Be There or You Will regret it - Product Conclave 2012


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NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) 2012 is an exclusive forum for product entrepreneurs looking to get actionable takeaways and learn from experts, peers and practitioners on their Go-to-market strategy.

NPC 2012 promises to motivate, inspire and educate. An all star cast of product entrepreneurs, including Ram Shriram (Sherpalo Ventures), Sajiv Sidhu (i2 technologies) will share their proven techniques for product success. Over 60+ hours of goal oriented track sessions in the areas of product management, marketing, sales and business development will help you learn from people who have previously built, are currently building or are looking to build global product organizations.

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Be There or You Will regret it - Product Conclave 2012

  1. NASSCOM Product Conclave 2012
  2. The Indian product industry ison an unprecedentedgrowth trajectory
  3. The last 3 years have seen 789% growth in product startups 2173% increase in funded product ventures
  4. Made-in-India products arebecoming household names and aredelighting users like never before
  5. Being a product entrepreneurin India is finally sexy
  6. The challenge now is to make thesecompanies global players and putIndia on the world product map
  7. And at an important juncture like this comes …
  8. The Mecca ofIndian product companies
  9. The event to be at if you are a product entrepreneur
  10. The place you can where hang out the whoswith who of the product Indian ecosystem
  11. Be there to…
  12. Listen to an all-star cast of productentrepreneurs - Ram Shriram, Sanjiv Sidhu, Vivek Wadhwa, Charles Philips
  13. Learn from sessions catering to all stages of the product maturity ecosystem…
  14. …from finding a product-marketfit in the early stages to … … achieving escape velocity to grow your revenue
  15. Network with… Serial entrepreneurs CIOs Investors Customers VCs and angel investors
  16. Share your ideaswith newbies and veterans alike
  17. Check out all the new stuff thecool kids are building
  18. The conclave this year revolves around Cloud, Big Data and Mobile
  19. And pushes you to be faster, higherand stronger.Citius. Altius. Fortius.
  20. The Conclave last yearsaw ...
  21. 1400+ delegatesfrom all parts of the country
  22. Extensive coverage in both …mainstream media andTwittersphere
  23. Energy levels that you only see ata rock concert
  24. This yearonly gets bigger and better
  25. 40+ volunteers come together tobring to you the flagship event of theIndian product ecosystem
  26. Be there.Or you will regret it.
  27. You have been warned 