Product Management Learnings from the Trenches


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  • One thing you don’t want to prioritize is how long your engineering mgr things it takes to build
  • How much is too little and too much, who will do what – divide up the pieces – eventually your CEO is
  • How much is too little and too much, who will do what – divide up the pieces – eventually your CEO is
  • How much is too little and too much, who will do what – divide up the pieces – eventually your CEO is. Talk about Chamath’s reference as well – don’t release something just because you believe its “internally done” – keep a higher bar, test it with personas
  • Product Management Learnings from the Trenches

    1. 1. Product ManagementLearnings from the Trenches Presented by: Pinkesh Shah Director, Institute of Product Leadership
    2. 2. Pinkesh Shah, CPM, CPMMDirector, Institute of Product LeadershipAsia’s first B-school for techies!  Silicon Valley Product Exec  Most recently VP, Product Mgmt at McAfee R&C BU (now Intel)  Started Product Mgmt in McAfee India  Part of 3 startups  Founder, Adaptive Marketing  Working to launch Asia’s first B- school on Product Leadership (
    3. 3. Prioritizing Product DevelopmentShould you do the wow feature, or the table stakes, or the onethe VC is asking about, or fix bugs?Learnings from the trenches1. Delight the primary persona2. If everything is important, nothing is! Over Engineering,3. Focus on Release Lack of Prioritization Objectives (ex. Acquisition, Satisfaction, renewals, buzz)
    4. 4. Can’t Afford a Product Manager?How do you instill product management thinking into yourorganization if you can’t afford a PM?Learnings from the trenches1. Every CEO is a super PM2. Common Agreement on the “productizing” process3. Bring Personas into NO PMs? Conversations You pay in other ways!
    5. 5. Feature CompletionWhen are you done?Learnings from the trenches1. “Value Delivered” is the ONLY finish line2. Test Early, Test Often3. Beta, Limited Release Done! but no Value Delivered!
    6. 6. How Much Process is Too Much?Should you skip steps, like user testing because your small, or in ahurry?Learnings from the trenches1. Internal Customers become more important than real customers2. Testing Functionality vs Testing Requirements Structurally sound, but not usable!
    7. 7. “Delighting customersproduct[prod-uh kt] managerby delivering compelling value predictably”Learning from the trenches• Product Management is everyone’s job & anyone can become a PM – Process v/s Role• Leverage “assets” to create delight – Eternal Optimism• Avoid “Ship it Forget it” or “Forget shipping lets sell” – Focus on the entire “Productizing Process”
    8. 8. Thank