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Metao Mescience Informatics

  1. 1. METAOME SCIENCE INFORMATICS Democratizing big data in the Life Sciences and Health Care Ramkumar Nandakumar Dr. Prajwal Bhat
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM How can a doctor select the best Cancer therapy for a patient based on his genetic profile? CLINICAL DECISION SUPPORT Can this drug be used to treat other diseases? DRUG DISCOVERY The underlying cause in both scenarios is the same!!
  3. 3. Data is siloed – scattered across various sources Data access is not easy Analytical tools are too complex – require informatics skills Biologists are not computer scientists! “Life Science researchers hit a wall when it comes to analyzing and gathering insights from their data”
  4. 4. OUR SOLUTION A radical solution - intelligent and domain-aware A vast Knowledge Graph mapping every known biological entity and relationship >1 Billion connections, and growing Drug Disease Protein Disease Gene Gene Gene
  5. 5. OUR SOLUTION Data Upload by users App Eco-system Data is more accessible Always know what is relevant Point and click analytics on the Knowledge Graph
  6. 6. OUR SOLUTION Scientists •  Understand how data relates to information •  Explore causal connections across phenomena •  Overview from a systems level Clinician •  What are the likely side-effects? •  Is there a better combination of drugs? •  What is the best treatment for a patient with a given genetic profile? “Increase revenues Reduce costs”
  7. 7. MARKET SIZE 5 Million potential users $20 subscription per month à $1 Billion 5% market share à $50 Million Health Care segment is at least 10x
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL SaaS - Direct to the end-user No more cumbersome enterprise installations! Freemium features Subscription - $20/user/month Individual, Group or Enterprise subscriptions
  9. 9. TEAM Kalpana Krishnswami, CEO Kalpana has over 2 decades of experience in developing, managing and bringing new products to the market. She has previously founded Jigyasa – an NSF funded eLearning company, Instantiations – now acquired by Google. Kalpana has an integrated MS from IIT, Delhi and an MS in Computational Chemistry from Wright State University. She has previously worked at UNC Supercomputing Center, GE, CambridgeSoft and Jubilant Biosys Ramkumar Nandakumar, CTO Ram's background is in bioinformatics, data mining and knowledge management. Ram brings over 20 years of rich and diverse experience with biological databases and expertise in managing commercial bioinformatics products (Monsanto, Max Planck Institute, University of Cambridge and Jubilant Biosys). Ram has an MS and a specialization in bioinformatics from Madurai Kamaraj University. Dr. Prajwal Bhat, Product Manager Prajwal has 8 years of experience in Computational Biology. His work largely focused on applying graph-theoretic methods to solve problems in Biology. Prajwal has worked extensively on problems such as protein function prediction and gene functional analyses. Prajwal has a PhD in Computational Biology from University of London, UK.   Advisors & Investors NSRCEL – IIM, Bangalore A Suryanarayan Christopher DeSouza Vineet Dravid