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  • But before we get into the details about the problem and the solution, let us ponder on this question a bit.Well, we tried to answer this question when we tried building an application with document previewing and editing features an year and half ago.And realized it was not an easy task. And when we started talking to some companies about this, this is what we regularly heard.
  • We figured out that the problem is the difficulty to build these features in house. “read a little on whats written”And this is the problem that we are trying to solve. ----- Meeting Notes (28/10/13 06:45) -----converting documents is a complex and tedious process to build these features, high tech barrier and domain knowledge
  • We builtDocspad to solve this problem and be a one stop solution for all the document handling problems.So what is Docspad? B2b/ Enterprise market----- Meeting Notes (28/10/13 06:45) -----1. Intro 2. Set of apis3. B2b/Enterprise product4. Example5. Multiformat, multi device embedding
  • Preview, annotate, editPeview – picture perfect renderingAnnotate – draw, comment, highlight – This feature allows you or your friends to collaborate on documents by adding comments, highlighting and drawing Edit – Also we are supporting an edit mode which lets you edit your documents on the fly right from the browser without the need of any other software
  • 1. 2. Using this would being one or more of these - improve ux, product differentiation, increase in the revenue
  • Bookpad - SaaS Launchpad

    1. 1. Making digital content accessible
    2. 2. Ponder on this question 2 If“We have tried to build an application where people upload documents you have to build these features ourselves and realized that it was not an easy problem with friends, at it would you give document preview and share itto solve. We failedhow and wasted considerable time and effort. or These features are great your application? document editing in to have and important for our application’s growth.” - a co-founder of an E-Learning company Applications developed in productivity, cloud storage, telecommuting & e-learning space face this problem of document handling (upload, render & edit)
    3. 3. The problem Complex and tedious process to build document handling into web and mobile applications as there is a very high technology barrier that requires the developer to have expert knowledge in document formats 3
    4. 4. The Solution 4 Docspad - A set of easy to use APIs that bring instant document handling to web, mobile and native applications Multiple Formats Multi – Device Embedding & Editing Multi – Deploy Options
    5. 5. Demo
    6. 6. Who will need it? 6 Companies/Developers building applications in Cloud Storage Productivity Conferencing E-learning Improve UX | Product differentiation | Increase revenue more
    7. 7. Business Model 7 We charge our customers for API calls/doc conversions that are made and they can regulate it from their Docspad dashboard Free Tier Basic Tier Basic Plus Tier Bulk Tier
    8. 8. Traction 8 We released our product 3 weeks ago in beta 4 10 50 Customers integrated already Customers integrating this week 50 Customers by December
    9. 9. Market 9 Data Apps API 1 Exabyte of data stored on cloud (1,073,741,824 GB) SaaS-based delivery will experience healthy growth through 2015 – worldwide revenue is projected to reach $22.1 billion (Gartner Research) Cloud APIs usage is increasing at 11.3% year on year with mobile ecosystem as the driving force This is just 7% and will rise to 36% by 2016
    10. 10. Competitive Advantage 10 Preview & Edit APIs Product (for consumer/enterprise apps) Just preview
    11. 11. Team 11 We are a team of IIT grads passionate about technology and the beautiful things that it can do to better human life Technically strong Complementary skills Work as a team & deliver results Share a common vision Understand market & Its needs Share same alma mater
    12. 12. Thanks You can contact us at Visit 12