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One of the many quizzes i hosted!

Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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  1. 1. While(1) { - Abinash Shaw
  2. 2.  Bosch - Gasoline injection system (diesel will follow), starter, alternator, brake system Continental AG - Gasoline fuel supply system, fuel level sensor HSI AUTO - Static sealing systems (Weather Strips) Delphi - Instrument cluster Denso - Windshield wiper system (single motor and arm) FAG - Rear-wheel bearing Ficosa - Rear-view mirrors, interior mirrors, manual and CVT shifters, washer system Freudenberg - Engine sealing ITW Deltar - Outside and inside door handles Johnson Controls - Seating Mahle - Camshafts, spin-on oil filters, fuel filters and air cleaners Saint-Gobain - Glazing TRW - Brake system Ceekay Daikin/Valeo - Clutch sets Vibracoustic - Engine mounts
  3. 3. Tata Nano
  4. 4. The ____________ , according to folklore, is a ghost shipthat can never go home, doomed to sail the oceansforever. It is usually spotted from afar, sometimes glowingwith ghostly light. It is said that if hailed by another ship,its crew will try to send messages to land or to peoplelong dead. In ocean lore, the sight of this phantom ship isa portent of doom.
  5. 5. The Flying Dutchman
  6. 6. Snippet of What Code?
  7. 7. The red bar, which lies closest to the mast,symbolizes the place as it is today. Thegreen and blue symbolize possible stages inthe future, should humanity ever have thewill and the ability to undertake such a task. Flag of?
  8. 8. The Proposed flag of Mars
  9. 9. Directed by: John Huston & Robert Riger Starring : Sylvester Stallone Michael Caine Max Von Sydow Pelé Bobby MooreThe Movie name?
  10. 10. Escape to Victory
  11. 11. Ad??
  12. 12. Cannon
  13. 13. Significance?
  14. 14. Its when Time magazines person of the year was"You" as in everyone in the world in 2006.
  15. 15. This feature costs Googleroughly $110 million a year as 1% of all its searches, which use this feature, bypass all advertising. What is being talked about?
  16. 16. „I‟m feeling Lucky‟.
  17. 17. Funda?
  18. 18. Walt Disney after gettingfour oscars finds out one isa little defective and tries to fix it...(backstage photo)
  19. 19. „ Out‟ is a US-based gay men‟sfashion and lifestyle magazine.Every year, it publishes Power 50,a list of the 50 Most Powerful GayMen and Women in America. Whotopped the list in 2011?
  20. 20. Tim Cook
  21. 21. Video Ad..
  22. 22.
  23. 23. In 2010, Urs Holzle sent a memo warningthat their company would be crushed if itdidn‟t figure out its social media strategy. Ateam started working on a project andcodenamed it „Emerald Sea‟ after this 1878painting by Albert Bierstadt. What project?
  24. 24. CONNECT … A race of humanoid monsters in the game Dungeons & Dragons A tropical cyclone that forms in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, to the west of the dateline The outer part of the cytoplasm of a cell Any of various marine crustaceans of the subclass Cirripedia that in the adult stage form a hard shell and remain attached to submerged surfaces, such as rocks and ships bottoms.
  25. 25. Captain Haddock
  26. 26. Wherewould yousee thiserrormessage ?
  27. 27. YouTube
  28. 28. Formula of?(v ÷ (v+m)) × R + (m ÷ (v+m)) × C
  29. 29. IMDb ratingsR = average user rating for the movie(mean)v = number of votes for the moviem = min votes to be listed for thisfilmographyC = the mean vote across the eligible titles
  30. 30. Funda?
  31. 31. Michael Jacksons patentfor the leaning shoes used in the Smooth Criminal video
  32. 32. Motor vehicle theft, sometimes referred to as_______________ by the media and policedepartments in the US, is the criminal act ofstealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle,including an automobile, truck, bus, motorcycle,snowmobile, trailer or any other motorizedvehicle.This term ________________ is usually famousfor some different reason .
  33. 33. Grand Theft Auto
  34. 34. Ad of?
  35. 35. Subway
  36. 36. X is a shareholder of the football club Y (which is based in thetown he was born) in an attempt to assist the club from debt.According to reports, X owns 10 percent shares and was alsorequested to hold the position of vice president of theclub, which he turned down. Though, his uncle, whorepresented Spain in international football, became assistantcoach of the main team of Y. Shortly after acquiring his share inY, he slammed UEFA for alleged hypocrisy in banning Y fromthe 2010–11 UEFA Europa League for excessive debts. Heclaimed that if that was the criteria upon which UEFA wasoperating, then the European competition will only have 2 or 3clubs as most of the other clubs have enormous debts too.He is also a longtime supporter of the Spanish nationalteam, and was one of only six people not connected to theteam or the national federation allowed into the teams lockerroom after Spain won the 2010 FIFA World Cup.Identify X and Y.
  37. 37. Rafael Nadal & Mallorca
  38. 38. Charlie Chaplin & Albert Einstein
  39. 39. Identify?
  40. 40. 1601.. Facebook headquarters
  41. 41. The unlucky13th Song?And it was a tribute to whom?
  42. 42. Aero Zeppelin
  43. 43. Later Thinking… :PConnect the Names
  44. 44. link is BLACK EYED PEAS..........williamshakespeare( gametaboo.........and apps fromapple(!!!).
  45. 45. Name the Stadium?
  46. 46. San Siro
  47. 47. Movies directed by Guru DuttTop Left : Sahib Bibi Aur GhulamTop Right: Chaudhvin Ka ChandBottom Left: PyaasaBottom Middle: 12O ClockBottom Right: Kaagaz ka Phool
  48. 48. Journals is a collection of writings and drawings byX. Though the content is undated, it is arranged inan approximation of chronological order, startingwith a letter X wrote in 1988, and ending with a rantabout an interview between Sylvester Stallone andLarry King that he wrote perhaps during his final tripto Rome in 1994.It was published in November2002, where it opened at #1 on the New York Timesbestseller list .Its release polarized fans, some ofwhom felt it constituted an invasion of Xs privacy,and others of whom saw it as a unique opportunityto better understand him. Ironically, the cover pageof his journals read “If you read, you will judge.”Id X.
  49. 49. Kurt Cobain
  50. 50. According to one theory, the phrase originated atfire departments or volunteer hose companieswho gave exhibitions of their prowess atcarnivals or similar events. As per anothertheory, it refers to the reconnoitering bybootleggers of the route they plan to use beforetransporting their illicit goods along it. Whatphrase, now commonly seen in engineeringcontexts?
  51. 51. Dry run.
  52. 52. Unusual software bugs are a classof software bugs that are consideredexceptionally difficult to understand andrepair. There are several kinds, mostlynamed after the characteristicpersonalities.Xbug is a computer bug that disappearsor alters its characteristics when anattempt is made to study it.
  53. 53. Heisenbug
  54. 54. The ______ fest is an annual bowling festival begun in2002 in Louisville, Kentucky celebrating something thatfirst appeared in 1998 but soon became a cult.The festival’s main event is a night of unlimitedbowling with various contests including Costume,Trivia, Hardest and Farthest Travelled contests.Jeff Bridges has been reported to have attend atleastone event. Which event is this?
  55. 55. The Lebowski fest in honor of“The Big Lebowski”
  56. 56. A _____ is an automotive aerodynamic device, whoseintended design function is to suppress unfavorable airmovement across a vehicle body in motion.The device functions by disrupting or diffusing airflowpassing over and around a vehicle and creating adownward pressure, enabling stability for theautomobile.The term is now used differently, often associated withmovie reviews. What?
  57. 57. Spoiler
  58. 58. X is best documented in cases where a person hashad the two hemispheres of their brain surgicallyseparated, a procedure sometimes used to relievethe symptoms of extreme cases of epilepsy. It alsooccurs in some cases after other brainsurgery, strokes, or infections.It is an unusual neurological disorder in which thesufferers ______ seem to take on a mind of itsown. The _______ has the capability of actingautonomously and can perform complex actions.Sometimes the sufferer will not be aware of what isgoing on until it is brought to his or her attention.
  59. 59. The Dr. Strangelove syndrome or Alien handsyndrome
  60. 60. The Long Connect20 books, 1 themeSets of 4 - +25, +20, +15, +10, +5Negative of -5 throughoutNot an exhaustive list
  61. 61. End of Set 1
  62. 62. Any of…
  63. 63. End of Set 2
  64. 64. End of Set 3
  65. 65. End of Set 4
  66. 66. ThemeNovels where all the action happens within a24hr span
  67. 67. };