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Path 2 Rubaisha


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Details of Contest. Contest that would make you think beyond the stories in the novella. It is the first of The Time Trilogy

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Path 2 Rubaisha

  1. 1. RUBAISHA A tale of unexpressed love ….
  2. 2. RUBAISHA Contest – Path 2 Rubaisha • The contest aims at promoting the book while at the same time helping the students to think out to box Paint History Lets Talk • Inspire them and increase their interest towards literature and cocurricular activity Be Freud Picture Perfect Fan Fiction • Promoting a healthy habit to read and write, which is slowly declining in India
  3. 3. LET’S TALK Lets Talk - Story Turning Points at Goodreads Paint History Lets Talk 4-lets-talk---story-turning-points Let's talk - It is not a fan fiction, neither character study. Let's Talk is interface where we talk about the story turning points. We talk about those decisions if delayed or changed, would have lead to alternative ending. Be Freud So, take your pick - and tell us the story turning points of Rubaisha Picture Perfect Fan Fiction While we are here promoting Rubaisha, Let’s Talk is not limited to Rubaisha. You can talk about any books you like.
  4. 4. CONTESTS – CATEGORIES Paint History – Paint for History Paint History Lets Talk There is no sketch of Rubaisha in any page of history. Is it fair that the most beautiful woman who ever walked on earth be left without a picture? Now you paint her, as you have seen her. You can either sketch or paint. Just send us your masterpiece (soft copy) Be Freud Be Freud Picture Perfect Fan Fiction We have told you what happened, you tell us why it happened. For example why did Rubaisha promise to return? Take your pick, tell us the deeper reason as why characters behaved the way they did? Tell us if what they did was right or wrong? Tell us what ever is in your mind with a little write up about yourself. We will showcase you and your work.
  5. 5. CONTESTS – CATEGORIES Picture Perfect Paint History Lets Talk Recreate a scene or photograph yourself and your friends as characters of Rubaisha. Fan Fiction Be Freud Many stories are yet untold. It is now your chance to tell those stories of Rubaisha Picture Perfect Fan Fiction Pick up any character or scene and weave story around it. Best 5 fan fiction will be featured on Rubaisha’s website and promoted on social media
  6. 6. CONTESTS – PATH TO RUBAISHA Simple steps to enter the contest: Place your order for a copy of Rubaisha through our website. Paint History Lets Talk Email us your work with category name (Paint the History etc) to with your registered email id. You can send multiple entries. Be Freud Please include a brief introduction about yourself in the email including your hobbies and interests. Picture Perfect Fan Fiction Submission for category 1 can be in the following formats jpeg, bmp and/or jpg. and for category 2, doc, docx and pdf formats. The best 5 in each categories would be featured in the website and the winning entries will also show case them in different social media.
  7. 7. RUBAISHA Rubaisha available at: Kitab Mahal College Square, Cuttack. Notion Press - & Flipkart 110083&otracker=fromsearch&srno=t_1&query=rubaisha&ref=d341b8f8-299d-428d-96e701c0fdd1a923 • Rubaisha is waiting here • FB -
  8. 8. THANK YOU