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From smart mobs to smart govs


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Presentation at the Tech4Freedom: Democracy and Human Rights in the Digital Age conference (Beirut 14-15 Dec. 2017) in the Tech 4 Political Change panel

Published in: News & Politics
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From smart mobs to smart govs

  1. 1. From Smart Mobs to Smart Govs The New Shift in Power 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 1
  2. 2. Smart Mobs • Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution (Howard Rheingold, 2002) • Social, economic and political changes implicated by developing technology • Collective Intelligence • Crowd Dynamics • Shift in Power: Communities Dominate Brands 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 2
  3. 3. Govs Dominate Crowds Smart Mobs (2002) Arab Spring (2010) “Smart Govs” (2011) "thumb tribes" in Tokyo and Helsinki use text messaging to organize impromptu raves or to stalk celebrities 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 3
  4. 4. Network Interventions • Network Engineering: Alteration • Physically Eliminating Hubs and Bridges • Infiltrating the Social Networks 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 4
  5. 5. Psychometrics • Post-Truth Era: Emotions not Facts • “in this era of post-truth politics, it's easy to cherry-pick data and come to whatever conclusion you desire” (Oxford Dictionary) • Our smartphone is a vast psychological questionnaire that we are constantly filling out, both consciously and unconsciously (Michal Kosinksi, Cambridge Psychometrics Center) • Weaponized online rumors and fake news have the upper hand over activist idealism (The Economist, 2017) • Hijacked Democracy 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 5
  6. 6. Majority Illusion Paradox • Social Bots: Automation of manipulation • Niche Influencers, Bridges and High PageRank • Easily Influenced People vs Influencers 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 6
  7. 7. PolarizationofDiscussions Twitter discussion about the garbage crisis Sep. 8, 2015 Civil society groups Community Clusters Twitter discussion about the garbage crisis Feb. 2, 2016 Two major groups: IranianAffairs and KSA24 Polarized crowds 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 7
  8. 8. The next big threat 0% Traceability 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 8
  9. 9. If you have to pick one fight • The right to know the source / Right to know the origin: • Who posted it first? • Creator vs Sender 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 9
  10. 10. Tech4Journalism • Hire Big Data Analysts • Own your Data • Choice of channels • Business Model • Learn the Processes • Fight Back 15-Dec-17 Nasri Messarra ( 10