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A new breed of customers in travel and tourism industry ... travrist...
Are you one of them?

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  1. 1. I am TravristNot a Traveler nor a Tourist
  2. 2. Jingle of a Tourist:I live in the moment, drinking the beautyStealing away the moments from lives’ dutyI stop at every corner, known for its’ history,My camera is silent keeper of protohistorySpeed is my thing; I cannot do without itI tread along the globe with my travel kitA guide book in hand, I listen to the storiesTruth spiced with half baked forgotten gloriesThe comfort of the massage in spa of my resort,Drinks, barbeques, of luxuries nothing falls short
  3. 3. Restless heart ofthe traveler is findspeace in exploringnew places, livinganother life inunknown place.The nomadic genewould not rest untilthe senses feelanother worldwithin ours.To live another life,feel the unknown iswhat drives thetraveler.
  4. 4. Tourist’s eyes are hungry for newer places to see. He wants to hold on tothe second, where he can see a new place. Once seen, he quickly movesto another.Like a conqueror, he believes in reaching a place, looking at it, clickingfew pictures and again moving to newer one.
  5. 5. I am a new face in travel and tourism industry. I do not belong to the type ofextensive travelers nor am I a part of the group called tourists. I am a new kid onblock – I am a “Travrist”. I am a nightmare for anybody, who is calling me up to sell aHoliday plan for 25 years or a single holiday for 5 days. Neither of them canunderstand me, my requirement. As my name suggests, I am a bit of both. Iencompass both the worlds of a traveler and a tourist.
  6. 6. The traveler in me pushes to plan my holiday in lesser know places. Lesser explored areas whereI would get a glimpse of live. Taste local food, preferably from the road side stall. While thetourist in me who wants to look at a place, click some pictures and then hop to another place forsightseeing, the traveler would hold me back to explore and experience every detail.A traveler would consider one or two places to visit in a single trip. He would not like to mixliving one live with another. The tourist would definitely like to pack as many places as he canfind in one trip. So, does a travrist choose a destination?
  7. 7. A travrist would perhaps go to google, and list down few popular locations. Thenhe would plot all the places of interest nearby, especially the unknown orrelatively lesser popular ones along different routes. Then he would categorizesimilar experiences or places, eliminating the experience he had earlier. Out ofthe similar locations, he would choose the most famous or exceptional one andmore on to the next. Looks like a lot of work, yes, travrist is all about RnD andgetting the best. He is knowledgeable and would invest nearly 1 week forplanning. Needless to Say, the planning would start some months before theactual event.
  8. 8. A traveler is impulsive, would perhaps choose a destination on the go. May be walk up to theairport, railway station or bus station, look at the destinations chart and then buy a ticket. Atourist would definitely go online or hop to different travel agents comparing the number oflocations in itinerary and the other facilities that is offered. If a traveler opts for a shared auto orbus to feel a new life while the tourist would prefer the comfort of a private taxi, which isreserved for him/her. The travrist would go for a mid way, which longer distance by reserved taxibut hopping around the market in shared rickshaw.A travrist, is a person the travel agents should beware of.They are would not be fooled by the promise of so manyland marks. Promise them to take them trough 2countries in half a day and they walk away. Promisethem an adventure like Man Vs Wild, and they will shyaway. Travrist needs customization and people who havea knack to explore and want an element of surprise.Surprise them, and treat them with knowledge ofrelatively unknown and you have him signing up for yourholiday offer.
  9. 9. Not like one, different from the other, travrist is representboth the world of traveler and tourist. Eager to explore andyet looking out for the comfort of a holiday. Yes, I am atravrist, what are you, traveler, tourist or a travrist?
  10. 10. Song of the Traveler:Song on my lips, dust on my boots,and dark night around me I take amoment;A moment to look around as I travelthe worlds unknown.My Arabian horse - Lester, smiles atme in the light on the lantern, we arelost againIn the dense of the mossy thick forest,echoing with wing’s drone.
  11. 11. The yellow parchment of my dogeared tanned leather boundedsweaty dairy;Which I so lovely call my logs, iseagerly waiting for my ink and quillThe stars speak, the midnight haspassed, I pack away the day,As I decrease the flame, see thecreeping wet chill
  12. 12. Lester is snoring; peaceful with themossy air of forgotten foggy foresttrailAfter a month and half in desolatedthe parched land of dustThe sprit in me, forces me out of mycozy cottage filled with aroma ofmushroomTo take on the paths not known,under star, sun, or fog, walk I must
  13. 13. Lester, my trench coat, my log, my quill as mycompanion, I travel to embraceThe mist of the height, the thirst of stark, the lead ofunseen brookThe tame of terrain wild, the serenity of the rushinggale, warmth breath of treesOld, knotty, patchy, all safely, frozen for eternity, inpages of my book
  14. 14. Off the beaten path, away fromcomfort of known souls, under theCanopusOn creaking, dry mattress of athousand yellow, green, and redOccasional ease of the stainedbedding in a lonely Inn on ahighway, lit by single lanternI give in to the insanity in me, tofind, to seek, on virgin gravels totread
  15. 15. I close my eyes as I walk, to lose theknown paths, in getting lost in terraincognitaOnly then can I chance uponinebriation of charting the chartlessin rifeMaybe with few silver coins in thepocket, no mansion to pass on, butricher by farLived a million lives with eachunsung path, I chart in chronicles ofmy roving life
  16. 16. Not a Traveler, Not a Tourist … I am a Travrist, Are you?