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Selfish may be a misunderstood word. Purpose - overrated. Life may be very simple made complicated. Be selfish is something that pulls us from our regular roles to think only about ourselves. Is that selfish! Don't know that, but all I know I think I owe it to myself to be selfish ... why, read it here....

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Be selfish

  1. 1. Be SelfishYou owe it to yourself
  2. 2. The players in heaven have stopped their roles play for a minute. The Sun is not yet out and air is breathing low. Birds are all in their nest, silent, and earth moist and sleepy. It is still, very still.No movement in sky. Life seems tolook out of window with dreamyeyes. It is the time to stop. Whenbetter to stop, when the universearound you has stopped for aheartbeat to take a breath.
  3. 3. In years, so far, we have played so many roles. Of ason, a husband, a father, or a daughter, wife,mother. We have played an employee, be it frontline executive, a team leader, a manager or a CEO.In all the roles, we have put in our heart, mind andsoul. We have played it to such perfection thatdown the line, we have identified ourselves as theprotagonist of the roles played.
  4. 4. In these din a bustle, us the real us has slipped up somewhere. The ”One” that is untouched by the roles played. The “One” that is not an employee, or a husband or even a friend. The “One”, who has not yet lived or breathe fully the fresh air.It is a small bud, waiting for little more oxygen and sunlight to bloom. Buthow can it ever grow, when it has never been noticed? Let us take a moment,and just stop, stop for a second, playing the roles that we play. When was theday, we actually stopped and thought about ourselves and what we reallywant.
  5. 5. Every life that is on this earth has a purpose. Most part of our lives goes away, playing different roles. Where have we lived? Living is, knowing what your purpose is and trying to achieve it.Purpose, is such an overrated word.Purpose is simple, a call of the soul,complex by language, understood byfeeling. One need not sit under a Bodhitree to know the purpose of life. It issimple an answer to the question,“What would bring us back from ourlast breath”.
  6. 6. “Close your eyes, and take yourself to the last breath of your life. Now, leaveall other thoughts behind. Pick up one thing, which you think will pull youback to the world of living. You got it, great. Now after some day, in someother time, try it again. Did you get the same thought? Or now it looks littledistant?
  7. 7. You want to close the chapter of life with a pleasant feel and thought. Imagine, yourself being with someone or doing what you always wanted to do. Close your eyes and savor every moment of it. This is your last chance, your last breath. How do you feel? Do you feel coming back to life or fighting for one more breathe because it is all so worth it. WouldLet us do it again. Your eyes are watery, you fight for one more breath tosenses dim, and breath is labored. You live the life that you arecan feel the heaviness in your limbs. The experiencing now? Now, try andheaviness has turned into dim numbness replace it with something else. Doand now you can no longer feel life in you still feel the same? What wasyour limbs. You know, it is your last it, which could bring you back frombreath. death? “
  8. 8. Try it again, some other day. Do youstill find the same result? If in everymood, result is same, that is thepurpose. It is not easy, it is no rocketscience. It takes years or months or even days or hours to get it, provided, we are looking for it. The first option may be the passion, not purpose. Realization of what can bring one back to life is his/her purpose.
  9. 9. Every soul on the planet has come with a purpose. This purpose is yearning of the soul. It is what the soul craves for, but its silent voice can hardly be heard over the theatrical orchestra of the characters we play. Our soul whispers us our purpose. Realize it. Oft our life goes in living. We do not stop for a moment to think, what we really want. What is that our soul cries for?We do not realize our purpose. How so ever big or small it may be, it is ours to findand to fulfill. Our purpose is what we are. That is what we are to be. So lets us doourselves a favor and stop playing roles for some time and find out what/who weactually are meant to be.Let us be selfish for at least 5 minutes a day, and listen to our soul and try to bewhat we are to suppose to be.
  10. 10. Let us be Selfish … we owe it to ourselves