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Seasonal allergy relief with Nasalguard USA

Pollen from trees, grass, and weeds as well as fungus, mold spores, and other allergens are the main causes of seasonal allergies. Spring Allergies: Spring is the season when most plants and trees pollinate, is one of the worst times of the year for those who have seasonal allergies.

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Seasonal allergy relief with Nasalguard USA

  1. 1. Seasonal Allergy Relief Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter Trutek Corp. / NasalGuard
  2. 2. ▪ Company Introduction ▪ Allergy Causes & Symptoms ▪ Allergen Sources of Seasonal Allergies ▪ Allergy Treatment Options - ▪ Medicines | Natural | Environment ▪ Why NasalGuard Gel? ▪ NasalGuard® Gel for Preventative Allergy Relief Content |
  3. 3. Company Introduction – Trutek Corp. Trutek Corp. is an entrepreneurial IP, R&D and innovative product development company for allergy, cold and flu prevention. The company holds numerous global patents and is involved in commercialization, manufacturing and global distribution of NasalGuard Technology and NasalGuard products. ▪ The company started about 20 years ago (1995) ▪ Global headquarters is in central New Jersey, USA. ▪ NasalGuard® and NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK® are two of the many registered trademarks of Trutek Corp. | 3
  4. 4. How does an allergy develop? When you inhale an allergen, it attaches to the allergic antibodies (immunoglobulin E) that exist in the nasal cell membranes. This leads to the release of histamines and leukotrienes, which dilate the small blood vessels and lead to congestion. What causes an allergy? It can be any substance (“allergen”) that the body’s immune system treats as a potential threat – such as pollen, pet dander, or smoke, and which can lead to the troublesome symptoms of an allergic reaction. What are allergy symptoms? In most cases of allergic rhinitis, the symptoms include red teary eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, itchy runny nose, and swelling. Allergy Causes & Symptoms | 4 Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common chronic diseases that affects people and makes it difficult to lead a happy healthy life.
  5. 5. Spring Allergies: Spring is the season when most plants and trees pollinate, is one of the worst times of the year for those who have seasonal allergies. Summer Allergies: Summer, the time to enjoy the outdoors, may also not be the ideal time to stay outside if you are allergic to pollen from grass and weeds. Fall Allergies: Fall is the time to go back to school. But kids often miss school because the pollen from weeds trigger an allergic reaction. Winter Allergies: Winter time becomes difficult due to the presence of fungus spores in the air. Allergen Sources of Seasonal Allergies | 5 Pollen from trees, grass, and weeds as well as fungus, mold spores, and other allergens are the main causes of seasonal allergies.
  6. 6. Medicine Option A common approach to treating seasonal allergies is to take drugs – usually after the onset of allergy symptoms. Drug-based pills, gels and sprays are available as over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription products such as decongestants, antihistamines, corticosteroids, or mast cell stabilizers. Cautions for Allergy Relief Drug Products: ▪ May make people drowsy or have other side effects. ▪ May have adverse interactions with medications being taken for other conditions. ▪ Often overlooked are the warnings on allergy drugs which instruct consumers not to take these more than a few months per year. Allergy Treatment Options - Medicines | 6
  7. 7. Natural Allergy Relief Options There are various natural treatments to relieve or remove nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies.  Consume herbs.  Herbs like butterbur and licorice are said to reduce allergy symptoms. (However uses with caution and care as an overdose can cause some side effects.)  Drink green tea which is one of the safest and best types of natural seasonal allergy treatment.  Add hot, fiery spices in soups, meats, and vegetables.  Use humidifier to add humidity to indoor atmosphere.  Sleep on a raised pillow.  Do a nasal rinse. Allergy Treatment Options – Natural | 7 Green tea is safe & natural herbal treatment.
  8. 8. Protection from the Environment It is best to take precautions to keep away from allergens. ▪ The best precaution is to remain indoors on windy days and whenever pollen counts are said to rise. ▪ Keep doors and windows shut to prevent pollen particles from polluting the indoor air. ▪ Use air conditioning. Change filters often. However, busy lifestyles require people to move around indoors and outdoors. So other options are: ▪ Change clothes when you return home. Wash bedding often. ▪ Wash pets often. Limit pets to certain areas in home. ▪ Wear masks when moving outdoors or working in the garden. ▪ Wear NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel to capture airborne allergens outside the body both indoors and outdoors. Allergy Treatment Options – Environment | 8
  9. 9. Why NasalGuard Gel? The NasalGuard Difference is…PREVENTION | 9 No allergens inside the body means no allergy symptoms to treat!
  10. 10. NasalGuard Gel Offerings – Allergy Prevention ▪ Fast Drying Gel - Non-Greasy, No Stickiness, No Residue, Apply Under or Over Makeup ▪ Drug-Free - which means no side effects unlike some tablets and sprays which cause headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, & other symptoms ▪ Compatible with Medications ▪ Safe Invisible Allergy Blocking Barrier - Perfect for Children, Pregnant Women, Nursing Mothers & Seniors ▪ Long Lasting - 3g 150 application tubes; or convenient 30 Sachet Pack ▪ Easy to Carry - fits in pocket, purse, handbag, backpack, school bag, car ▪ Outdoor and Indoor Protection Against Airborne Allergens - including pollen, ragweed/ragwort, dust mites, pet dander & house dust | 10 Regular (unscented) Cool (menthol scent) Pet Lovers (citrus scent) Great for Kids (aloe scent) Healthy Lifestyle (honey- oatmeal scent) Cool (menthol scent) AllergieBLOCK® Helps Prevent sneezing, nasal congestion, runny & itchy nose eShopping Site:
  11. 11. Thank You Trutek Corp. / NasalGuard 281 E. Main Street Somerville, NJ 08876 USA Phone: 855-627-2548 Email: Web Store: