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Have Energy, Sleep Better, Improve Health,


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People With Higher Glutathione Levels: *Have More Energy *Recover Faster From Exercise *Sleep Better*Have Greater Mental Clarity and Focus*Less Infammation*Improved Joint Function*Have Better Immune Systems*Live Longer*Live Better*Improve the Health and Function of Every Cell, Tissue and Organ in the Body Please Look

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Have Energy, Sleep Better, Improve Health,

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great looks-feel-live-, to the MAX! Check this out: ====Gluta-what?If you havent heard of glutathione you are not alone. But dont let that make you think its notimportant. Glutathione is a protein your cells produce that is profoundly important to your healthand survival. Raising glutathione in your body can mean the difference between living a life ofchronic sickness, fatigue and depression versus living a healthy, positive and energetic life.Elevating your glutathione levels is an excellent way to enable your body to heal itself.What is glutathione?Glutathione is a small protein created in our bodies by each cell and is essential for our health andwell being. It is composed of three amino acids: glutamate, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione hasthree main functions which can be remembered by the word AIDE.Antioxidant - Glutathione neutralizes harmful oxygen radicals caused by infection, metabolism andexercise. Glutathione also recharges other antioxidants like vitamin A and C. It should come as nosurprise that glutathione is known as the Master Antioxidant!Immune system - Glutathione is key for optimal immune system functioning. Glutathione enablesthe immune cells (white blood cells or lymphocytes) to multiply, move to sites of infection moreefficiently, and deal with intruders effectively. So, if you boost your glutathione levels, you areboosting your immune system.Detoxification - Glutathione cleans up the toxins we encounter daily from detergents, carpet, paint,exhaust, pesticides, food, heavy metals - you name it. Glutathione conjugates or attaches to thesetoxins making them readily available for excretion.Energy - Glutathione provides the body with energy by carrying out the activities of the above AIDfunctions. With the body cleared of harmful oxygen radicals and chemical toxins, and supplied withan abundance of immune cells, you are able to reap the benefits of health in new found energy!Who can benefit from boosted glutathione levels?Everyone can benefit from elevated glutathione levels. Young or old, sick or healthy. If yourglutathione levels are raised you can expect to experience:1. Improved immune function. You will get fewer colds. If you do get sick you will recovery morequickly. If you are sick now or have a long standing ailment, glutathione could help your situation.
  2. 2. Studies with cancer and AIDs patients have shown significant health improvement when treatmentdesigned to boost glutathione levels was implemented versus those who remained untreated.2. Improved energy. Your energy levels will increase because of the increased capacity of yourcleaning system. In turn, this will improve athletic endurance by shortening recovery time andimprove mental clarity and thinking.3. Improved attitude. When we are well we are less cranky and irritable. Glutathione can help yourecover from the aches and pains of life giving you a positive outlook on life.How do we get glutathione?We dont get glutathione. We produce it! Glutathione is synthesized in each of our cells. Simplyingesting glutathione will not help as our bodies will break it down before it gets into our cells. Toencourage your body to produce more glutathione you need to give it the proper building blocks.The building blocks of protein are amino acids.Three amino acids come together to create glutathione: glutamate-cysteine-glycine. Of the threeamino acids, cysteine is the most difficult to get and is the limiting factor in creating glutathione.Cysteine is difficult to obtain because: (1) as a free amino acid it is highly reactive and potentiallytoxic, (2) most foods have low levels of useable cysteine rich molecules (such as cystine -- twolinked cysteine amino acids; cystine is more easily absorbed than cysteine), and (3) cystinecontaining foods are heat sensitive and upon cooking are destroyed.There is a way to supplement cysteine in our diet. The medication N-acetyl cysteine (commonlycalled NAC) is used in the emergency room and provides the body with high levels of cysteine,which elevates the production of glutathione. In fact, when someone enters the emergency roomsuffering from an overdose, doctors prescribe NAC to encourage the body to produce largeamounts of glutathione. It is your body that detoxifies the overdose! (I love it when the medicalworld figures out how to enable the body to fight for itself). Although this works effectively, it isharmful and toxic to the body and therefore NAC is not a viable every day solution.So whats the solution? What can I do to boost glutathione levels?Our bodies are kind of like house plants: Give them what they want and they will prosper. So theusual suspects fit here: eat well, exercise, get a good nights sleep, reduce stress, laugh...You getthe idea.But there are a few things you can do to specifically boost your glutathione levels:1. Avoid or limit stress as much as possible. And by stress I mean anxiety as well as chemicalpreservatives and toxins that strain our bodies. Learn to be still, calm and relaxed as much aspossible to reduce stress. Make changes in your every day life to make it less stressful.Also, remove the chemicals and toxins our bodies deal with by buying organic unprocessed foodsand items for the house (paints, carpets). Wash fruits and vegetables with warm soapy water.Wash your hands -- often.
  3. 3. 2. Eat more vegetables. By eating more plants and reducing animal products, we can tip our bodypH to a healthy and natural alkaline state. We were not designed to eat so many animal products.Just look at the increase in Western diseases: obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Our diethas a profound effect on our health.The above two methods work by reducing the load on your health. A definite plus. The belowmethods actually boost glutahione levels!3. Exercise. By maintaining a regular exercise regime (20-30 min. of cardio 3 days per week) youget a dual benefit: (1) the exercise promotes glutathione production, and (2) the workout improvesthe removal of toxins from your body (perspiration, fat metabolism, respiration).4. Undenatured whey powder. Whey is milk protein isolate--the solids left over from milkproduction. The benefit of whey is that it contains an abundance of cystine (remember twocysteine molecules bound together?) containing proteins. Most milk products are pasteurized,which means they are heated up to kill off harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, heating up proteins alsokills them. We call this process denaturing a protein, as it removes useful bonds like the cystinedisulfide bond. If whey is pasteurized it is no longer useful in aiding glutathione production.A patented method has been created to isolate these cystine rich proteins from whey. The methodis unique as it does not disrupt the fragile bonds that allow our bodies to absorb the cysteinemolecules. Nor does it employ the destructive pasteurization process.Glutathione is clearly an essential player in health! Enable your health by ensuring that yourglutathione is at an optimal level.Article Source: ====For Great looks-feel-live-, to the MAX! Check this out: ====