Live video streaming malaysia At ICU, Prime Minister Department


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Live Video Streaming Malaysia At ICU, Prime Minister Department

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Live video streaming malaysia At ICU, Prime Minister Department

  1. 1. Live Video Streaming in MalaysiaOnline Live Video Streaming At ICU, Prime Minister Department, Brought to you by Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd. (908706-P)
  2. 2. Live Video Streaming in Malaysia• A succesful live streaming was conducted during monthly Assembly for Implementation and Coordination Unit ( ICU), Prime Minister Department (Jabatan Perdana Menteri JPM) on Aug 19 2011. ICU who has been doing live streaming of event has upgraded their live encoder and choose IsrakStream HD Live Encorder. Multi-Camera Production (MCP with 3 High Definition Professional Camcorders) was handled by highly qualified internal staff using some of the best equipment such as Panasonic P2 High Definition Professional Camcorder, and Sony Anycast Switcher.• We received a favorable feedback that the video quality is much improved since the previous live streaming, which was being viewed via their official website from 16 locations around Malaysia. The quality however is expected to be much better when the broadcast will be in high defination HD live streaming where all equipments are HD with HD-SDI cabling system.• Well done, all ICU Media team !
  3. 3. • How to live stream? We employ an adaptive streaming technology, IIS Smooth Streaming by Microsoft which enables uninterrupted streaming to Silverlight and other clients via HTTP, up to true HD (720p+). The quality level for each user seamlessly shifts as needed to adapt to changing bandwidth and playback conditions. It very unlikely you will be experiencing buffering time like any other video site such as Youtube, Vimeo or If your bandwidth is good, you will be served by a higher quality video with higher bitrate, but if your bandwidth is lower and reduced from very good to bad (overtime), the video quality will be adjusted accordingly. Varying video quality for the best user experience.• Our media delivery platform is utilizing a hybrid solution. It integrate Malaysian-based Content Delivery Network (CDN), International CDN and your existing infrastructures. Obviously, this could improve performance and reduce CDN cost to deliver the highest quality on- demand and live video experiences. Potential users that would benefit from this new solution include large corporations, universities, government agencies, and media companies,
  4. 4. About Live Video Streaming Technology• We offer complete turnkey support options (in Malaysia only) for your live event from video productions until the video ready for playback on your website. Take advantage of IsrakStream latest live streaming capabilities for the highest quality live streaming online for your main event.• Our technology deliver smooth live video streaming with adaptive multi-bitrate streaming to ensure a high-quality user experience. The best video video quality, and zero buffering !• Live Streaming preparation and setup almost similar to video on demand (VOD). Unlike VOD, live streaming has audio and video source live and its being transcoded on the fly. This is most probably done at site, where the event is taken place.
  5. 5. About Live Video Streaming Technology• The 4 major live video streaming phases involves are as follows: o Content Capturing via Professional Video Cameras, DVD Player and PA System (Audio). o Content Live Production, Mixing and Editing o Content Live Transcoding by IsrakStream Live Transcoder. o Uploading content to publishing point, either to client Data Center and/or IsrakStream Data Center. This is when you need a dedicated high speed internet access. o Distribution of content across Media Delivery Platform and Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  6. 6. Live streaming feed directly to portalLive Streaming
  7. 7. Live streaming diagramLet’s the stream online begins !
  8. 8. Live video streaming from ICU, Prime Minister Department,
  9. 9. Live video streaming from ICU, Prime Minister Department,
  10. 10. Live video streaming from ICU, Prime Minister Department,
  11. 11. Contact us for you Live video streaming need (anywhere in Malaysia)Israk Technology Sdn. Bhd. (908706-P)B-8-2, Jln PP25, Putra Walk,Tmn Pinggiran Putra, 43300,Sri Kembangan, Selangor, MalaysiaWebsite : http://www.israk.myTel : +603 8945 9722 | 016 338 4945Email :