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Sm Consulting Services Expertise

  1. 1. Company Profile and Expertise December 20th, 2011
  2. 2. SM Consulting Services is in business to support theTelecommunications & Solution Provider clients in achievingtheir business goals. We look for clients that we can formlong term partnerships with to meet the goals of bothorganizations. Our ability to understand the latesttechnology and operating environments of our clients allowus to provide cost effective services and enhanced flexibilityin supporting their needs.Our services are geared to both project-based support andongoing daily operating support. We can provideEngineering, Project Management, Operational support toour clients today. We have extensive experience insupporting Allstream in many facets of their business overthe years including Planning, Engineering, Field Operationsand Customer Service.
  3. 3. The management team at SM Consulting has been in theindustry for more than 18 years and has been providingEngineering services to MTS Allstream through Tricrest since2003. In the past year we were also successful in beingselected to provide our services to Rogers CommunicationsInc.Our management team has worked very hard to build a solidreputation of performing quality work within the client’sorganization. Strong leadership, technology experience andadherence to core values, our consultants and staff provide asuccessful formula for our clients and for the growth of SMConsulting Services.
  4. 4. At SM Consulting Services we are building our reputation onbeing a knowledgeable, innovative, and responsive serviceprovider who looks to develop long term relationships with itscustomers. We always keep our customers needs front andforemost with every activity we perform. We provideprofessional quality services on time and on budget.SM Consulting Services is a rapidly growing company whichprovides detailed engineering design services to Clientsthrough former subcontracting arrangements at (TricrestProfessional Services).SM Consulting Services Inc. is 100% Canadian owned andoperated with its head office located in Mississauga, Ontario.
  5. 5.  Client’s Requirements/Needs:1. Have a shortage of skilled in-house engineering personnel.2. Require expert network planning, design, deployment, optimization and project management of carrier-class core and tier networks.3. Require records management expertise to efficiently manage engineering data.4. Face high turnover of your skilled engineering resources. Our Solution1. SM Consulting provides unparalleled network engineering expertise in Carrier/Solution Provider environments. Our expertise helps new and established service providers deploy voice, data and networking technologies quickly and reliably.2. Our consultants have planned and engineered advanced networks, including SONET, DWDM, IP, OTN and VOIP, and will help you overcome your challenges in design of national and intra- city transport networks for voice and data traffic, fibre routing, local access, emerging wireless technologies and switched and routed services including DWDM,SDH/SONET, xDSL, IP, Internet Access and SS7. Benefits1. Experienced engineering consultants with in-depth telecom/IT knowledge and field expertise.2. Rapid time-to-market due to our ability to provide skilled personnel on short notice.3. Immediate Productivity: Experienced consultants require minimal training.4. Greater network performance with a measurable quality of service.5. End-to-end project management, from inception to implementation.6. One stop provider for all of your planning and engineering needs.
  6. 6.  SM Consulting information technology consultants work closely with you to understand your needs and provide complete turnkey solutions, with one diversified team. We can handle all aspects of your key IT deliverables, including: Network architecture, technology development, and engineering. Support for on-site implementation of IT equipment, hardware, cabling, and infrastructure. Negotiation and coordination of upstream peering requirements. Effective project management and status communication. Our team will undertake the complete job or act as consultants to manage and co- ordinate outside contractors.Benefits Competitive pricing. Skilled and diversified Networking Engineers with the experience to provide valuable feedback on issues of design and implementation. Effective beginning-to-end site project management that ensures due dates are met and sites are ready for service: on time and on budget. Extensive telecommunications and Internet industry expertise with established networking industry relationships. Ability to provide skilled personnel on short notice.
  7. 7. Our team of consultants provides a full range of services, including: Physical Network Audits: Telecom equipment, network switches and routers (port count, fibre connections) and support equipment (UPS, local spares). Fibre Audits: Fibre counts, fibre routing, fibre splicing and inter-connection documentation. Logical Network Audits: Port configurations and virtual circuits. Records reconciliation and verification. Site access documentation. Network database population. Capacity management. Network audit template libraries. Network site packages.Benefits Experienced consultants with in-depth telecom knowledge and comprehensive network audit experience. National presence that considerably reduces costs for nationwide audits. Thorough understanding of the relationship between capacity management and audit requirements. Immediate Productivity: Experienced consultants require minimal training. Ability to provide skilled personnel on short notice.
  8. 8. Why Migrate Data Data migration is a necessary step as more organizations move away from their legacy database to the commonly available and popular RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management Systems). In many of the re-engineering projects, it becomes necessary to move away from the existing database system to more advanced database systems, which take full advantage of technological advances in the software industry. Re-engineering of older processes. Replacing older legacy systems due to changing business, technology and methodologies. Taking advantage of newer technologies, both hardware and software, which offer superior performance advantages. Older database technologies lacked the relational integrity offered by todays relational databases. This results in added costs to the user in trying to deal with these shortcomings. Some of the "Off-the-Shelf" packages are sophisticated enough to address many of today’s business needs, making it more feasible to migrate to these packages, reducing the ever-increasing in-house maintenance of the older legacy systems.Our Solution SM Consulting has undertaken numerous large-scale migration projects for major telecom companies. Our migration services not only help to move data between systems, but also assess, plan and execute migration projects. SM Consulting data management experience helps enterprises overcome the obstacles typically associated with migrations such as time, cost, application downtime and loss of productivity. Some of our migration work involves converting data from legacy systems, Excel sheets and other formats to new technology including industry leading Granite Xng OSS. Combined with our years of industry experience, SM Consulting offers comprehensive data migration solutions to meet and exceed your requirements.