The humble potato


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The humble potato

  1. 1. The Humble Potato
  2. 2. What has this got to do with culture? One ingredient prepared in so many different ways!
  3. 3. Ghana
  4. 4. Ireland
  5. 5. India
  6. 6. Scotland
  7. 7. Turkey
  8. 8. Britain
  9. 9. Australia
  10. 10. America
  11. 11. Jamaica
  12. 12. • Beliefs • Assumptions • Perceptions • Expectations • Attitudes • Values Below the surface Invisible Culture
  13. 13. Above the surface Visible Culture Different Languages Different ways of getting a job done. Different ways of deciding on how a job should be done. Different levels of knowledge . Different reactions to situations. Different in how much we share about ourselves.
  14. 14. From different cultures What do we have in common? All born in the UK Went to same school Respect and listen to each other We laugh a lot! We all LOVE food! Enjoy the same music Enjoy each others’ company Share thoughts and opinions
  15. 15. How can we live side by side harmoniously? Like this delectable plate of food, different groups keep their differences, while maintaining relations with each other.
  16. 16. All Different, But Still The Same Some people have short hair, some have long. Some people have thick hair; some people’s hair is all gone. Some people have black hair, some have gray. Some people have brown hair, some blonde, some red. Some people’s hair a color unsaid. Some people are short, some people are tall. Some people will love you; some won’t like you at all.
  17. 17. Some people like hot weather, some like cold. Some people are timid, some people are bold. Some people have dark skin, some people have light. Some people have black skin, some people have white. Some people eat meat; some won’t touch it at all. Some people have a good memory, some can’t recall. Some people are stingy, some people give. Some people are old, some people are young. Some people do smart things, some people do dumb. Some people like school, some people don’t. Some people will excel, some people won’t. Some people smoke cigarettes, some never will. Some people are honest, some people steal.
  18. 18. Some people just have a diploma Some people have degrees. Some people do things slow, some with a breeze. Some people are complainers, some easy to please. We are all different, but still the same. When I get cut, I bleed red; You get cut, red blood you’ll shed. Some people are plump, some people are thin. But we are all the same, we’re all human being. Copyright © 2010-Phyllis Strong Phyllis Strong