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Signing up your first 20 B2B paying customers


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Signing up your first 20 B2B paying customers

  1. 1. Signing up your first 20 B2B paying customers Hemant Joshi, Co-Founder - Sapience Analytics
  2. 2. Following the Innovation Curve Founders have to sell
  3. 3. First mile - why founders must do the selling • Are you an entrepreneur or a product developer? – Remember you are building a product business – It may be a cool product, but is it a viable business? • You have thought about the product, target market, pricing, and value to customers, more than anyone else – If founder cannot articulate the product value and sell, how do you expect others to do so? – You are in best position to respond to questions, commit to future changes, and decide the price to close those first deals • A good sales person is expensive, so do you really have a choice?
  4. 4. Advantages of selling to early Adopters • Learn from your initial selling experiences – Product Features (e.g. Sapience dropped Task Management) – Product Positioning (e.g. Sapience as Enterprise Productivity solution) – Business Model and Pricing (e.g. Cloud + On-premise, fixed price initially and subscription later) • Benefit from your rapport with first customers – Get first hand experience about how your product is being used – Discover and implement possible integration opportunities with other products they have – Have them refer you to new prospects – Get their agreement to provide reference, testimonials and case study
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