Women Entrepreneurs on the Web Workshop #1 - GBG Dhaka's 12th Meet Up


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12th GBG Dhaka meet up for Women Entrepreneurs on the Web Workshop #1. Most speaker presentations were without slides

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Women Entrepreneurs on the Web Workshop #1 - GBG Dhaka's 12th Meet Up

  1. 1. 12th GBG Dhaka Meet-upWomen Entrepreneurson the WebSaturday, June 1, 2013Inner Glo Training Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2. GBG Intro (5 min)GBG Managers – Nash Islam & Salman HossainGoogle+ Hangout (10 min)Jana Levene, Emerging Market Development, Google SingaporeYolyn Ang, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google SingaporeVideo Viewing (3 min)Presentations by Local Women Leaders (50 min)Eeshita Azad, Head of Communication, The Asia FoundationShahzabeen Alam, Founder, Just DessertsDr. Naomi Mirza, Medical Consultant, Maya.com.bdSamira Zuberi Himika, Founder & Managing Director, Team EngineShabnaz Rashid Diya, Founder, 1 Degree InitiativeSayeda Jhumur, Media Head, MelonadesTaslima Miki, CEO, TechManiaMaria May, Program Manager, Social Innovation Lab, BRACSadequa Hassan Sejuti, Managing Director, FSB & Amar Desh Amar GramNabila Khurshed, Country Manager Bangladesh, Freelancer.com.bdWomen Entrepreneurs on the Web: Bangladesh (10 min)Kazi Monirul Kabir, Bangladesh Country Consultant, GoogleDiscussionTODAY’SAGENDA
  3. 3. Intro to GBGGBG Managers:Nash IslamSalman Hossain
  4. 4. Our ObjectivesIncrease  adop%on  of  internet  technologies  amongst  Bangladeshi  organiza3ons.      Plan  events  that  appeal  to  a  wide  variety  of  key  audience  segments  –  e-­‐commerce,  marketers,  students,  women,  mappers  &  more    Build  a  community  that  gets  to  know  each  other  by  hos3ng  atleast  1  live  event  per  month    
  5. 5. Our TeamGBG  Managers  Advisor  
  6. 6. Google’s Objective with GBGBuild  a  non-­‐technical  community  run  by  local  volunteers  to  share  knowledge  and  best  prac3ces  for  Google  web  technologies.      The  GBG  is  an  experimental  ini3a3ve  started  in  2012,  and  is  based  on  the  success  of  the  Google  Developer  Groups    worldwide,  where  developers  meet  to  discuss  building  applica3ons  with  Google  products.    See  detailed  informa3on  on  GBG  on  Google’s  official  GBG  page  
  7. 7. GBGs Worldwide65  GBGs  worldwide    21 GBGs inSouth & Southeast AsiaNearby GBGs include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia,Vietnam & Philippines
  8. 8. GBG Dhaka is ranked #1According to the GBG Game rankings,GBG Dhaka is the #1 GBG in the world in Q1 2013
  9. 9. Our EventsSee  pictures  and  presenta3ons  on  our  Blog,  Google+  &  Facebook  page.    We’ve organized 11 successful events so far, reaching morethan 1000 local digital professionals, entrepreneurs &changemakers. We are a community of technology thoughtleaders
  10. 10. GBG Dhaka 2013 Event Roadmap•  Jan  6  –  E-­‐Commerce  Hour  &  Startup  Weekend  Mini  Bootcamp  •  Feb  1  –  Building  Brands  with  Digital  •  Feb  16  –  Educa3on  &  Collabora3on  Online  •  Mar  29  –  Mapping  Bangladesh  •  April  25  –  GBG  @  PMO  Innova3on  Adda  •  May  10  –  Mapping  Experts  Meetup  •  May  21  –  Empowering  Project  Management  with  Web  Tools  •  June  1  –  Women  on  the  Web  Workshop  #1  
  11. 11. GBG Dhaka 2013 Event RoadmapAt  least  1  event  (hopefully  more!)  in  each  month  Jun  –  Jul  –  Aug  –  Sep  –  Oct  –  Nov  –  Dec      Possible  future  events:  Mapathon,  Apps  for  Social  Good,  Disrup%on  with  Online  Media  Share  your  ideas  for  event  topics!  
  12. 12. Some of our Community
  13. 13. We need more Women!
  14. 14. We need more Women!Only  10%  of  our  2400+  Facebook  page  followers  are  female  
  15. 15. Google+ HangoutJana LeveneEmerging Market DevelopmentGoogle SingaporeYolyn AngStrategic Partner Development ManagerGoogle Singapore
  16. 16. Video:Women Entrepreneurson the Web in India
  17. 17. Eeshita AzadHead of CommunicationThe Asia Foundation
  18. 18. View Prezi via this link
  19. 19. Just DessertsShahzabeen AlamFounder
  20. 20. Maya apa ki bole?Dr. Naomi MirzaMedical Consultant, Maya.com.bd
  21. 21. Maya Apa KiBole?A presentation for GBG Dhaka1 June, 2013Dr. Naomi MirzaMedical Specialistnaomi@maya.com.bd
  22. 22. … If it continues, I will be inmental disorder one day. Ihave a 4 years old son. Iam a Hindu woman. Howcan I proceed legally?
  23. 23. Q&A forum –responses byexperts andcommunityMobile Appand SMSservice comingsoonStep 1:User asksquestionanonymouslyon any pageof websiteStep 2:Expertsrespond within48hrs
  24. 24. Unique, Useful Insight on Women’sInformation Needs
  25. 25. Being a Women in Bangladesh is Not EasyOur Mission: 1. Information 2. Community
  26. 26. Maya engages hundreds of womenevery single dayGrowingCommunity- 1,000+ daily visitors- 2,000+ subscribers- 7,500+ Facebook fansEngagedUsers- Maya Apa- Interactive tools- Social featuresOfflineImpact- Household influence- Offline distribution- Partnerships
  27. 27. Get in touch :)naomi@maya.com.bdwww.maya.com.bd
  28. 28. Team EngineSamira Zuberi HimikaFounder & Managing Director
  29. 29. BBC  Janala  uses  mobile,  web,  television  and  print  media  to  enable  millions  of  people  in  Bangladesh  to  learn  English  in  a  simple  and  affordable  way.      Through  mobile  phone  technology,  and  at  a  cost  of  just  50  paisa  (0.004  UK  pence)  per  minute,  BBC  Janala  provides  daily  three-­‐minute  audio  lessons  to  people  who  wish  to  improve  their  English  language  skills.    Before  Deputy  Head  of  Marketing  &  Communications,  And  Core  member  of  project  concept  team    BBC  World  Service  Trust  (year  2006-­‐2009)  
  30. 30. Now:  a  Campaigner  &  ENTREPRENEUR  !!  •  Realizing  some  ideas  with  my  team  which  most  people/company/organiza%ons  are  not  doing  because  its  not  their  mandate  !  •  bringing  new  GREAT  campaigns/products/services    •  for  JOY…………………for  SOCIAL  GOOD………………….      
  31. 31.  Year  2013  target:  train  150,000  participants  by  reaching  about  1200  institutions  Mostly  Direct  ac%vi%es  1.  Year-­‐long    workshops,  advanced  training,  activities  in  each  institutions  2.  Useful  information,  resources,  tools    3.  A  dedicated  helpline  4.  Yearly  National  Health  Awards  5.  National  survey  participation    Technology  as  support  tool  •  Existing  :  –  Website  –  Help  center  –  Facebook  MONTH  OF  MAY’13  =  13,740  PARTICIPANTS  TRAINED,  135  INSTITUTIONS  REACHED  IN  DHAKA  Upcoming:  e  &  m  platform  (to  reach  ANYBODY  having  a  mobile  phone  in  Union  level)      ALCHEMY  -­‐  5  YEAR  LONG  NATIONWIDE  HEALTHY  LIVING  CAMPAIGN  &  PLATFORM  (Physical  Health,  Mental  Health,  Well  Being,  First  Aid)  Direct  TG  aging  between  13-­‐35    
  32. 32. a  movement  to  encourage  reading  books,  appreciate  culture,  art  works  and  self-­‐exploration.  Organizations  from  17  Country  has  joined  the  movement  already.      its  free  to  read  .    anybody  having  interest  on  historical  and  cultural  information  or  books/elements  that  inspired  people  and  helped  shape  modern  civilization    FOCUS:    1.  10,000  year  history  of  the  Bengal  region  to  revisit  and  recognizing  our  ancestral  foot  prints  (both  the  Ancient  and  Modern  Bengal)    2.  Asia’s  role  in  shaping  the  modern  world.  3.  Major  civilizations  in  both  ancient  and  modern  times.  4.  Countries  with  diverse  and  vibrant  cultures.      digitizing-­‐archiving-­‐distributing  world  culture  (Yet  to  be  launched  with  85,000  Public  domain  books,  images)          
  33. 33. Mostly  technology  and  a  a  %ny  pinch  of  MAGIC  !  Available  on  Website      Free  browse  Contribu3ng  person/country/organiza3ons      Digi3za3on  process       Read,  knows  and  recognizes  ancestral  roots  and  RESPECT  WORLD  CULTURE    Success  Archiving  process  Order  and  buy    a  hardcover  or  paperback  copy  
  34. 34. OCR  +  Text  to  Speech  +  Bangla  Word  inventory  :  development  Optical  Character  Recognition    is  the  mechanical  or  Electronic  translation  of  scanned  images  of  handwritten,  typewritten  or  printed  text  into  machine-­‐encoded  text.  It  is  widely  used  to  convert  books  and  documents  into  electronic  Piles,  to  computerize  a  record-­‐keeping  system  in  an  ofPice,  or  to  publish  the  text  on  a  website.    A  text-­‐to-­‐speech  (TTS)    system  converts  normal  language  text  into  speech;  other  systems  render  symbolic  linguis%c  representa%ons  like  phone%c  transcrip%ons  into  speech.    Bangla  word  archiving  and  inventory  which  works  as  the  intelligence  behind    OCR  and  TTS  Benefits:  Private  sector  +  Government  +  mass  people    
  35. 35. 1 Degree InitiativeShabnaz Rashid DiyaFounder
  36. 36. MelonadesSayeda JhumurMedia Head
  37. 37. TechManiaTaslima MijiCEO
  38. 38. TechmaniaYour Digital PartnerA woman-owned venture
  39. 39. Techmania is an IT hardwareretail company.We sell computer hardware andprovide services.
  40. 40. Very few women are engaged intechnology hardware businessdue to patriarchal perspectiveof society towards women inBangladesh.
  41. 41. Techmania began in mid 2008. In thebeginning colleagues and fellowbusinessmen found it odd as theventure was headed by a woman whoacts like a typical rising and thrivingman.
  42. 42. There were hindrances andthere was also persistencein me too to fight them
  43. 43. Techmania is now a supplier of morethan 20 corporate clients. Deliveringright products at fair cost andensuring great after-sale service arethe secrets of Techmania’s success.  
  44. 44. Be with TechmaniaThank you
  45. 45. Maria MayProgram ManagerSocial Innovation LabBRAC
  46. 46. www.brac.netTaking Bangladesh OnlineMaria MaySocial Innovation LabJune 1, 2013
  47. 47. www.brac.netToday, moreandroidphones wereactivated thanbabies born.
  48. 48. www.brac.net
  49. 49. www.brac.net
  50. 50. www.brac.netGive ‘em what they want!
  51. 51. www.brac.netTV is a powerful tool
  52. 52. www.brac.netDifferent rules, different risks
  53. 53. www.brac.netImpact Sourcing
  54. 54. www.brac.netCrowdsourcing
  55. 55. www.brac.net
  56. 56. www.brac.net
  57. 57. www.brac.netThank you!
  58. 58. Sadequa Hassan SejutiManaging DirectorFuture Solutions for BusinessAmar Desh Amar Gram
  59. 59. Nabila KhurshedCountry ManagerFreelancer.com.bd
  60. 60. Women Entrepreneurson the Web:BangladeshKazi Monirul KabirBangladesh Country ConsultantGoogle Inc.
  61. 61. Discussion
  62. 62. Refreshments & Networking
  63. 63. THANK YOU !!Please follow us on Google+ & Facebook tokeep up to date on our latest activities