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Regne unit def

  2. 2. ÍNDEX· Introduction· England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales:- Geography and history.- Religion-Tourism.-Culture Language Typical clothes Gastonomy Dances
  4. 4. FLAGS AND FORMATION OF UK FLAG.England Flag Scotland FlagWales Flag North IrelandFlags
  5. 5. EnglandGeography and History.The people of England haveGermanic origin.Many of them went toAmerica during the era ofcolonization.Nowwadays it hasn’tgot agovernator, becauseIsabell II is theQueen of all UK.
  6. 6. EnglandReligionThe principal religion is the Anglicanism, butthere is the Catholic religion too.England also has other religions from theimigration.
  7. 7. EnglandTourismThe most visited towns of England are:-London-NewCastle.-Bristol.-Liverpool-Nottingham-Birmingham.-Manchester.
  8. 8. -London : Maybe is the mostfantastic city in the word: isthe capital of England, iswhere the Queen live, it has alot of tourism and History andit has a lot of museums andgaleries. You should go there!-Newcastle:It has a modern part and arural part; you should stopthere if you go to England.
  9. 9. -Bristol.It’s a maritime and rural cityof the south-west ofEngland.-Liverpool: It famous for themaritime history, themusic, cathedrals and thefootball.
  10. 10. -NottinghamIs where Robin Hood lived.-Birmingham.It’s in the centre of England and isrich since de industrial revolution. Ithas a lot of modern masterpieces.-Manchester.It is the main site where there havebeen produced cultural andhistorical events.So, this city is very confident.
  11. 11. EnglandCulture: LanguageEngland hasn’t got an official language, but the most used is the English.Culture: Typical ClothesEngland hasn’t got an official costume like Wales or Scotland, But it has some typical clothes, like theclothes that wear:-the kings and queens; -The Morris dancers: --The food Ward
  12. 12. EnglandCulture-GastronomyNowadays the most typical and traditionalplates are fish and chips and roast beef.Culture-DancesOne of the most popular folk dances of England is theMorris Dance.
  13. 13. Scotland
  14. 14. HISTORY____________•Palaeolithic•Middle ages•Modern age
  15. 15. GEOGRAPHY________
  16. 16. CULTURE___________• The flag• The tradicional skirt• The bagpipe• The highland games
  17. 17. GASTRONOMY______CATEGORY PLATE PHOTOSoap Cullen SkinkFish Arbroath smokiesBeef Forfar BridieVegetables RumbledethumpsCheese Criffel
  18. 18. RELIGION___________• two-thirds (67%) of theScottish populationreported having a religion in2001, with Christianity was2% of this• RomanCatholic population, 19%.• Islam is with 0.9% of thepopulation
  20. 20. INFORMATION IN...___•••
  21. 21. • GEOGRAFY AND HISTORY:• Northern Ireland, in Irish,• Tuaisceart Éireann.• The capital is Belfast,which has 310,000 habitants.• Bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the east bythe North Channel, on the southeast by the Irish Sea, and tothe south, southwest and west (with 360 km of border) withthe Republic of Ireland.North Ireland
  22. 22. NORTH IRELANDRELIGION:Two communities: the unionists and Irishnationalists.The religions are: Presbyterianism and Catholichs.
  23. 23. NORTH IRELANDTOURISM:There isn’t a lot of tourism, but it has a lot of culture..
  24. 24. NORTH IRELANDCULTURE: LENGUAGE.In North Ireland the first lenguage is Irish, but some people talk in EnglishCULTURE: TYPICAL CLOTHE.At the less-traditional end of the spectrum is the group Brother, blendingIrish rhythms with a rock twist.
  25. 25. NORTH IRELANDCULTURE-GASTRONOMY:The typical food is Soda Bread Farls.CULTURE-DANCE:Irish dancing or Irish dance is a groupof traditional dance forms originatingin Ireland which can broadly be dividedinto social dance and performance dances.
  26. 26. Wales
  27. 27. INTRODUCTIONWales is one of the nations making up theUnited Kingdom. Located to the west of theisland of Great Britain, where it borders withEngland to the east and the west of Irelandand Celtic seas of the Atlantic. It has apopulation of 3.1 million people, is a bilingualcountry, the official languages are English andWelsh. The capital and biggest city is Cardiff orCaerdydd (305,000 people).
  28. 28. HISTORY:Wales or Cymru (Welsh) has beeninhabited by modern humans for at least29,000 years, although stable settlementsin the territory does not appear until thelast Ice Age. In Wales there are many sitesand remains of the Neolithic period(mainly dolmens and cromlechs) andsubsequent traces of Bronze Age and IronAge.
  29. 29. GEOGRAPHY:Wales is a generally mountainous country onthe western side of central southern GreatBritain. It is about 274 km north–south and 97km east–west. Wales is bordered by England tothe east and by sea in all other directions: theIrish Sea to the north and west, St GeorgesChannel and the Celtic Sea to the southwestand the Bristol Channel to the south.Altogether, Wales has over 1,180 km ofcoastline. Over 50 islands lie off the Welshmainland; the largest being Anglesey, in thenorthwest.
  30. 30. CULTURE, COSTUMS, TRADICIONS,ETC:Wales has a distinctive cultureincluding its own language, customs,holidays and music.Them symbol is the Welsh red dragon,the origin of the Welsh language isEnglish and Latin, before the languageis Cymraeg.
  31. 31. RELIGION:in Wales the main religion isChristianity: is a monotheistic andAbrahamic religion based on thelife and teachings of Jesus aspresented in canonical gospelsand other New Testamentwritings.
  32. 32. TOURIST:in Wales tourist is low, but Wales is verybeautiful.Wales hosts its territory many of the bestscenery in the area. By practicing rural tourismin Wales can go trekking and see the greenplants accompanying the trails, breathe thefresh air and peaceful Snowdonia Mountainsfor example. These mountains are located in anational park of the same name and runs afamous railroad where the broad valleys andlakes that are located in the foothills of themountains.