior marketing managers at Gillette, Whirlpool and Applied Materials. Key achievements: • The company, which began operations with a handful of analysts, has grown into a 200-trained analyst and project manager strong community within a short span of time. • EmPower Research is providing dedicated resources for all market research needs. Some of its main areas of expertise include Retail, Consumer Packaged Products, Food and Beverage, Phar- maceuticals and Healthcare, Advertising, and Financial services. • The company was ranked in three IAOP sub lists in 2009: Best 10 Rising Stars in Revenue Growth; Best 10 Rising Stars in Employee Growth; and Best 20 Rising Stars by Region Served: UK. • Sangita Joshi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of EmPower Research was presented with the Star Entrepreneur Award at the Second Indira International Summit in Mumbai on January 23, 2009
  16. 16. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 4 Future Focus Infotech Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Founded in 1997, Future Focus Infotech (FFI) began as a Business Associate of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Focus assisted TCS in the execution of Y2K projects, through its technical consultants. By the end of 1997, with the Internet throwing up immense possibilities, the company began focusing on Internet Technologies, netting new clients like Planet Asia, and India Cements. In 1999-2001, Future Focus continued its advent into the IT domain through Software Development services, initially in the web applications arena and later, in Client Server and related technologies. This was the period, when the company’s wholly-owned subsid- iary, Focus America Inc, based out of Georgia, Atlanta was formed. Foreseeing the potential in IT Technical Consulting Services, Future Focus we went through an internal reorien- tation and restructuring to focus singularly on IT Technical Consulting Services and Career Management. Today, FFI is primarily into the business of IT-HR Consulting Services and Managed Solutions. Its offerings include IT HR augmentation services (branded as TechSource), Placement services in IT (TechSearch), Managed services in IT HR solutions (TechServ) and Software solutions and services (TechSoft). Key achievements: • FFI has developed and implemented an ERP, the first of its kind for the Recruitments and Consulting (resource) vertical. • Future Focus has built up a battery of over 550 consultants, deploying them in more than 80 projects in India and overseas. • The company is a strategic and niche partner to major IT conglomerates like TCS, Infosys and IBM, among others. FFI also serves many regional clients Capgemini, Ford Technology Services, Scope, and Ramco in India. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Focus America, Inc., FFI serves US-based clients like Keenan Inc. and Infosys, USA. • Future Focus is providing technical services in software development and BPO to international clients through its software development centre (SDC) at Chennai. The SDC encompasses an exclusive team of well qualified and experienced IT professionals, providing offshore software development and onsite technical consulting services. • Growing at a steady rate of over 30 percent YoY since 1997, and based on its Quality Certified Business Processes (QCBP), FFI has achieved a strong foothold within the IT domain. The company logged in a turnover of Rs. 49.88 crore during 2008-09. • FFI has been ranked by Dun & Bradstreet, USA, the leading provider of business-to -business credit, marketing, purchasing, and decision-support services worldwide, as one of “India’s Top IT Companies” for 2007 and 2008. • It has also been listed a winner in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2008 programme. Zinnov Research and Consulting, USA, a leading research and consulting organisation to Fortune 1000 compa- nies, has awarded FFI the “Zinnov Excellence Award” for “Excellence in Strategic IT Talent Consulting” and the award for “Process Excellence in IT Talent Consulting.”
  17. 17. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 5 GeBBS Healthcare Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: GeBBS is a leading Healthcare outsourcing solutions company based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey with multiple Global Delivery Centres (GDC) located in India. The company’s in-depth understanding of the Healthcare industry enables it to provide innovative end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solu- tions to its clients. GeBBS’ service and delivery is based on its highly skilled professionals, robust processes and infrastructure, in-house domain expertise and a commitment to clients. Key achievements: • The company’s qualified resources, robust processes, global delivery model, and domain strengths in the healthcare care segment, has given it a distinctive edge in the markets where it plays. • In terms infrastructure, GeBBS offers a best shore model of onshore and offshore delivery capabili- ties, working through multiple state-of-the art Global Delivery centers based out of the US and India. • The company has been investing not only in infrastructure, but talent development, and building domain expertise in the healthcare sector. • GeBBS offers customer end-to-end services—the complete range of Revenue cycle management services to both physicians as well as hospitals. • GeBBS was ranked among the top 100 healthcare outsourcing providers in the USA by Healthcare Informatics, a very prestigious industry magazine published in the country. In its 16th edition, the Healthcare Informatics 100 list ranks the top 100 healthcare outsourcing providers by revenue . GeBBS is placed at the Number 84th spot and has been named to the list since 2007.
  18. 18. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 6 Hanu Software Solutions India Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Hanu Software is a leading full-service software development and system integration firm providing busi- ness strategy, programme management, systems engineering, software development and quality assur- ance services. Hanu specialises in developing customised solutions, enterprise mobility applications and custom software tailored to the unique needs of customers. The company works in strategic alliances with partners looking to outsource their critical software services requirements. Hanu Software brings in a unique project delivery process based on its best practices and experience of business methods. Key achievements: • Huna is focusing on business development and delivery. The company’s vision is to become a USD 1 billion company by 2020. • Over the past few years, Huna has bagged several reputed accounts from the North American market (its market of focus). It has also expanded into numerous industry verticals, addressing the needs of customers in these seg- ments.
  19. 19. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 7 LeewayHertz Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: LeewayHertz, which became operational in 2004, provides design and development resources for Web 2.0 applications and iPhone applications development. The company also offers customers consultancy and resources to build their SaaS applications on Cloud computing using the Amazon Web Service, Google AppCode or Microsoft Azure platforms. Key achievements: • LeewayHertz was one of the foremost companies to introduce iPhone applications development in India. It is also working on other mobile application development platforms such as the Google Android and Blackberry. The company plans to address the growing market of cloud computing using resources to develop SaaS applications. • The company was among the first few in India to register in Apple’s Developers Programme for iPhone applications development. • It has worked with more then 50 companies based in the USA on Web applications.
  20. 20. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 8 Mynd Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Mynd Solutions is a leading professional services firm that is dedicated to finance and accounting and Human Resource process outsourcing. It collaborates with clients to deliver customised business process outsourcing solutions that range in complexity from individual transaction-based functions, such as ac- counts payable and accounts receivable, to full-service finance and accounting, including general ledger accounting, financial reporting and risk management. Drawing on its unique history and people, Mynd Solutions has developed specific qualities that work to deliver maximum value when outsourcing finance, accounting and tax. The company provides a better way to manage important, non-core business pro- cesses owing to its experience and expertise in finance and accounting, an onsite-near shore-offshore delivery model, expertise in Payroll and Pension administration, Data Management/Validation, fixed asset management, and Manpower Outsourcing. Key achievements: • Since its incorporation, Mynd Solutions has witnessed remarkable growth in revenues and new client acquisition. • Today the company is 900 people strong, with a Pan -India presence and offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Chandigarh. It also has a centrally located, state-of-the-art back-end pro- cessing facility at Gurgaon measuring around 12000 square feet. The company’s turnover today exceeds INR 220 million and its client base covers leading global companies in the telecom, automotive, retail, information technology and manufacturing sectors. • In a number of its engagements, especially with telecom customers, Mynd Solutions has scaled up the value chain, moving higher, from transaction processing to analytical activities over a period of time and leveraging its manpower trained on processes. • In line with its goal of being a trusted partner to customers, Mynd Solutions works closely with them, proactively developing solutions and shaping its services to reflect the changing dynamics of today's workplace. The company leverages the experience of its team and its innovative delivery tools, to develop solutions aligned to the unique needs of clients. Mynd Solutions begins the process of defining a custom solution by keeping the end result in mind. It reviews a company's current back office processes and works with its management team to identify inefficiencies, simplify and then optimise the processes. In addition, Mynd Solution's team of qualified finance professionals and functional experts help validate the defined solutions and ensure that they are in accordance with accounting and human resources regulations and standards. • The company has become a data entry partner for the government of Karnataka, participating as a consortium member and winning a 15-year contract for the same. As part of this role, Mynd Solutions is converting the records of the transport offices (of the government of Karnataka) into smart card technology.
  21. 21. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 9 Proteans Software Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Headquartered in Bangalore, Proteans Software Solutions offers specialised services in the Outsourced Product Development (OPD) space. Established in 2003, Proteans has over 300 employees and a large base of clients that include leading software companies worldwide. The company has five global delivery centres in Bangalore from where it has built over 200 software products for its clients. It has offices in the USA, UK, Norway, and Sweden. Proteans provides software research, engineering, and support services to Software Product companies across the globe. Being, purely focused on software product development, Proteans brings tremendous value to software vendors by reducing product release cycles, controlling costs, and enabling market leadership through quality and innovation. Proteans brings success to its customers through its sustained and focused environment that fosters software product research, development, and support. The com- pany has been focusing on process improvement through distributed agile delivery methods, metrics, and governance mechanisms. Key achievements: • Proteans has developed strong capabilities in the areas of Software Architecture/Design, Software Development, Software Testing and Test Automation, User Interaction Design and Usability, Per- formance Engineering and software product sustenance. • The company has built expertise in verticals such as Banking and Finance, Higher Education, Government and Public Services, Professional Services, e-commerce and Consumer Internet. The company has helped customers within these segments through its replatforming engagements, that have driven revenues for customer organisations. • Proteans has state-of-the-art delivery centres that are fully geared up to ensure business continu- ity. It has an ISO 9001:2000 certified process framework that enables it to deliver repeatable business results to customers. • The company has evolved a Distributed Agile Development Model ensuring complete alignment with customer requirements. It is using Web-based tools for engagement, programme and project management with complete transparency and visibility into the project status. • Proteans has worked with over 75 global software companies such as Microsoft Corp., Meridium (, Software Innovation and CambridgeSoft. It has developed a strong pres- ence in the Nordic region, considered by companies to be a tough market to crack.
  22. 22. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 10 Shell Transource Limted Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Shell Transource Limited has been successful in establishing itself in the BPO world, with a proven track record of rendering Unique Back Office solutions to various industries. Shell began providing these services as far back as 1990, carving a pioneering path for itself in the sector. Key achievements: • Spread across 312 locations in India through Shell Business Associates, the company has wit- nessed rapid growth over the last two decades. • Shell has emerged as a 4000 + people strong organisation with strong, loyal customer base. • By defining and designing quality processes, backed by strong quality operations, Shell has man- aged to diversify into different industry segments. • The company has the largest market share in the domestic segment of BPO for Taxation, Aviation, and Banking and Finance processes. • Shell has expanded the scope of its offerings from non-voice to voice processes by setting up 800 additional seats across 4 leading metros.
  23. 23. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 11 Wirkle Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Wirkle is a leading product engineering firm focused on developing software products for mobile de- vices including telecom grade client/server platforms, SMS applications and Mobile Internet (WAP). The company has designed and developed products across all mobile platforms and for handsets of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Pocket PC and the iPhone. Wirkle’s expertise in the mobile space spans Consumer Mobility (Social Networking, Instant Messaging, Location Based Services, Gaming, Barcode Recognition, Payments, Backup), Enterprise Mobility (Field Force/Sales Force Automa- tion, Security Surveillance), Multimedia Streaming (Live streaming, Audio/Video on demand) and beyond. Millions of mobile users across the globe today are using products developed by Wirkle through various carriers in multiple geographies including North America–AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, Boost Mobile; Europe–Telenor; Asia–Idea, among others. Key achievements: • Wirkle has established direct relationships with a few Fortune 500 companies owing to its niche focus. It has also entered into partnerships with leading IT consulting firms as well as Operators/ OEMs and is working with them for long-term contracts. • Wirkle’s platform was selected as a finalist at the Global Peer Awards hosted by Mobile Monday at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona, 2007 and ranked amongst the top mobile innovations across the globe. • The company was awarded a US Patent for its highly flexible frameworks that enable rapid devel- opment of usable products for the mobile platform. Wirkle’s frameworks were leveraged to create a social content portal for the Mobile World Congress 2008, the largest Mobile Conference in the world. The company was a Finalist at 2007, India’s leading forum for showcasing the best of breed start ups. Wirkle is a mobile partner of choice for some of the leading Fortune 500 firms and VC startups worldwide.
  24. 24. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 12 Comat Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Comat focuses on providing easy access to essential information and transformational services to Rural India. The services include: • Access and delivery of Citizen Records and Entitlement Benefits on behalf of the Government • Skills training for employment and self-employment that create local jobs • Supplemental education services to improve student grades and pass percentage • Access to formal Financial and Insurance services Key achievements: • Comat’s services for the rural sector have helped transform the lives of rural citizens, resulting in higher economic standards and better quality of life. • The company is delivering at the rural level through its ICT-enabled, common last mile converged platforms called Rural Business Centres (RBC), which are manned by its employees. The power of the RBCs lies in their ability to deliver Comat’s diverse sets of services using a common infrastruc- ture that harnesses the power of technology and a local human interface. • In Karnataka alone, the Company operates 800 centres, serving more than 50,000 rural citizens daily. In December 2008, Comat won the first-ever Legatum Fortune Technology Prize, an award that recognises the work of “for-profit” enterprises, whose application of technology solutions foster social and economic growth, and dramatically improve the lives of poor people.
  25. 25. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 13 Drishti Soft Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Markets Website: Company Profile: Drishti is an innovator in the Communications domain. Drishti’s solutions manage customer interactions across media such as voice, chat, Web, SMS, and e-mail to enable enhancement of business process efficiencies and increase of automation via technology. The company’s customers are distributed over a wide range of industry verticals such as Telecommunications, Finance, Collections, Insurance, Market Research and BPO. Key achievements: • Drishti has been consistently showing year-on-year growth. The company has built up a strong presence in the Philippines through a subsidiary, in addition to the US, Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. • Drishti offers award-winning professional services with high responsiveness and transparency. The company’s multi-package support provides clients with the flexibility to pick-and-choose according to their specific requirements. • The company’s innovative technology platform, Ameyo, addresses the flexibility and extensibility requirements for the next-generation enterprise. The SOA-based technology platform facilitates rapid implementation along with deployment flexibility. • Drishti’s software-centric IP -based solutions can be seamlessly integrated with third-party devices and applications. Drishti’s solutions are innovatively packaged to suite varied business require- ments of organisations of all sizes and nature of business. • The company has been honoured with a range of awards for its ground breaking communications technologies, including the following: NASSCOM’s Innovation Award 2008; IP Contact Centre Technology Pioneer Award 2008; Member’s Choice Award 2008 (Best ACD/Switch, Best in Class Overall Category Winner, Best Outbound Solution and Highly Recommended Best After Sales Sup- port); BPONews’ Best Contact Centre Solution 2007. The company has been a Deloitte Fast 500 company and a Red Herring finalist.
  26. 26. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 14 Eperium Business Solutions India Private Limited Category: EMERGE Markets Website: Company Profile: Eperium India was incorporated in 2003 and is co-headquartered in India and The Netherlands. It is an ISO 9001 certified company with 150 employees. Since its inception, the company has been helping its customers use technologies to move the supply chain over the Internet. Eperium is a specialist in two areas, namely e-procurement and multi-channel retail management. As part of its e-procurement ser- vices, the company is enabling companies in the energy, hospitality and other verticals to undertake global e-procurement rollouts. Eperium’s expertise in this space touches contract management, procure-to-pay, strategic sourcing and procurement of temporary workforce support. In the area of multi-channel retail management, Eperium is supporting customers with enterprise rollouts of Web-based, multi-channel, multi-locale and multi-currency sell side solutions. Key achievements: • Eperium has well-defined delivery processes, proven off-shoring models with state-of-the-art in- frastructure to support its endeavours in delivering higher value at lower costs to customers. The Eperium India team is focused on an agile approach, optimal utilisation of software tools and the quality of its delivery processes to ensure that its clients get their solution on time and in accor- dance with their requirements. • The company has an in-house excellence centre which is constituted by business, technical and design professionals that continually evolve and enhance the quality of its solution and services and aspire to develop highly functional and flexible offerings that allow clients to maximise their online potential. • Eperium has many years of experience and is a well-respected and trusted supplier of e-procure- ment and multi-channel retail management solutions and services to many leading names in the industry. The company has built strategic, long-term client relationships and is a well-recognised brand in Western Europe and the UK. Eperium is currently focused on Western Europe with special emphasis on The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.
  27. 27. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 15 Estel Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Markets Website: Company Profile: Estel Technologies provides customised software solutions and associated services to mobile operators, banks and service providers in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Estel specialises in the area of Mobile Com- merce and Payments and has built innovative products for the following: Mobile remittances (money transfer using the mobile); Micro banking (branchless banking for the un-banked); Mobile e-top up (any time, any where, any value, any service recharge); and Mobile banking (access bank account and transact using the mobile). The products are aimed at emerging markets, which are usually cash-based economies with fragmented distribution and fairly good mobile penetration, but poor banking penetration. Key achievements: • Estel began foraying Africa in 2007 and now has five customers being served across four countries in the region. • In 2008-09, Africa accounted for 35 percent of the company’s total revenues and this figure is expected to go up to r 47 percent during 2009-10. Estel has been aggressively focusing on Africa for its products, with two dedicated sales teams addressing clients in the East and South of the continent. The company participates in trade events, exhibitions and conferences to create a market pull for its products and evangelise these concepts.
  28. 28. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 16 Evolutionary Systems Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Evosys is a Certified Oracle Focused Implementation Partner that has differentiated itself in the market with its personalised customer approach and commitment to quality and timely delivery. The company provides end -to-end Oracle-E-Business Suite implementation services in predominantly two countries— the KSA and UAE. Key achievements: • Evosys has built specialisations in the Healthcare, government and Education domains. • The company decided to enter the Middle East Market and began with a foray into Saudi Arabia and the UAE in 2006. Today, nearly 100 percent of the company’s revenues have been generated from this market. • Evosys has rolled out its solutions in major hospitals across the Middle East such as the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KSA), the National Guard Health Affairs (a public sector company, KSA), the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, Ministry of Health (UAE), the SAAD Group (KSA), among others. • The company has shown a massive growth in turnover of the order of 443 percent since 2007-08.
  29. 29. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 17 Grail Research India Private Limited Category: EMERGE Markets Website: Company Profile: Grail Research specialises in strategic research including market, industry, and benchmarking analysis of leading companies and investors, across the globe. Founded in April 2006, Grail has conducted research in over 100 countries, and 30 languages. Grail Research blends the best of strategy consulting (highly custom, insightful, rigorous, trustworthy) with the best of market research (data-rich, repeatable, analytical, cost effective) to provide organisations with accurate, succinct answers to their most impor- tant business questions. Key achievements: • Grail Research’s capabilities are particularly strong in fast developing regions such as Africa, China, India, the Middle East, and Russia. Its team has expertise in a wide variety of industries including Consumer Brands, Life Sciences, Technology and Telecom. • The company has been targeting the Middle East region in particular, actively working with gov- ernment entities in the region and supporting them in industry and cluster analysis, competitive intelligence, regular news briefs, best practice benchmarking, and knowledge management. This strategy has enabled Grail to grow rapidly in the Middle East market—it has completed more than 80 projects with the government and large private sector firms in 2008. Grail has also been targeting the South African market and been working with several organisations in the country, supporting them in executing customised surveys; data cleaning and analysis; and making recom- mendations, after following a thorough cross-validation process. • Grail Research has gradually matured in the Middle East and South African markets, with approxi- mately 30 percent of its total revenues being derived from the Middle East, and around 20 percent being generated from South Africa. • Grail Research has offices in India (Delhi), China (Beijing), and South Africa (Johannesburg), with over 180 professionals working at these locations. • Grail, with its unique approach to delivering strategic research, has been a Harvard Business School case study.
  30. 30. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 18 Compulink Systems Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: Compulink has developed the “Whizible” suite of products to address the needs of professional services companies within the IT services, Engineering Design Services, Pharma and Clinical Research services domains. Key achievements: • The Whizible solutions from Compulink allow customers to “orchestrate performance” in their enterprises through better decision making, alignment to corporate goals and execution that meets the quality and schedule objectives. • Compulink has developed the Whizible™ Strategy, a platform for formulating, communicating and facilitating allocation of responsibility and the tracking of an organisation’s strategy goals (based on a performance Scorecard). • Whizible™ Initiatives capture innovation ideas and initiatives throughout the enterprise and pro- vide a structured workflow to evaluate these and follow through on their deployment. • The company has also launched Whizible™ Execution, a programme and project management tool that provides an integrated approach to monitor, control and report the execution of initiatives and strategies as well as Whizible™ HCM, a comprehensive mid-market human capital management solution. • Over 200 customers including Accenture, Wipro, the Tata Group, John Deere, Honeywell, etc. have deployed Whizible, which is licensed as an “On Premise” as well as “hosted” solution.
  31. 31. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 19 DruvaaSoftware Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: Druvaa has introduced a step change in data protection and backup technology. With its key techno- logical advancement products, Druvaa is able to deliver up to 90 percent better bandwidth and storage utilisation for data backups compared to traditional solutions. This ensures faster and smoother backup for remote laptops, mobile users and distant servers. Druvaa Software is a privately held company backed by a top tier Angel Network Series. The funding was led by Accord International (HK) and the Indian Angel Network. Key achievements: • Druvaa has launched inSync, is a fully automated laptop backup software which protects corporate data for office and remote users. It features simple backup, point-in -time restores, and patent- pending data deduplication technology to make backups faster. • Over 80 percent of corporate data is duplicated across users. Druvaa inSync uses data deduplication to save "only a single copy" of content (e-mails/docs) duplicated across users. This delivers 10x faster backup with a 90 percent reduction in bandwidth and storage. Additionally, Druvaa provides a simple, efficient and fully automated backup facility to Enterprise Laptop/mobile users
  32. 32. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 20 Fifth Generation Technologies India Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Fifth Generation Technologies India, known in the market by its brand name 5G, is a boutique, IP focused, software product company, headquartered in Chennai, India. 5G has rapidly grown in the last two years (2007 -2009) with a CAGR on revenue in excess of 60 percent, a customer base across 13 countries for its products and expansion of its offices to North America (5G Automatika Ltd.). Key achievements: • 5G's focus over the last three years has been on creating value for the manufacturing domain, especially in the “Plant to Enterprise (P2E)” space. The aim has been to improve efficiency, quality, and productivity of manufacturing enterprises, by means of real-time monitoring of both produc- tion and enterprise operations and agile, real time business process integration between manufac- turing applications and enterprise systems (such as SAP, IBM Maximo, etc.). All this is orchestrated by means of a user defined business rules engine. • The company additionally specialises in product development lifecycle services for third party companies and has been providing such services in the areas of sports, law and media and advertising. • 5G has been helping manufacturing and utility companies worldwide to reduce maintenance costs, streamline production performance management, improve quality, manage mission critical opera- tions that need an agile interaction of enterprise systems with production, etc. • 5G is marketing its offerings through its subsidiary, 5G Automatika, and has entered into an agreement with a Fortune 500 company to act as its OEM licensee for this product. Another Fortune 500 company has become a marketing partner for this product in 2008. 5G’s product has been successfully implemented in several leading global companies. • 5G has also been involved in the IP development embodied in two other products, one an embed- ded system product that acts as an “Actionable Intelligence Device” (the “last mile” for enterprise systems to interact with production operations), and the second, a “Plug and Play reporting En- gine,” which are slated to be released to the market later this year. The company is undertaking business intelligence and predictive analysis for large corporations and government agencies for enabling strategic and tactical analysis.
  33. 33. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 21 iViZ Techno Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: iViZ is a leading Information Security company which offers the industry's first on-demand (SaaS- based), comprehensive, cost-effective automated Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) solution. iViZ has developed a unique artificial intelligence based “human hacker simulation” technology that finds all possible attack paths by which intruders can compromise a network or application. It can detect attack paths which could otherwise be missed out. It also intelligently suggests suitable remedies. This disrup- tive technology transforms the way security is tested and brings in “the hacker's eye view”—providing higher efficiency and ensuring better protection for organisations, governments and users from rising Internet threats. Key achievements: • Using its hacker simulation technology, iViZ provides on-demand penetration testing for proactive security and risk management, and compliance for standards such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA or ISO 27001. • The SaaS model provides an anytime/anywhere security testing capability to customers and elimi- nates the pain associated with conventional manual security testing which is time-intensive, ex- pensive and misses out finding all attack paths. • iViZ specialises in security testing research and has a team of highly skilled security research experts who have been credited with vulnerability discoveries in the products of Microsoft, McAfee, AVG, HP, Intel, IBM and others. iViZ also works with the affected vendors and helps in developing remediation. The research findings are published as advisories to the world after co-ordination with the vendors first. • iViZ has Certified Professionals to deliver its quality audit service –CISSP, GIAC,CISA,CEH, BS7799 (Currently ISO27001), namely lead auditors. The company’s board of advisors includes eminent professors, prominent security audit researchers and industry professionals. • As recognition of its efforts to deliver quality security services, iViZ h as been conferred with many awards, including the Top 100 companies in Asia by Red Herring; the Top 4 Emerging Product
  34. 34. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 22 OrangeScape Technologies Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: OrangeScape Technologies Limited is headquartered in Chennai, India. Founded in 2003, OrangeScape provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings for ISVs and Solution providers to build domain rich appli- cations, the easiest and fastest way. End customers like the Citi Group, Unilever, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Fullerton and 40 other large enterprises use OrangeScape’s platform. Partners such as Wipro Infotech, Team Computers and TRIAD take OrangeScape’s platform to the market. Key achievements: • OrangeScape is enabling ISVs—looking to modernise their existing solution or build new domain rich business offerings—to develop and deploy the same solution as SaaS and on-premise soft- ware. The application deployed as SaaS runs on OrangeScape Cloud, which leverages the cloud infrastructure of Google App Engine or Microsoft Azure (planned release), to provide massive scalability and storage capacity. • Unlike most alternatives (like, that are proprietary to one platform, OrangeScape’s technology has the plumbing that is required to enable the ISVs to run on different cloud plat- forms, or on-premise, without making changes to their solution. The application deployed on- premise runs on OrangeScape Enterprise. This runs on standard application servers on Java or Microsoft environments, with the configurable option to use popular relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2. This helps ISVs to build a single solution and deploy it on- premise for customers who are not yet ready for SaaS. • OrangeScape has won NASSCOM’s “Top IT Innovations” award for two consecutive years, in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, NASSCOM showcased OrangeScape as one of its three emerging product companies in India. OrangeScape was featured by Business Today as “Indian Microsofts in the Making.” The company is the only one in India to feature in Forrester’s first ever research report on PaaS. In the subsequent report by Forrester, OrangeScape has come out strongly in the vendor comparison matrix that includes Google, Microsoft, and 11 others.
  35. 35. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 23 PK4 Software Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: PK4 is the leader in OnDemand CRM systems for India. The company’s flagship CRM product—Impel hosted CRM—enables companies to place their customers at the centre of their business. Impel CRM allows sales executives to spend more time with customers and less on administrative work. Impel CRM helps companies increase revenues and maximise profits by increasing sales productivity, marketing effi- ciency and service operations. The Web -based CRM is used by sales, marketing and customer service teams across a variety of industries ranging from SMBs to large enterprises. Key achievements: • PK4 Software’s Impel product is built specifically for the SMS-heavy, touch-centric sales processes that are typical in this market. The India-specific features in Impel include SMS integration, sales activity planning, service request management and map integration. • Impel’s pricing model too is very affordable for Indian companies, unlike those of competitors. • Even the smallest of organisations need some degree of customisation in the solution, and PK4 addresses this issue by combining the configurability of Impel with the use of a high throughput, low-cost customisation platform that enables the company to deliver customer-specific versions of Impel at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. • Impel, the OnDemand solution, is the most complete CRM solution for Indian businesses, empow- ering them at every customer touch-point. Impel lets clients transform their business and increase sales and customer retention through an integrated, easy-to-use solution. Impel makes it possible for companies to share business information and provide a single, unified perspective to their customers. • Impel's Software-as-a-Service model combines with comprehensive functionality, integration ca- pabilities, codeless configuration and customisation and an intuitive interface to push businesses forward. Impel online CRM is a comprehensive, integrated CRM solution that provides the sales, marketing and customer service staff with fast, up -to-date access to customer information, any- time, anywhere. With Impel, the mobile CRM, clients have the ability to support their mobile workers with PDAs and mobile phones using WAP, SMS or HTML.
  36. 36. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 24 Robust Designs (India) Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Robust Designs, incorporated in year 2000 in India, with offices in Singapore and the USA, is a business intelligence product and solutions company focusing on the financial services and digital media industries. Its core business intelligence platform has been deployed at over 35 sites across several countries. No- table customers include Rediff, IndiaTimes, UTVi, ICICI Lombard, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (all in India), the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Alexandria Hospital, the National University Hospital (in Singapore) and RCE Berhad (Malaysia).The company’s recent initiatives with partners, and the delivery of targeted analytic solutions for the media and the BFSI sectors have positioned it strongly for future growth. Key achievements: • The company has launched CUBOT (TM), an implementer-friendly product whose “tightly inte- grated platform” includes data extraction, data warehouse and OLAP components at the back end. The front-end components include reporting, analytics, alerts, and budgeting. This design dra- matically reduces implementation time, usually completed in twelve weeks. • CUBOT (TM) is end-user oriented and multi-lingual, making multi-country implementations a non- issue. Since it does not support any programming, managers can produce reports, perform de- tailed analysis, and valuable dashboards on-the-fly, without having to use technical jargon. CUBOT (TM) also has low TCO. Since it is built on an open-source platform, it delivers speed on standard, inexpensive hardware, at dramatically reduced infrastructure costs. • CUBOT has proved itself in the market. Robust Designs has bagged over 30 customers for CUBOT, which account for around 2,500 business users and 40,000 retail users spread across countries such as India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA and The Netherlands. • Robust Designs has evolved a flexible business model—delivering projects directly and through partners, providing multi-country support as well as multiple pricing and purchasing options.
  37. 37. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 25 Skelta Software Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Skelta is an innovative software product company specialising in enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) and Advanced Workflow solutions for small to large-sized businesses worldwide. Its flagship product, Skelta BPM is an enterprise-wide Business Process Management product which pro- vides companies with a strong and collaborative platform to develop business applications. Key achievements: • Skelta BPM with its unique architecture and Enterprise Console offers the advantage of a centralised standalone BPMS platform. Users can see the model, simulate, analyse processes, manage appli- cation forms and interfaces and even create fully integrated applications using the Enterprise Console and manage process and application specific artifacts for the entire enterprise. • Skelta’s unique embeddable capabilities enable the actual application to have very contextual BPM integration. With embeddable controls for Process Modelling, Analysis, Execution, Work queues, and BAM, users can manage and control processes without ever leaving the application. This gives true agility, thereby fulfilling the promise of BPM. • Leveraging these unique capabilities, several OEMs/ISVs have embedded Skelta’s solution as an integrated BPM offering for their products. • Skelta was recently selected as a “Cool Vendor” in the BPM arena by Gartner. It was a 2008 American Business Awards Finalist and CODIE Awards Finalist. Skelta has also been ranked among Asia’s top 100 companies by Red Herring magazine and bagged the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Awards for 2006 and 2007.
  38. 38. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 26 Sloka Telecom Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Sloka Telecom is a pioneer in designing, developing and selling compact and cost-effective base stations for new standards such as Fixed WiMAX, Mobile WiMAX and 3G LTE. Established in 2004 in Bangalore, the company is addressing the needs of Service Providers, OEM partners, System Integrators and small-to- medium Wireless ISPs. Currently, Sloka is directly and indirectly selling to small-and-medium WISPs and System Integrators. It has recently signed up OEM partnerships with Tier-1 and Tier-2 vendors, which will remain the company’s business model in the near future. Key achievements: • Sloka’s product portfolio consists of all-outdoor, all-weather compact fixed WiMAX base station units and subscriber stations (CPE) based on the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard. The company’s base stations are among the smallest (<1Kg, <5Kg) and most-effective (<USD150, <USD1000) in the world, allowing the operator to widely deploy WiMAX networks. Sloka’s solutions help network operators save more than 50 percent in capital expenditure. • Sloka has developed the unique Software-Defined Base Station Architecture (SDBSA), which al- lows it to use off-the-shelf hardware boards to reduce the cost of the base station. The SDBSA also enables Sloka to use the same base station unit for multiple technologies. • Sloka’s compact and cost-effective base stations allow wireless operators to generate business out of rural and semi-urban deployments in emerging markets. • Additionally Sloka is targeting residential users in developed markets who need greater coverage within their homes, with its Femto base stations. Sloka has installed the first 5.8 GHz WiMAX network in France and won numerous awards over the last few years. The company bagged the Red Herring 100 Asia and the NASSCOM Innovation Awards in 2008. The company was rated Number 1 by Mint Magazine as the Hottest startups to watch for in 2008, and ranked among the Top 25 Emerging Technology companies by Smart Techie.
  39. 39. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 27 Srishti Software Applications Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Srishti Software is a leading software products company providing cutting-edge technology solutions in the twin areas of Web Content Management (WCM) and Healthcare domains. These solutions are an- chored around Srishti’s products Kreatio and PARAS. Founded in 1997, but reconstituted in the year 2005 and headquartered in Bangalore, Srishti has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and London. Some of the key markets targeted by Srishti include UK, USA, and India. Initiatives targeted at towards newer markets like Middle East, Africa, and East Asia are currently in progress. Key achievements: • Kreatio, Srishti’s Web Content Management solution is unique for its framework based analysis, which enables clients to clearly map their content streams and revenue potential. Its strong meth- odological approach distinguishes it from other competing offerings. Kreatio also goes beyond online publishing and allows revenue management. It offers customers the Power of 7 and the perfect 10 framework covering all of the seven pillars and seventy parameters of web content management. The framework enables Srishti’s clients to go beyond the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, to the Ideal 2.0+ state. • Shrishti’s key strengths include its ability to architect, integrate and deploy large complex technol- ogy solutions across a broad spectrum of enterprise-types within the estimated timeframe. • The company has developed in-depth functional understanding of the healthcare, onlinemedia and publishing domains, with particular emphasis on knowledge processes. • Kreatio has successfully helped more than 200 global publications to monetise their existing con- tent better and increase their profitability.
  40. 40. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 28 Trendyworks Technologies Private Limited Category: EMERGE Products Website: Company Profile: Trendyworks is a Web presence solution provider based in Bangalore. The company is offering customers a Proprietery Web Design Tool, along with integrated Web hosting and Domain registration services. The solution is primarily targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises based in the US, Canada and the UK. Trendyworks has over 15,000 clients for the online version of its solution and over 10,000 clients for its desktop version. Key achievements: • Trendyworks Technologies has developed a niche product targeted at clients seeking an “upmar- ket” look for their web sites. • The “Do-It-Yourself” site building tool called Designer Website Builder is a Flash-based product. It offers clients features such as Image gallery, Media Player, Shopping Cart, Guest Book and Friend/ Contact form, SMS integration, Live Web cam recording and Live spokespersons
  41. 41. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 29 Vmukti Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Growth Website: Company Profile: VMukti, a product development company, provides low-cost and high quality video communications solutions to customers. VMukti is a Video Communications platform that enables Convergence of voice, video and content over IP through a distributed P2P platform. VMukti was conceptualised in September 2005, as a part of Adiance Technologies Private Limited. Spun off into a separate company in October, 2007, VMukti s was incubated at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad and supported by the Georgia Entrepreneurs Society. Key achievements: • VMukti has built up an edge in the areas of cost, quality and scalability, offering solutions that help customers save 80 percent on bandwidth and storage infrastructure using state-of-the-art server less broadband ready products. • The company has set up three proof of concepts with Fortune 500 organisations that have drawn 150,000 product downloads from an estimated 500,000 end users. • Vibrant Gujarat 2009, Jito Global Summit, Forensic Conference, Inventors of India, the IIM- Ahmedabad Alumni Meet and more were exclusively webcast live over the Internet using VMukti’s solution. • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Classroom session at IIM-Ahmedabad was webcast live to participants across the world through a Youtube like portal with interactive audio/ video capabilities. • VMukti is one of the few products to rank among NASSCOM’s “100 IT Innovations” twice. It won the ISBA 2008 “Best Incubatee in ICT Industry” award and was a Red Herring Asia 100 Finalist. It was also a finalist in the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards twice. • VMukti is the first company to have developed server-less, broadband ready features in four major market segments.
  42. 42. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 30 AbsolutData Research & Analytics Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: AbsolutData Research & Analytics provides consulting-oriented Advanced Analytics and Market Research services to organisations globally, helping them make a definitive difference to their performance. For the last eight years, it has delivered actionable marketing intelligence to a vast clientele, that includes many Fortune 500 companies. By reengineering the value delivery chain for Research and Analysis, AbsolutData provides a unique and unmatched value proposition to its clients—better, faster and cost- effective—all at the same time. The company’s clients leverage the guidance of experienced and highly qualified market research professionals and consultants through the research process, as well as the competitive advantages of AbsolutData’s offshore operations. Key achievements: • AbsolutData has a highly efficient and skilled work force that has rich experience and cross- functional knowledge that enables it to deliver high quality solutions to clients. • The company’s expertise supports organisations in a range of verticals including CPG, retail, finan- cial services, media/entertainment, technology, healthcare, automobiles and consulting. • AbsolutData provides the entire spectrum of market research services right from data collection to final report analysis. Its services encompass Market Research, Marketing Mix Modeling, Customer Acquisition, Pricing Analysis, Customer satisfaction, Brand equity and Positioning, New Product Development, Advanced Marketing Analytics, Concept testing, Online Data Collection and Analyst- On-Demand. The company focuses on actionable insights that address business questions and leverage the rich consulting experience of its top management located globally, while offering the cost and time advantage of offshore operations. • The company has bagged a host of awards and recognitions including the “Emerging Company of the Year” at the Indiatimes BPO Awards 2008; the Deloitte Asia Pacific Fast 500 Award 2008; the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2008, the Amity HR Excellence Award (for two consecutive years), among others.
  43. 43. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 31 All e Technologies Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: All e Technologies (Alletec) has emerged as the leading provider of enterprise solutions to mid-sized busi- nesses. Streamlining and automating core business processes with “product based” offerings of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions, and providing “custom built” solutions for client specific applications, the company is committed to “Helping Clients Succeed.” A member of Microsoft’s “President's Club,” “Inner Circle” and “Business Solutions Partner of the Year,” Alletec has consistently been one of the largest providers of Microsoft Dynamics solutions from India. Companies such as Asian Paints, Blue Dart, Cipla, MakeMyTrip, Naukari, Yatra, Caparo, Maruti, among others, rely on the company for building and supporting systems which become the lifeline of their businesses. Key achievements: • Years of sharp focus on Dynamics NAV (Navision), a series of high profile, complex and large implemen- tations spanning continents, and the shear depth of product knowledge, functional expertise and techni- cal competence of its teams have earned the company the admiration and respect of its customers. Several of its projects have been multi-country deployments–the largest one spanning 25 countries, closely followed by the second largest, across 21 countries. • Microsoft considers Alletec as a competency centre, often requisitioning its services to “fix” off-track implementations. Besides working for customers in India, Alletec also provides Dynamics solutions to clients in the US, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and the Asia Pacific. Several Microsoft partners in the US and Europe requisition its services to provide solutions to their customers. This has given the company great exposure to several industry segments and several country specific issues. • Alletec has leveraged this experience to develop industry specific vertical solutions. “NaviPaints” –a Microsoft Dynamics based industry solution for the Paints and Chemicals industry, “NaviConstruct” –a solution for companies in the construction or “projects” business, and “NaviAuto”—the vertical add-on solution for companies in the automotive component manufacturing industries, are all products that capture Alletec’s IP and years of experience with these industries. Each of these products has multiple implementations. NaviPaints, for instance, has been deployed in over ten countries. • Alletec is also a key service provider to the Copenhagen based Microsoft Development Centre (MDCC). It makes significant contributions to the development, localisation, testing and testing automation of Dy- namics NAV. It provides it “sustained engineering” services to keep the customer and partner satisfaction levels with Dynamics NAV high. • Recognising Alletec's contributions in the India market, the CRN magazine awarded it as the “Best Busi- ness Solutions Provider-Software” during its India Leadership Summit in May 2009.
  44. 44. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 32 Annik Technology Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: Founded in 2000, Annik has been a pioneer in Market Research Outsourcing and Data Analytics in India. Known for domain expertise and technical knowledge providing creative solutions, Annik has helped researchers work more efficiently and effectively. With more than 400 employees and 24x7 operations, the company is in a unique position to support clients around the world. Key achievements: • On account of its domain experience, low cost and operational flexibility, Annik has been able to provide Market Research and Data Management support to clients globally. The company has a very strong Technology and Innovation arm that adds uniqueness to its services offerings. Annik’s capability of comprehending and presenting research data or historical data by using technology gives it an edge over competitors in the market. • The company has acquired five new clients in the past three years, crossing growth milestones year-after-year. • The company has added some extremely effective processes to its repertoire to enhance and scale its business. It has designed its internal processes using technology to scale without the need to have additional staffing. Its services leverage a tool-based approach, which has been greatly appreciated globally. • Annik has expanded its reach by strategically positioning its sales teams. The company’s presence in China, Europe, USA and headquarters India, have placed it closer to its clients. • Annik has been named one of the Fast 50 Technology companies in India in a study conducted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. This is the second time in three years that it has been recognised for this award.
  45. 45. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 33 Arctern Consulting Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: Arctern is a global company providing quality IT services and skilled manpower resources for software development, software engineering, web design, technical support, call centre operations, sales and mar- keting, customer services, research, and back-office accounting and administration. The company is lever- aging its significant industry and business experience, global resources, and a pioneering business model, to help customers quickly, easily, and affordably, deploy the right people, projects, and infrastructure to meet their goals. Key achievements: • Arctern has specifically designed its pioneering RemoteHire™ service to help small and medium- sized businesses compete with large companies by giving them the same competitive advantage and access to affordable human resources from low-cost labour markets without requiring re- sources, long-term commitment, or infrastructure investments normally needed for leveraging the benefits of globalisation. • The business model evolved by Arctern allows companies small, medium, or large to engage a single entity for various practices. • Arctern has serviced over 60 different customers since its inception.
  46. 46. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 34 CaturaSystems Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: is a property of Catura Systems, a company focused on creating core academic solu- tions in order to assist both teachers and students in their respective roles as educators and learners. Catura Broadband Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a company with a vision of “Democratising Education.” It is an organisation focused on developing software and technologies for the benefit of companies in different verticals. Catura’s patent pending technologies has made it possible to reach the masses and educate them. The company provides the underprivileged with an equal platform of learning, enabling them to gain knowledge from the best of the best coaches in their respective fields. Key achievements: • Catura not only provides the best education to students, it also offers a very successful and scalable business model to reach the masses. While on the one hand, the business model allows students to learn from the best at an affordable price, on the other hand, it opens up various business opportunities for faculty members. . • In 2008, Catura launched its destination website, offering solutions for the CBSE Class XII board examination. The company’s website currently offers solutions for CBSE, HSEB, PSEB XII Board, IIT-JEE and SAT preparation. • Using its technology, Catura is also providing customised solutions to clients. Catura’s process, methodology and use of technical resources, including its proprietary studios, ensures that the learning content is not only created but also fully articulated and described by the most appropri- ate instructors with core competencies in the field of the content. This is a very fast and efficient process, and has enabled the company to develop the entire CBSE Class XII (Science) Curriculum in just three months, and the entire IIT curriculum in just six months.
  47. 47. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 35 eInfochips Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: eInfochips Limited is an IP driven Product Development Services firm offering a full range of services and solutions in Embedded Systems. Over the past decade, the organisation has successfully executed over 150 projects on varied technology platforms for customers from different industry verticals. Key achievements: • eInfochips has developed cross-platform, cross-technology skills for its various projects. • The company is providing concept-to-market Product Design Services to established technology enterprises as well as technology startups. The services enables its customers to maintain quality standards to meet the stringent demands for product reliability, high performance and low cost. • eInfochips’ high-quality, business-focused approach, product development expertise and exten- sive experience in Product Design Services helps its customers reap significant year-on-year ben- efits and transform their concepts into world-class products. • eInfochips’ Embedded System Group is a premier member of the Texas Instruments (TI) Devel- oper Network and an Authorised Software Provider (ASP) for TI’s Digital Media Software. The company has been working with TI since 2001 and has a proven track record of offering reference designs, solutions and services that support TI DSPs to TI’s customers worldwide. • eInfochips is also an ObjectVideo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner. It collaborates with OV to deliver cost effective, targeted, DSP-based, intelligent video solutions. • eInfochips has recently announced the availability of two Marvell(R) Kirkwood (TM) 88F6281 SoC based reference designs, the OpenRD-Base and the OpenRD-Client. These cost effective, high performance, low power reference designs offer developers a versatile, open platform to evaluate and create software for solutions targeted at various market segments. • In 2008, the company was awarded for its “Outstanding Work On Texas Instrument’s DaVinci Technology.” It also bagged the GESIA Award for “Best Innovation by an Information and Commu- nication Technology Company.”
  48. 48. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 36 Matrix Business Services India Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: Matrix is an outsourcing company with a very unique delivery model—a combination of centralised BPO capability and decentralised “feet-on-street” field staff capability. Matrix has created an all-India network of associate offices at 125 locations across India, managed by local Chartered Accountancy (CA) firms empanelled with Matrix as franchisees. These 125 associate offices provide delivery capability “on-the- ground” at over 600 towns in the country. This network enables Matrix to take up “feet-on-street” work in the field for its customers, in addition to traditional BPO work in the back-office. Matrix's Core Business is Verification. In addition to Verification Services, Matrix also offers Process Outsourcing Services to custom- ers. Key achievements: • Matrix offers two types of verification services using its unique network-based delivery model: Commercial Verification (called Audit and Assurance Services) as well as Consumer Verification (called Background Checks). • As part of its audit and verification services, Matrix works on the ground, at the depot level, dealer/ distributor level and the retail store level. These services include inventory verification, claims verification, damages verification, retail audit, market spends validation etc. Based on the process notes /templates provided by Matrix, its franchisees (CA firms) carry out the audit and verification work across India, at various depots, distributors and retail store locations. • Consumer Verification services are offered for checking the backgrounds of India’s largest IT companies, ITES companies, MNC banks and private sector banks. Comprehensive checks are carried out on the background of employees which include address checks (involving a physical visit to the employee’s residence), education checks (involving physical visits to the college where the employee studied), criminal record checks (involving physical visit to the employee’s neighbourhood police station) and employment checks (involving physical visits to the office of the previous employer). • Matrix provides customers a single point of contact for multi-locational deliverables. Since the company uses local expertise in the form of its CA partners to carry out the verification work at upcountry locations, it adds significantly to the delivery effectiveness. • In five years Matrix has built up a customer base of over 100 blue chip corporate customers-- including some of India's largest FMCG companies, Retailers, IT companies, ITES companies and Banks. Over 20 of these customers are Fortune 500 entities.
  49. 49. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 37 Mobme Wireless Solutions Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: MobME Wireless Solutions has grown rapidly over the last two years—from a small incubated office in the Technopark in Trivandrum to a team of 35 people operating out of Cochin, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. MobME has increased its revenues four-fold since inception, from Rs. 34 lakhs in 2008 to Rs. 1.26 crore in 2009. Key achievements: • MobME is focused on Managed Services for Mobile Network Operators and Research on Mobile Telephony platforms. The company runs the world’s largest open source based Asterisk Platform for Voice, SMS and USSD applications. Millions of calls, SMSes and USSD sessions are handled every month, proving the robust and carrier grade technology that competes with the likes of Erickson, Nokia Siemens Network and Huawei. The services are built with the simple objectives of customer acquisition, customer retention and increasing ARPU. • With the expertise build over the last two years in SS7 (System Signalling 7) that forms the core base of Telephony Platforms and a complete stack from scratch, MobME is now a national vendor for Vodafone and Aircel. • MobME has been rated as one of India’s 100 Innovative Startups and ranks on NASSCOM’s 100 IT Innovators for 2007. The company featured in Wall Street Journal’s Ten Startups to watch for in 2008. Continuing a streak of Innovation in the mobile domain, MobME was voted the best ICT startup by ISBA and was the winner of NASSCOM’s Most Innovative Startup in India for 2008 Award.
  50. 50. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 38 Savi Info Services Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: SAVI Infoservices (India) is a wholly-owned captive centre for the SAVI Group Inc., a US-based firm focused on delivering profitability to physician practices through a trained certified team and technology innovation. The SAVI Group (SAVI) in both the US and India was founded in 2004 to meet the healthcare industry’s challenges of rising costs, lower collections, increasing paperwork for insurance companies, and in order to take care of local, state, and federal requirements. Key achievements: • SAVI offers products and services in the area of Revenue Cycle Management, which incorporate a Physician Front Office and Billing Office to deliver improved staff productivity, reimbursement rates, charge capture and increased cash flow. • The company’s Medical Coding Services increase the accuracy and reimbursement for medical services provided in offices, hospitals or outpatient centres. • Its Records Management Services /EMR improve the experience of physicians adopting electronic medical records technologies. • SAVI’s clients are realising improved profitability through the company’s proven best practices and processes which eliminate no-shows and increase daily patient visits; maximise co-pay and de- ductible payments at the time of the visit; ensure insurance card collections and eliminate eligibil- ity questions; capture all charges, identify missing information, and shorten follow-up; improve first time payment percentage through coding and claim scrubbing; handle claims auditing, denial responses, and soft collections; provide an offsite secure technical platform at no cost to the physician; and drive increased efficiency and accuracy by becoming “Paperless.” • By combining technology and extensive experience, SAVI has created management solutions which result in higher efficiency, greater productivity, and increased collections. From front office to back office, credentialing to preparing for EMR, SAVI offers clients the services they need to decrease operational time and cost.
  51. 51. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 39 SpadeWorx Software Services Category: EMERGE Services Website: Company Profile: SpadeWorx Software Services is pioneer in the “User Centred Software Engineering™” (UCSE™) do- main. It has developed a methodology to design and develop software solutions that are relevant and contextual to end users. Key achievements: • SpadeWorx has pioneered the User Centred Software Engineering™” (UCSE™) methodology, which is essentially a methodical and artful approach to include the user throughout the software devel- opment process. UCSE primarily focuses on “rich interactivity,” “contextual experience” and “us- ability” while developing business applications and/or products. • Within the industry these applications are generally referred to as “Rich Interactive Applications” (RIA) and “Rich Desktop Applications” (RDA). • SpadeWorx has developed these offerings for companies in domains such as financial services, telecom, media and entertainment and manufacturing. The key services offered by the company are Product Engineering Services, Rich Internet Application Development, Mobile Application De- velopment and Application Modernisation Services. • SpadeWorx’s fifty three people strong team encompasses “Human Computer Interaction” experts, User Experience Designers, Software Engineers, Quality and project management professionals. • The company’s clients include several leading names such as Microsoft, HP, Reliance and the Reserve Bank of India. • SpadeWorx has a global footprint with offices in the US, Singapore and India. The company’ delivery centre is based in Pune, India. Spadeworx has delivered over 30 engagements in the last two years. It has over 10 clients spread over four countries.
  52. 52. NASSCOM EMERGE 50 - 50 40 ValueNotes Database Private Limited Category: EMERGE Services Website:, Company Profile: ValueNotes is an integrated provider of business intelligence, information, and research products and services. It operates at multiple points of the knowledge value chain to provide information, research, analytics, knowledge management and intelligence to a wide variety of users, and via multiple delivery mechanisms. ValueNotes’ customers include leading global corporations, management consulting firms, research publishers, PE and VC firms, and money managers. Key achievements: • As part of Custom Research, Value Notes provides a wide range of bespoke services in the areas of business and financial research and analysis about specific markets, industries, companies and competitive environments. The operates in multiple domains, but primarily in IT and BPO, Finan- cial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Internet and Media. • The company publishes proprietary Market Intelligence on the (Services) Outsourcing industry, covering BPO and KPO services, in the Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Legal, Publishing, and Engineering domains. The publishing activity also drives specific custom research or consulting, focused on helping buyers/investors engage with Indian service providers. • The company has launched, a search engine and financial portal that aggregates research, news, information and independent third-party articles/analyses, primarily about Indian financial and equity markets. ValueNotes today, is one of the strongest online brands focused on the Indian financial sector. The company’s offerings straddle (and leverage) multiple modes of service/product delivery (within the ambit of information/research), including: online and mobile, events and conferences, reports and sub- scriptions. In doing so, it is innovating new business models (or revenue streams) that allow it to leverage its IP and domain knowledge, and deliver via multiple configurations/channels/modes of delivery in order to widen customer reach.