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MK-160: Media Komunitas 160 Karakter [Community Media (in) 160 Characters]


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Utilizing short message service (SMS) as community media platform. Developed bay Angkringan Community Media, Desa Timbulharjo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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MK-160: Media Komunitas 160 Karakter [Community Media (in) 160 Characters]

  1. 1. MK-160: Media Komunitas 160 Karakter Community Media (in) 160 CharactersU ti li z ing Sh ort Mes sage S er v ic e (SMS) a sC ommun it y Media P latf or m
  2. 2. Agenda1. Background2. Who is ANGKRINGAN?3. What is MK160? How we do it?4. What can we learn from our experience?5. What are our next plans?6. Recommendations
  3. 3. Background• Community media play important role to provide information for grassroot community. There are 600 community radio stations (approximately) spread across Indonesia (Source: COMBINE Annual Report, 2006)• The rapid growth of mobile phone users in Indonesia has changed grassroots community media behavior. People in rural area prefer to exchange information via short message service (SMS) because it is cheaper and faster• Indonesia ranks third in most mobile phone users across Asia Pacific (estimated to 250 million subscribers) (Source: Association of Indonesian Cellular Telecommunication/ATSI, 2011)
  4. 4. Background• Most mobile phone users in rural area, use their phone to call and send text message. Number of messages in the end of 2011 are 260 billion, while data exchange reach 27 thousand terrabyte.• The nature of SMS feature is one-to-one communication. With a little innovation, SMS can be managed and utilized as a multifunctional platform. SMS technology can be used as a simple, fast and inexpensive medium of information.• The character of these technologies are very suitable to be developed and implemented by community media.
  5. 5. Timbulharjo Village• Located 7 km South of Yogyakarta city. There are 6.000 household, 20.000 population• Most of the Timbulharjo residents use mobile phone. Behavior: send/received voice call and SMS, update status to Facebook.• There is Facebook group with more than 1.000 members. Only 5% of total population have internet connection in their house.
  6. 6. What is MK-160?• Angkringan Community Media’s idea to optimize the use of short message service (SMS) as community based information channel in Timbulharjo• The nature of SMS feature is one-to-one communication. However, by developing particular software, SMS can be used as one- to-many, many-to-many and/or many-to-one communication
  7. 7. How we do it?1. We assess & collect data of Timbulharjo residents. e.g: address, education, mobile number, media preference, skill, blood type, jadwal ronda etc. Then put it in MK160’s server2. We develop SMS application with local IT developer using open source software. We try out the software in targeted area to study its capability3. After all data has collected and the software is ready, we use MK-160 for information management4. We will write our experience in a report book, tutorial and release MK-160 software under Creative Common License5. We will train 10 communities to use and utilize MK160 in their community
  8. 8. Administrator 2 3 4 Residents Database as 1 “smart address book” SMS Server 5Message Sender Group A (by location, Group B (by location, gender, age, interest, gender, age, interest, blood type, ect blood type, ect
  9. 9. ANGKRINGAN Newsletter +622749808XXX will be published by Friday. Send us your (M Nur Santoso) There is siltation report/information about your neighborhood via of waterways in Sudimoro intersection SMS to this number. Selected SMS will getfrom north to south of the intersection. If heavy prize #SMSAngkringan rain, water overflows onto the street. Please inform this to related government official to dredge waste, instead of dike heightening. INFO: to the residents of Kowen, particularly those with babies and young children are expected to come to village health post, on February 14th, 2013 at 9am. +628967134XXX Boss, please tell me how to find aid? I am a member of very poor family. I dont have well and toilet and electricity. Please tell me. (Prawoto) ANGKRINGAN Newsletter has been published. Our headline is requirement and time schedule of chief of village election. Get it now in your nearest mosque/village security post. its free. #SMS ANGKRINGAN
  10. 10. Attention: To all member of JAMKESMAS, the newest version of the card is valid. But you still can use the older version of it until 28th February 2013 #SMSAngkringan +628180405XXX (Ibrahim Prasetyo) JAMKESMAS does not reach the right target. I hope Angkringan community participate to make it reach the right one +62857431381XXX (Ibnu Supriyanto) Bro, pleaseask our local government official, why I dont get my identity card? +6285747038XXX I read Angkringan newsletter and I agree with youguys.. the newsletter makes me more informed, although im not in the list of JAMKESMAS. It doesnt matter
  11. 11. To all Timbulharjo residents, be careful when you pass Tembi-sudimoro street. There are holes in +6287839973XXX the street that will cause you accident, (Tari Rukmawulan) especially in the night.Yeah, thats right. I have fallen when trying #SMSAngkringan to avoid the hole.. +6283840444XXX (Harun Mustofa) Me too.. I fell yesterday
  12. 12. +628157906XXX Help please, I need AB blood type for my wife operation tomorrow at 9am in Sardjito Hospital Urgently needed, AB Blood type for Mr. Jaka Sutrisnas wife, Tembi (081579XXX) for medical surgery tomorrow at 9am in Sardjito Hospital +6285743666XXX (M Irvan) #SMSKomunitasYou can call Himawan or Mahmud Abdul for AB good type in Sorogenen.
  13. 13. RIP. Chief of village religious affair, Mr. Muhammad Ali, Saturday at 5.30pm. +62819144XXX The decease will be buried on Monday, ADVERTISMENT. Meatballs and 2pm #SMSKomunitas Soto, Mr. Suraji, Sanggrahan. Cheap,halal, healthy. Its delicious. Borax free, no preservation. Address: Sangrahan RT 03 Gang Purut JOB VACANCY. Building construction supervisor needed. Requirement: Has a lot of construction worker building, clean and neat work. Call 0858786XXX INFO: Open recruitment, farmer association SENGON BAROKAH. lets joint us. +628587835XXX Further information, please call Erwandi Why do education fund allocation 08783835XXXX distributed to elementary school? Please give attention . thanks
  14. 14. Media Convergence
  15. 15. What we have learned from our experience?1. SMS technology combined with a database of people, able to convey information in a very specific segment (based on location, age, gender, social class, etc.)2. The convergence of technology makes information more effectively (SMS to newsletters, newsletter to SMS, SMS to twitter, etc)3. Collecting residents data not only get mobile phone numbers, but could derive a very rich data (skill, business type, etc.)
  16. 16. What we have learned from our experience? Size:1 GB mobile internet = 6,4 milion SMS 1 SMS = Rp. 100 1 GB = Rp. 25.000 6.400.000x100=Rp.640.000.000 1 25.600 mobile internet SMS4. Compared with mobile internet rates, the cost of SMS is relatively expensive. However SMS remains selected because most villagers still use SMS instead of mobile internet.
  17. 17. What we have learned from our experience? sender keep all cost based tarrifs Rp. XX Rp. 0 Rp. XX Rp. 23 provider A provider B provider A provider B4. Since Juni 2012, there are new regulation -from the sender keep all to cost based tariffs- forced mobile operators to change their policy related to free SMS.5. This caused the basic assumption of MK160 dramatically change and cost a lot money to send broadcast SMS to Timbulharjo residents.
  18. 18. What are our next plans?1. Setting business model to support MK-160 sustainability. e.g: act as local commercial channel for Timbulharjo resident business, cooperate with NGO and/or local government to share information and/or as media center.2. Explore the possibility to cooperation with mobile provider in various areas: CSR, business cooperation etc.
  19. 19. Recommendation1. Short term: use multiple numbers from different mobile operators to send SMS to Timbulharjo residents2. Medium term: cooperate with mobile provider, and asked the government to implement special policies for community SMS. e.g: by applying Universal Service Obligation (USO).3. Long term: SMS tariff policy advocacy for the bottom of the pyramid users.
  20. 20. Contact: Address: Komplek Balai Desa Timbulharjo,Kecamatan Sewon, Kabupaten Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 55185 Email: Twitter: @AngkringanMedia @emka160 FB: Media Komunitas Angkringan Website: