The Next Big Thing: Big Data


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  • We see a whole new world of Applications emerging – Data Driven Applications
  • Data-Driven Apps change everything. There are new sensors, producing data and signals that impacts our lives as consumers, the broad spectrum of businesses as well as cities, governments & the planet.
  • If we look at the evolution of Apps, it all started with the automation of the back-office with mainframes and client-server. Apps that automate different business processes in manufacturing, supply chain, finance, etc. Following that was the era of a PC on every desk followed by web, social and mobile. We are now in the era of data-driven apps where intelligence from data drives actual value to users and business, over and above plumbing, accessability and automation of tasks.
  • Focusing on businesses, there are a new class of applications emerging to support Line of Business functions such as CRM consisting of sales, marketing & customer support, HR, Finance, etc.
  • And apps that are very specific to vertical industries that improves profitability, decreases costs, and creates new products and services.
  • As we go up we move from visibility of data, to insights & intelligence, actionable data and finally automated actions. As we go up the human being is being removed from the real-time decision making loop.
  • The Next Big Thing: Big Data

    1. 1. October, 2013 Data-Driven Applications The Next Big Thing : Big Data
    2. 2. Big Data Changes Everything Quantified Self Analytic Enterprise Smart Cities, Social Good Consumers Business Public Mobile, Wearable Devices CRM, Web, Machines Map, Weather, Demographics
    3. 3. App Evolution Data-Driven Mobile Social Web Front Office Productivity Back Office Automation
    4. 4. Functional Area Apps Finance HR CRM Security IT Supply Chain
    5. 5. Vertical Industry Apps • • • • • • • Online + Advertising Tele-communications Financial Tech & Insurance Healthcare + Biotechnology Automotive Industrial Controls Retail & eCommerce
    6. 6. Data Science is the Enabler Optimization Systems Learn-Act-Correct Closed Loop Systems What should happen? Machine learning, Modeling Predictive Analytics What is likely to happen? Insights Correlations, Patterns, Anomalies Data Mining Why did it happen? Interactive Data Exploration Search, Visual Actions Human Correlation Dashboard, Reports KPIs, Aggregates, Counts Business Intelligence What happened? Automatic Insights Manual Visibility
    7. 7. Thank You! Big Data is like teenage sex: Everyone talks about it Nobody really knows how to do it Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it So everyone claims they are doing it…!