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SmartCircular Site Accessibility


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Published in: Design, Technology
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SmartCircular Site Accessibility

  1. 1. Site Accessibility
  2. 2. Web Accessibility Definition 9.2.07
  3. 3. …but we are only talking about blind people 9.2.07
  4. 4. US Population With A Disability Nearly 20% of the total U.S. population has a disability 
  5. 5. Impaired Users Are Growing In Size Minimal estimate is that there are 1.5 million visual impaired  computer users in the US
  6. 6. People With Disabilities Have Lower Computer Ownership
  7. 7. What Accessibility Means At ShopLocal Support of industry standards such as Web  Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG – which is part of the W3C) & Microsoft Active Accessibility Support of major browsers such as IE & Firefox  Support for JAWS for Windows 8.x and later  which is the dominate leader in screen readers Support of common web technologies such as  HTML, CSS & Flash / Flex
  8. 8. How ShopLocal Builds In Accessibility Industry research to understand technologies and  emergent standards Carefully constructed requirements to ensure  maximum number of users are able to use site Diligent testing using a wide variety of tools  Extensive remediation of issues found in QA  Ongoing tuning so as to continue to “open up the  door” to as many users as possible
  9. 9. How ShopLocal Tests Accessibility ICITA - Firefox Accessibility Toolbar Extension
  10. 10. How ShopLocal Tests Accessibility Freedom Scientific – JAWS for Windows
  11. 11. How ShopLocal Tests Accessibility Watchfire – BOBBY (IBM Rational Policy Tester)