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Digital health

  1. 1. Digital HealthAn Insiders Look @ Biz Opportunities
  2. 2. Massive Creative DisruptionThere are too many lives lost to completely preventable problems
  3. 3. Panel Participants Dr. Ruchi Dass @drruchibhatt Ravi Kumar @rkumar Mark Friess @markfriessNandu Madhava @nandumadhava
  4. 4. A Practical Vision for Primary Care | James Mathews | @jmathews
  5. 5. What new Key Resources and Key Activities will provide a competitive What are the attributes of a competitive advantage when personalized Value Proposition for my practice under What roles will Patients , Patient medicine and wellness/prevention the new landscape? Relationships and Health 2.0 play becomes the industry’s key focus? when personalized medicine is an industry mainstay?ReinventingPrimary Through which channels will our Patients want toCare reached? Which one’s will be best? Which ones are most cost efficient? How will we integrate them into the practice business flow? What partnerships will maximize How will revenues be generated the effectiveness of my practice’s How will the Cost Structure of our when the focus is on personalized new business model? medical practice change under medicine and wellness/prevention? this new landscape?
  6. 6. Global. Mobile. Social. Health.
  7. 7. Primary Care 2.0 is born
  8. 8. Integrating Nike+ & Daily Feats into Primary Care
  9. 9. Integrating Primary Care to Real World Activities
  10. 10. Advances in Individual or Personalized Medicine
  11. 11. Panel Participants Dr. Ruchi Dass @drruchibhatt Ravi Kumar @rkumar Mark Friess @markfriessNandu Madhava @nandumadhava
  12. 12. Digital Health- A Reality check Presented by: Dr. Ruchi Dass Founder & CEO, HealthCursor
  13. 13. Background
  14. 14. The Indian Healthcare Divide • India has 17% of the worlds population Indian Healthcare Market Growth • Poorest healthcare infrastructure among growing In USD billion economies 500 • Healthcare accounts for only ~5% of GDP 400 • Healthcare Delivery Market in India ~ US$ 60 billion in 2010 15% CAGR 300 • Healthcare market expected to grow at CAGR of 15% 480 200 • Accessible, reliable and affordable healthcare continues to be a 240 100 challenge 60 120 • Significant supply deficit - 2010 2015 2020 2025 • Growing middle class with rising income levels , health awareness Source: Public Sources, Technopak Analysis Indian Healthcare Capacity Shortfall (in mn) 8 6 3.6 3.7 4 1.9 1.8 2 1.9 0.9 1.5 1.3 0.7 0 Bed Doctors Nurses Existing Required (2010) Required (2020) Source: Public Research
  15. 15. Common Problems & ChallengesPopulation Growth Mobile Density in India Rising Healthcare Patient CentricAgeing Population Spend Integrated Care Connected Healthcare Standards & Interoperability 15
  16. 16. Digital Health Market Dynamics in IndiaTele-Health market in India is expected to grow at a minimum of 15% CAGR for the next decadeThe main drivers for the growth are going to be as follows: Skewed Availability of Healthcare Personnel • 75-80% of the population lives in rural area • Most of the doctors and specialists are concentrated in Urban areas Small per capita Healthcare Budget • Healthcare spending of USD 40 per capita • Low spending • Need to maximize value derived • 80% of the expenditure is from out of pocket • Extreme sensitivity to healthcare spending Disease Profile of the Population • High incidence of communicable and infectious diseases, many of them self limiting or easily treatable with minimal clinical expertise • Growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases Increasing Penetration of Mobile Communication • Indian Telecom industry fastest growing in the world. • Semi-urban and rural areas driving the growth. • More than 700 million mobile connections in India (2010), with penetration expected to cross 80% by 2014 Call a Doctor/ Second Patient Education and Home Health and Remote Tele-Diagnosis and e- Tele-Counseling Opinion Health Tips Monitoring Prescription
  17. 17. Readiness?
  18. 18. McKinsey & Deloitte Digital Health Analysis- India
  19. 19. Ongoing Initiatives
  20. 20. Major Milestones
  21. 21. Current Scenario
  22. 22. Digital Health ecosystem in INDIA Healthcare ... are regulated and funded by ... Government / Providers Regulators ..several others….Implemented remote .. fund and regulate ...monitoring solution ... provide access to ... Sharing of medical images Medical data management Digitization of health records … provide platform to and partner with … Operators Solution Providers Remote monitoring solution
  23. 23. Major Players Players Definition Examples Regulators Medical regulatory authorities such as FDA, HIPAA etc Healthcare Individuals or institution s providing health care services Providers Fitness General fitness providers and diet clinics Providers Application Independent medical / mobile Software developers Developers Data Management Medical information providers Health Device Manufacturers of sensors that interface with application on Manufactures mobile phones Medical education & research Medical Organizations institutions, publishers, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies Network Wireless data network providers Providers Mobile Smartphone and feature phone manufacturers Manufacturers
  24. 24. Barriers
  25. 25. Drivers of Digital Health as Enablers and Barriers Enabler Barrier Evidence of Efficacy mHealth showing impact in Inconclusive proof of efficacy in quality and cost specific situations Consumer Adoption Increased participation in Consumer resistance healthcare beyond hospital care setting Cost to Deploy/ Falling deployment costs Technical difficulty and delivery Cost to Use risk Regulatory Climate Improved regulatory climate for Regulatory concerns over mHealth and improved support security, privacy and lack of for interoperability clarity over specific standards Clinical Adoption Increased awareness and Continued resistance to change acceptance among healthcare from healthcare professionals professionals
  26. 26. Technology Innovation? Usability Innovation?
  27. 27. For Care or for Continuum of care?
  28. 28. Digital Health for Surveillance
  29. 29. Thank you
  30. 30. Panel Participants Dr. Ruchi Dass @drruchibhatt Ravi Kumar @rkumar Mark Friess @markfriessNandu Madhava @nandumadhava
  31. 31. Economic Stimulus packages Aging baby Consolidation boomers and Across Increase in Healthcare Chronic Verticals IllnessesTrends in Healthcare an Investment Analyst view Global Healthcare Electronic Industry Medical Tourism Health Records in Asia Transition from Patents to Artificial Intelligence Generic in Healthcare Pharmaseuticals
  32. 32. Panel Participants Dr. Ruchi Dass @drruchibhatt Ravi Kumar @rkumar Mark Friess @markfriessNandu Madhava @nandumadhava
  33. 33. mDhil is the largest mobile & online health service for Indians. We connect users to accurate healthinformation, physicians, and products across India.
  34. 34. mDhil – Partner Ecosystem
  35. 35. Original Health Videos Original video that is scripted, produced, and edited by mDhil to be viewable on both PCs and mobile handsets
  36. 36. mDhil Daily Views Every 1 14000 minute in 12000 10000 India, 8000 7 people 6000 watch an 4000mDhil health 2000 0 video
  37. 37. Affordable mobile data services means mDhil reaches users across India…Region City Visits Region City VisitsKarnataka Bangalore 113,192 Punjab Amritsar 2,845Delhi New Delhi 104,948 Andhra Pradesh Vijayawada 2,761Maharashtra Mumbai 59,193 Haryana Ambala 2,681Maharashtra Pune 42,539 Gujarat Surat 2,553Tamil Nadu Chennai 39,750 Maharashtra Kandivli 2,411Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 37,782 Maharashtra Nagpur 2,290West Bengal Calcutta 23,917 Bihar Jamshedpur 1,946Punjab Chandigarh 11,354 Assam Guwahati 1,879Gujarat Ahmedabad 10,557 Tamil Nadu Thanjavur 1,862Maharashtra Mahape 10,419 Tamil Nadu Vellore 1,851Uttar Pradesh Noida 9,042 Kerala Kozhikode 1,798Kerala Cochin 6,933 Gujarat Valsad 1,730Tamil Nadu Coimbatore 6,786 Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad 1,643Punjab Ludhiana 6,402 Karnataka Mysore 1,638Haryana Gurgaon 6,157 Madhya Pradesh Durg 1,516Uttar Pradesh Lucknow 4,479 Uttar Pradesh Dehra Dun 1,475Rajasthan Jaipur 4,094 Tamil Nadu Erode 1,459Orissa Bhubaneswar 4,053 Pondicherry Pondicherry 1,450Madhya Pradesh Indore 3,982 Gujarat Rajkot 1,418Karnataka Belgaum 3,383 Maharashtra Aurangabad 1,351Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 3,302 Rajasthan Udaipur 1,328Kerala Trivandrum 3,279 Tamil Nadu Madurai 1,291Gujarat Vadodara 3,202 (not set) (not set) 1,257Karnataka Mangalore 3,013 Bihar Patna 1,104Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam 2,947 Tamil Nadu Sivakasi 1,020
  38. 38. Panel Participants Dr. Ruchi Dass @drruchibhatt Ravi Kumar @rkumar Mark Friess @markfriessNandu Madhava @nandumadhava