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My First 20 B2B Paying Customers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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My First 20 B2B Paying Customers

  1. 1. My First 20 B2B Paying Customers Shivku from exotel
  2. 2. The three year startup networking baggage • Exotel is B2SME. • Startups are SME too. • Attended startup conferences to learn about starting up • Used this network of “early adopters” to validate & sell • Linkedin maintained & managed my network on my behalf • Bonus points: Helped in hiring too!
  3. 3. Asking for reference during validation pitches • Pitched the deck to nearly 50 eclectic people (Including my mom & our electrician) • Asked them to think of someone/anyone they know for whom the product might be useful for. • How will it be useful for them? • Can you do an intro?
  4. 4. My first twenty Company no 1 Friend’s brother Company no 2 Startup friend Company no 3 Startup friend & X-colleague Company no 4 Friend Company no 5 Intro through startup friend Company no 6 Met at Geeks on a plane in mumbai during a pitch Company no 7 X- Company secretary Company no 8 Restauranteur friend & X-colleague Company no 9 Startup Friend Company no 10 Noticed exotel at Unpluggd (where we launched) Company no 11 Friend working in a startup Company no 12 TV show on ET-Now Company no 13 Intro by X-Company Secretary Company no 14 Startup friend Company no 15 Tried to help me with my fundraise Company no 16 From unpluggd Company no 17 Friend who liked my previous startup Company no 18 Reference by company volunteered to help with my fundraise Company no 19 Startup friend Company no 20 Startup friend
  5. 5. Take-aways • Your customer can come from anywhere. Keep eyes & ears open, particularly to vendors • Sell yourself along with the product. Pedigree matters • Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are your friends • Ask for references shamelessly • Grab every mic you get. Speak at every stage you can. • Don’t be stupid
  6. 6. Thankyou