Future of Printing Standardizatoin


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This slide is in "fake" English :)
It had been used for a short tallk in the Kernel Reading Party #109, by YLUG, describes standardization of printing in mobile / cloud era.


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Future of Printing Standardizatoin

  1. 1. Future of Printing Standardization 2014.03.28 Kernel Reading Party OpenPrinting Japan / LibreOffice Japanese Team Naruhiko (NARU) Ogaswawara
  2. 2. Who am I? ● Naruhiko (NARU) Ogasawara – OpenPrinting Japan – LibreOffice Japanese Team – A pritinting technology watcher Softwar Design Dec. 2012
  3. 3. Why Printing? ● It's so legacy technology, isn't it? – Ya, good old Office printing might be reduced, but – New printing world will come, because ● Paper itself still has lots of strength – No electric power use – Easy to carry (light, foldable) – High DPI
  4. 4. Current Printing Scenario Data Stream
  5. 5. Future Printing Scenario (I say “printing-ng”) Transform service
  6. 6. Two Standardize of Printing ● OpenPrinting – Client side – Linux (or BSD, …) printing system based on CUPS – Out of focus of this talk ● IEEE PWG: Printer Working Group – Printer inside – N/W protocol such as a Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) – Key technologies of “printing-ng”
  7. 7. PDF Direct ● In printing-ng, we can't assume which printer is our real target printer – We can't prepare the “printer drivers” which creates printers own PDL (Page Description Language) ● PDF is portable, enough expression data format – If we can assume all printer can understand PDF, mobile/cloud printing scenario become much simpler PDL a PDL b PDF PDF
  8. 8. Printer Discovery (1) ● Current: pre-configured printer – But we can't prepare drivers for all of printers near by our devices because they're mobile ● What is our nearest (and available) printer? – We need some discovery system I need color, duplexable, PDF direct printer
  9. 9. Printer Discovery (2) ● Bonjour (Apple) / Avahi (OSS) – NOT a device discovery, BUT a service discovery – multicast Dynamic DNS – resolve services instead of machine names – use TXT field to describe more detailed feature ● data format that printer accept, color/bw, duplex, ... I need color, duplexable, PDF direct printer I'm B/W I have no duplexer I only know my own PDL I can accept all you demand!
  10. 10. Internet Printing Protocol ● Put all printing related information on HTTP – Page data (PDF) – Job control schema (duplex, staple, punch, ...) – Printer status / capabilities ● Schema are defined by PWG standards / RFC ● Vendor independent ● Easy to control printer from application without OS support Job ticket
  11. 11. IPP Everywhere ● Very similar with Apple AirPrint, but vendor free ● Combination of existing technologies – PDF(*) direct print – Printer discovery by Bonjour – Use IPP to get capabilities of printer, send data, control printer ● Easy to implement printing feature in mobile (*) Or some raster format
  12. 12. How about cloud? ● IPP Shared Infrastructure Extensions (IPPSIX) – IPP Proxy between LAN and WAN – Cloud application can use IPP to LAN printer!? PDF Generator IPP SIX Client IPP SIX
  13. 13. Future Printing Senario is now approaching! ● How do you use these standards to implement your printing-ng services? ● Think together! Transform service