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Discovery And Delivery


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Agile communities know that the sooner they deliver a working product the sooner they can determine the value it provides. Yet while the ability to deliver frequently is valuable, if you don’t know where you are going, it is easy to iteratively not get there.

This talk will RI-examine the balance of discovery and delivery techniques in use by agile communities today. Specifically, we will discuss how can design thinking help agile communities discover deeper product value before iterative delivery begins. Also, after the first iteration, how can agile communities use design tools to keep the users alive and well and part of every story, acceptance tests, and iteration of development and delivery.

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Discovery And Delivery

  1. 1. Who Are You? - introduce yourself as if you were your product -
  2. 2. I am an Anthropological Coach
  3. 3. Contextual DevJam Agility
  4. 4. A Blast from the Past ( how did we get here? )
  5. 5. Investors Were Being Cheated
  6. 6. We Overdesigned the Wrong Thing
  7. 7. Train Wrecks Were Common
  8. 8. Feedback was Lacking Validation was Absent
  9. 9. Change Happened! ( hello agile )
  10. 10. We deliver(?)
  11. 11. We collaborate(?)
  12. 12. We track(?)
  13. 13. So What’s Wrong?
  14. 14. My Dinners with Andre
  15. 15. Sometimes we succeed
  16. 16. Other times we miss the mark “how far?” over “how helpful?”
  17. 17. Rushing to iterate, we often miss “the big picture”
  18. 18. Too often, we over focus on < delivery >
  19. 19. Augmented Agility ( discovery )
  20. 20. Beg, Borrow and Steal
  21. 21. DevJam Ri-designs Creating Community and Common Vision Form Communities (Chartering) Composing a Product (Personas – Story maps) Create an Eco-System (Iteration 0 – Common Workspace) Prioritizing and Planning Product Releases (Releases - Priorities - Estimates) Iterative Delivery (Iterations – Stories/Tasks - Estimates) Iterative Delivery and Tuning Staying Connected (Daily Standup – Common Workspace) Tracking Progress (Task Wall - Burnchart - Velocity) Technical Agility (Continuous Integration – Test Driven) Delivering Value (Acceptance Test - Story Sign Off) Tuning and Improving Validating Progress (Iteration Review – Usability testing) Reflect and Improve (Retrospective)
  22. 22. Skills and Connections over Roles
  23. 23. User Centered over User Stories
  24. 24. When are you ready to iterate?
  25. 25. Growing a Blended Trend
  26. 26. User Centered - User Advocate
  27. 27. Cross Cutting Value
  28. 28. Pragmatic user connections
  29. 29. Pragmatic design connections
  30. 30. Continuous Usability Testing
  31. 31. Post Modern Agilism ( what’s next for you? )
  32. 32. Questions? ________________________________________ Coaching and Developing Agility © 2010 DevJam - All rights reserved.