About us
•   Leading providers of Customer Interaction
    Management Solutions
     –   Patent Pending Technology
     – ...
Drishti : Domain
Enterprises with large customer base, are often in need of technology to improve operational
Drishti : Our Innovation
                   DACX Ameyo development platform: An innovative approach to enable
Benefits to our customers
 Faster time‐to‐market for new features and applications

 Reduced costs for customer via faster...
Drishti : Products and partial client List
       DACX Ameyo is an all‐in‐one communications suite for contact 
Some of our customers
Case Study 1: MOSL

• One of the largest Brokerage/Advisory companies in India
• Needed complete automation for three proc...
Case Study 2: Network 18’s Bookmyshow

• The largest online ticket booking company in India
   – Single pan India number ...
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Drishti - NASSCOM Innovation Awards
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Drishti - NASSCOM Innovation Awards


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We next have Drishti Soft presenting their DACX Ameyo, their flagship contact center software which already has around 200 clients across South Asian countries. Ankur, who heads Marketing at Drishti is representing the company. Their key market is emerging countries of South Asia where they have a lot of understanding around the call center processes catering to domestic market. The revenue is license based.

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Drishti - NASSCOM Innovation Awards

  1. 1. About us • Leading providers of Customer Interaction Management Solutions – Patent Pending Technology – Powering over 200 clients globally – Billions of calls processed and thousands of active users – 100s of Self-Help, Outbound, Inbound & Blended processes • Focus on emerging economies. - Presence across India, Philippines, Middle East, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia • Recognized by leading industry bodies - IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Award from TMCnet - Awarded best ACD, Outbound, Customer Support in APAC by Contact Center World 2008. - Deloitte fastest 500 in Asia-Pac (2008) - Red Herring top 200 companies (in contention for top 100)
  2. 2. Drishti : Domain Enterprises with large customer base, are often in need of technology to improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer experience. Such businesses evolve dynamically and conventional communications methods are unable to cater to such unexpected changes in scenarios owing to their rigidity. Drishti has built an innovative technology platform that enables Drishti to offer future-proof technological solutions as per enterprise’s needs. Drishti has innovated to provide best price- performance proposition to cost-conscious businesses in need of a flexible and agile technology. • Such communications-centric enterprises (such as call centers, BFSI) need higher operational efficiencies and business process automation – Enhance the customer experience (E.g.: via multi-channel interaction) – Make policy based decisions rather than haphazard ones – Maximize automation to reduce manual errors and delays – Adopt new convergence and collaboration approaches instead of conventional ones – Remove heterogeneous, multi-point systems and go for All-in-one solutions – Get extended support for 3rd party as well as new feature application development
  3. 3. Drishti : Our Innovation DACX Ameyo development platform: An innovative approach to enable Innovations rapid application development that reduces the development time and deployment cost up to 80% via Model Driven Architecture (MDA) DACX Ameyo execution framework: Based on SOA and Distributed architecture, execution framework is linearly scalable and takes care of the specific needs of communication applications ‐ real time processing carrier grade aspects (high availability and central management), easy integration with third‐party tools All IP‐based software: The IP‐based system is created from ground‐up using propriety algorithms and open standards like SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and Web‐Services Technology Multi‐packaged offering: Common code stream, but different functionalities and capabilities with privilege management ensures that the technology provided is built around the business process Multi‐tenancy: Ideal for SaaS‐based deployment with multiple departments (Single‐site or Multi‐site) Code Generation with MDA and “Nodeflow” approach: No “Shrink‐wrap” approach; Auto‐generation of code (such as UI and Web‐Services API)
  4. 4. Benefits to our customers Faster time‐to‐market for new features and applications Reduced costs for customer via faster creation and deployment Ability to make more informed decisions rather than ad‐hoc ones High Extensibility, Scalability and Reliability “Software is in, Hardware is out”:  Can provide any capability required by the business process No shelf life of software; Easily updated, upgraded and integrated Multi‐packaging: Packages designed as per the requirements of the enterprises and  call centers; Best price‐performance proposition for every kind of business Business flexibility for Enterprises  SaaS (Opex) or Premise‐based (Capex) deployments Single point of contact for technology, services and support No need to have multiple software for each department. 
  5. 5. Drishti : Products and partial client List DACX Ameyo is an all‐in‐one communications suite for contact  centers and enterprises. Built on the latest concepts, it offers  comprehensive capabilities in a software platform such as  Outbound Dialer, IVR, ACD, IP‐PBX, CTI, Voice Logger, Reporting,  CRM, Web Callback Multi-Site, Multi-tenancy, High-availability, Voice/ Email/ SMS, Scripting, Advanced lead management Large Hybrid (tables, filters), Report Designer, Web-service API CCs & Captive (Third party CRM integration), Workflow designer Businesses Blending and resource management, IVR, ACD, Dialer, Quality Mgmt, Scripting, Voice-logger, Call back, Medium Custom CRM and Report Integration International business CCs IP-PBX, Voice-logger, ACD/ IVR, Campaign and User management, Screen Pop, Supervision, Dialer, DNC, Medium Business Lead Mgmt., CRM Integration, Reporting tool CCs Predictive Dialer, Quality management (Analyst, Snoop/ Barge), Voice-logger, Campaign and Lead Small Outbound manager, Call back, CRM and Reports International CCs
  6. 6. Some of our customers
  7. 7. Case Study 1: MOSL • One of the largest Brokerage/Advisory companies in India • Needed complete automation for three processes – Advisory, Customer Care and Back‐Office • Implementation of complete Customer Interaction Management – Custom communications flow as per business processes – Multiple extensions per advisor (upto 3) – Act as business logic – Missed call notification, automatic callback – Broadcast voice notifications Winner of CNBC‐NASSCOM IT user award* for intelligent use of  technology (DACX Ameyo) to manage business processes *Source: http://www.motilaloswal.com/MediaStory.aspx?ArticleID=664b2988-8ea5-455d-907a-ab483654472c
  8. 8. Case Study 2: Network 18’s Bookmyshow • The largest online ticket booking company in India – Single pan India number 39895050 • Comprehensive Customer Interaction Management – Dynamic IVR/ACD implemented with reporting and voice logging – Inbuilt CTI – Payment gateway integration via web‐services – Third‐party CRM as well as Database integration
  9. 9. Thank You www.drishti-soft.com info@drishti-soft.com Head Office Bangalore Pune Kolkata Manilla, Philippines Drishti Soft solutions Drishti Soft solutions Drishti Soft Solutions Drishti Soft Solutions Drishti Philippines Inc. SCO-36 Sector 31 617 Sector 6 24 NECO NX, New Town Rajarhat, H.V. De la Costa Ave. Gurgaon, Haryana 1st Main H.S.R Layout Viman Nagar Kolkata – 700054 Salcedo Village 122001 Bangalore – 560042 Pune – 411014 Makati, Metro Manila Philippines