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Dream on ... Don't be afraid


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Few lines on who we are forgotten or want to forget what we are. The norms shield us from our own thoughts our own identity.

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Dream on ... Don't be afraid

  1. 1. … who you are …
  2. 2. Have you heard that tiny-whiny voice, urging, pushing and nagging you to pick an additional dress when your shopping cart is full ….Or the one that wants to punch that moron colleague whohas a stupid smile pinned to his stupid, all knowing face …. There is a nice handsome man walking down the alley, that voice says “Go tell him how much would you like to kiss him for an hour” And then, you brush it aside, saying not this is not proper ….
  3. 3. Dream on said the voice, and you run after it with chains …. The voice pushes you from inside the box where you have caged it, You call it your box, but Pandora did you ever peek in it ….Afraid of finding yourself, afraid of looking at true mirror, afraid of pulling down the drape that blocks your view …
  4. 4. I ride on the spirited waves alone Floating on the wings of air Feeling the drop of rainbowrunning down my eyes without care The frozen ocean whispers tales of countless nights and days The blazing sands sing opening their heart in lyrical ways
  5. 5. Stars are but dust on which for eternity I endlessly treadWithin my eyes, I hold the void on whose speck, the universe is spread I am an illusion, far greater for any to see I smile, when they say, they control me Death, Devastation and Darkness are all in me and so is Pain
  6. 6. Hope, Creations and Light make me, My touch removes all BaneI am free, hold my hand, accept me in your heart and be as free as you can be Come to me, open your eyes, I am your thoughts – There are no secrets between you and me
  7. 7. Dream on … don’t be afraid of knowing who you are