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EXPANDING- Benton's edtech integration plan moves into year two


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This presentation was given to the faculty of Benton High School. After a year-long educational technology integration plan moved a cohort of 20 teachers into a place to bring the whole of the staff into the fold... we are ready to take the next step for our kids.

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EXPANDING- Benton's edtech integration plan moves into year two

  1. 1. Moving Benton High School towards a student-centered, constructivist future
  2. 2. Continuous Partial Attention
  3. 3. Work has changed from...
  4. 4. making things...
  5. 5. to knowing things
  6. 6. What is constructivism? Examples of programs & curricula recently adopted by districts throughout the nation that are centered around the notion that, classroom instruction notwithstanding, students make their own meaning.
  7. 7. What do these have in common? process writing, problem or inquiry-based mathematics, investigative or inquiry-based science, & experiential or problem-based social studies
  8. 8. In a constructivist classroom... the teacher searches for students’ understandings of concepts, and then structures opportunities for students to refine or revise these understandings by posing contradictions, presenting new information, asking questions, encouraging research, and/or engaging students in inquiries designed to challenge current concepts. (Brooks & Brooks, 1999)
  9. 9. Five overarching principles evident in constructivist classrooms:
  10. 10. Teachers seek and value their student’s points of view.
  11. 11. Classroom activities challenge students’ suppositions.
  12. 12. Teachers pose problems of emerging relevance.
  13. 13. Teachers build lessons around primary concepts and “big ideas.”
  14. 14. Teachers assess student learning in the context of daily teaching. (Brooks & Brooks, 1999)
  15. 15. Developing a World-Class, Technologically-Literate Staff 2009, Year One - “Beginnings”
  16. 16. Our Program Cornerstone: comprehensive & sustained training minimal time spent in large groups learning basic operations & applications quickly move to needs- based, small group training job-embedded training followed by classroom- based coaching is crucial
  17. 17. Less: “SPRAY & PRAY”
  18. 18. Cohort One commitments: one plan period every other week (job- embedded training) completion, implementation & observation of incremental tasks/assignments reflection of PD will be publicly weblogged one-on-one coaching with IC
  19. 19. Not tied to a desk
  20. 20. At enlightened, forward-thinking companies, managers understand the connection between learning, innovation, and higher productivity — in fact, employees at these companies may even be encouraged to spend time learning and experimenting with new technologies. Joe McKendrick, FastForward
  21. 21. Next Year’s Mission: YOU.
  22. 22. PCK: pedagogical content knowledge
  23. 23. TPACK: technological pedagogical content knowledge
  24. 24. Acquisition & Training for instructor-side technology: purchase & train a high- performing cohort on 15” MacBook Pro wireless laptops purchase minor teacher peripherals: remote, digital camera purchase classroom set of hi-def, flash drive camcorders
  25. 25. Acquisition & Training for instructor-side technology (cont.): bring Cohort One up to standard with LCD projectors, etc. add wireless hubs to cover building gaps (BHS becomes 100% wireless)
  26. 26. Acquisition & Training for instructor-side technology (cont.): Cohort One texts for study: In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms (Brooks & Brooks, 2007) Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools (Solomon & Schrum, 2001)
  27. 27. Acquisition & Training for instructor-side technology (cont.): Cohort One texts for study: In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms (Brooks & Brooks, 2007) Web 2.0 New Tools, New Schools (Solomon & Schrum, 2001)
  28. 28. Developing a World-Class, Technologically-Literate Staff 2010, Year Two - “Expanding”
  29. 29. Cohort Two Training: the remainder of BHS staff comes online in year two Cohort Two follows commitments toward tech training Cohort One will not only implement and assist Cohort Two, but will also receive needs-based training in advanced techniques
  30. 30. Care
  31. 31. Our First Student Class Comes Online: 2011, Year Three - “Empowering our FMP’s”
  32. 32. A New Brand of freshman initiation: In year three, we bring Benton’s incoming freshman class online. All freshman-pure classes will begin to initiate the advantages of being connected to an interactive community of student, teachers, parents and other stakeholders. At registration, students will be given initial training for the 13” MacBook wireless laptops they will receive in padded student backpacks.
  33. 33. A natural fit: Benton’s successful Freshman Mentoring Program (FMP), modeled after Stevenson High in Illinois, is a logical extension of the freshman induction. These upper-classmen serve BHS as hands-on mentors to our freshmen seven days per week in our Academic lab sessions. It is only logical to take advantage of the leadership skills of these students -Benton’s best and brightest- to help our first wireless class adjust.
  34. 34. Why start with 25%? While choosing to bring freshmen online first is a logical choice in building the future culture & climate of our community... there are other sound reasons for this choice. A more rapid plan would skip this staged integration and go directly to all-school integration. There are too many valuable logistics lessons to be learned when implementing any program of this scale from the ground up. A gradual phase-in will teach us the things we need to learn for all-school integration and will allow another year of growth and development for our staff prior to full implementation.
  35. 35. Benton High School Goes 1:1 2012, Year Four - “Moving forward into a ‘flattened world’.”
  36. 36. Toward closing our achievement gap: Benton’s largest subgroup in terms of student diversity is the number of students receiving free & reduced lunch. In what might seem to be an overnight happening to many in the community, the tipping point of having the technological playing field leveled for the entirety of Benton’s economically-diverse population will have become a reality. What appears to be one fell swoop will in reality be a grounded, phased-in integration plan that delivers added quality in our school. For these students and teachers, technology will never again be “peripheral” in their lives.
  37. 37. Further... In 2012, Benton High School takes its first obvious steps as a wireless workspace where technological equity and training for all students and teachers is a reality. The impact of this implementation will fundamentally change the way students, teachers and parents interact. Benton will continue its focus on improvements in teaching, learning and building a collaborative culture into the future. However, this future will now boast construction of a technologically-literate community of learners.
  38. 38. Community
  39. 39. An authentic & wide audience:
  40. 40. Finally... Also anticipated and perhaps even more powerful, is the creation of a working model to evaluate and study for future integration of other SJSD schools. Our focus will not be on “technology”, but instead on transforming our school toward a more student-centered, constructivist approach, and to prepare students to succeed in the 21st century. Benton’s students and teachers will become a vibrant lab school of learners pushing the envelope of learning in a high-speed, wireless community. The added attention to the teaching and learning that takes place within our building and out- will help to make these processes public for all who wish to see. This is yet another accountability piece that will serve to sharpen our learning community.
  41. 41. The world is changing rapidly. Our kids can’t wait for us to figure this out.
  42. 42. Fail gloriously (and often)
  43. 43. “Web 1.0”
  44. 44. Wide range of tools
  45. 45. Outta here...
  46. 46. Moving Benton High School towards a student-centered, constructivist future