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Corporate Ark - Chapter Noah


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A light read on the corporate lives. Emphasizing on ARK, how it influences our lives, our career. Drawing comparison between you and Noah, and all the other animal in the ark to the people living in corporate jungle. It is a humorous take on a serious topic and intends not to offend any.

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Corporate Ark - Chapter Noah

  1. 1. Corporate ARKChapter - Noah
  2. 2. I know who you are! Even though you are not dressedin a cloak, nor you have grizzly white over flowing hairand beard, you cannot hide who you are.You are the one who has an ARK. Your power suit or aformal office wear, well controlled smile, and hiddenstress may disguise you on road as a corporatepersonnel. Still, it cannot take away from you what youare.
  3. 3. You are what you have always wanted to be. You are in control and with power to make a difference. After all, you have an ARK. The ARK you have built house all kind of animals, from a lowly humble church mouse to the king of the jungle a mighty Lion. Somewhere, in the food chain, you are sandwiched. You have a line of animals beneath you, who would look up to you in awe, jealousy or even in contempt. While the ones above, may adore you, look at you with pride, ignore you or for that matter, have you for lunch!I know, it is tough, but then, you are no ordinaryperson. You are the one, who needs to controldifferent species, with different identities and powerindexes. After all, you are the chosen one, Noah, whohas to live with the pain of knowing something bad isgoing to happen, the hope of light at the end of tunnel.You need to steer your ARK and you can make adifference.
  4. 4. Your ARK is your power. It has the power to cut across all level of animals from a grizzly bear to a rabbit and create an impression that is difficult to ignore. Your ARK is nothing but Act of Random Kindness. Noah, ARK is your power, ARK is your strength and ARK is what will sail you thorough hard rains or floods.Woah! I am not trying giving asermon, motivating you - no way. I am nottelling you something that you did not know.So, wipe that unbelieving smile and let us takea walk on the deck Noah, and see how ARK isdoing.
  5. 5. Evening is approaching fast. It iswater and water all around. Not aspeck of land to be seen. Cannotmake out where the water ends andthe sky begin? Sun is sinking fastand the nip in air is catching up withthe mood of the lonely woodpeckersitting on the rail of the deck.Promise is there for the dry land butthere is no time given. It has been long, since the woodpecker jumped on the ark for a promised land. Now the days and water seems to go on forever. Away from natural habitat, with strangers who can hardly understand, the woodpecker is in search of some place to call her/his own. That is our woodpecker - trying to fit in the group, successful to some extent, yet lonely in heart.
  6. 6. When you walked up to theYou have talked to woodpecker, so woodpecker, andmany times, in cafeteria, in lifts. Now genuinely, asked how ityou have seen what the woodpecker feels to be in dry wood.really longs for. You can’t go faster. When you listened withReaching land! That is not in your hand. interest to the tales ofLand will appear, when it would. distant land, saw the lovely woods through the wood pecker’s eyes, you and the woodpecker were bound together in an ARK. That moment that will ever remain in woodpecker’s heart and soul. You just spent few moments, and what you earned was Out of Box moment. It made live a different life. Made you fly and look at the world from a height flying!
  7. 7. May be one day, when you are stuck in aproblem. Solutions is nowhere in sight, youremember how woodpecker knocks ondifferent wood to check which is hollow andeasy to pick. And there you are -- thesolution finder! Your act of RandomKindness, helped woodpecker relive the pastor promised future. Earned you an ally andgave you a chance to do somethingdifferent. You felt the change; you have thepower in you to make any change.
  8. 8. Every day, you come across different animals in your ark. Don’t you let theseanimals over run the place for you! You are the master and it is your ARK. Bysmall gesture of yours, you can make in difference, because you are Noah.
  9. 9. Till next time, take care of these animals and spread the ARK.